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Devil May Cry Headcanons: Cooking

Sparda: Master Chef.

With his vast knowledge and his age, I think he’ll be able to make any dish out of any edible ingredients. Also, he’ll make all his meals using fresh ingredients. No-fast food for him! Since he is a full devil, he doesn’t eat much, maybe once a month unless he’s exerts himself and he needs to replenish himself with sustenance.

Eva: The Baker.

Stovetop cooking isn’t really her forte, but because she has light fingers, baking home-baked meals and desserts has become a staple in her cooking arsenal.

Vergil: Easy meals.

He’s not much into cooking, only light meals like pasta, fettuccine, shrimp pesto, farfelle, etc, though he really enjoys seafood/Asian cuisine…maybe Italian for comfort food.  He needs to consume food once every two weeks.

Lady: High-Class Connoisseur.

Doesn’t cook. She pays for her meals whenever she feels like eating via restaurant or through high-class food websites. Lots of healthy veggies, high protein content, carbs counted, rarity…that type of thing. Now we know why she hounds Dante for money. Gotta keep her figure in check. But she does make an exception for anything BBQ. 

BBQ is Bae. BBQ is Life.

Trish: Breakfast Maker.

Trish doesn’t really delve in the world of food, because she is also a devil, so food isn’t a priority of hers. However, because she’s fascinated by what the world has to offer, sometimes she’ll make breakfast if she’s in the mood. Small things like crepes, parfaits, quiche, etc. Any other time, she’d rather get a couple slices of pizza and call it a day.

Nero: Experimentation.

Because of his upbringing in Fortuna, he wasn’t able to taste all the foods the world has to offer. Now, he’s branching out to find out what works for him one dish at a time. He’s getting pretty good at making tacos, spaghetti, fried chicken, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and the like. When he’s feeling lazy, microwavable foods work just as well.

Kyrie: If at first you don’t succeed…

With Credo and Nero patrolling Fortuna at all hours, she was often left to cook meals that she couldn’t get the grasp of. Most of the time, she’d eat in the large mess hall, but when she wanted to do something for them, she’d whip up an *attempt* of whatever dish she’d try to make.

Lucia: Coastal Cuisine

Lucia and Matier have a knack for preparing food that is grown around their home. Since Vie de Marli is a social community in my mind (probably should have added that in to DMC2 Capcom) coconuts and all its variations, bananas,  tuna, halibut, potatoes, carrots, chicken, pig, curry, pineapples, shrimp, natural spices brings out the most in their dishes.

Dark Dante: Easy Does It.

Blood. Dark Chocolate. Sometimes a mix of the two (Flesh preferred). Need I say more?


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