dark magician

If there’s one thing I hate about Yu-Gi-Oh it’s that even the fucking duel monsters are hot I mean like

God damn

Are you kidding me

Stop that.

Like it feels weird enough being attracted to fictional characters but they’re like double the fictional so now I’m also attracted to fictional fictional characters why would you do this to me


Dark Magic Attack!

So here’s the next Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired makeup look in my series, The Dark Magician! Note: this was not meant to actually look LIKE The Dark Magician, it was simply a makeup based on the card.

Some of these sets might end up looking more like the monsters, and some might end up looking very loosely inspired. This one is the latter.

The overall shape of the liner was highly inspired by the ever-ethereal Cain, as I tend to generally associate them with TDM!

My last Look: The Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

Please vote here what monster I do next!

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4K (which came to be after 4Kids sold the franchise), who currently handle the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime internationally, has been hard at work on this site, which is to be, the (official) international ultimate hub for YGO Classic, GX, 5D’s, ZeXal, and hopefully Arc-V. It’s still currently in beta.

It currently features a small newsfeed, both with anime news and some stuff borrowed from the TCG site. As promised on the Facebook page several times, they will soon be adding official INTERNATIONAL STREAMS of every series. Right now, it uses the streams from Hulu, which features most dubbed episodes, and the nearly finished subtitled version of 5D’s, and some subbed episodes of ZeXal. GX was promised years ago, and because of some legal issues with the Japanese version of DM, we’re not sure if we can get official subtitled versions of it, but they’ve left a lot of “it could happen”-like comments on their Facebook page.

There’s also descriptions of each series, and a cute character gallery. There’s also a MASSIVE gallery of anime only cards, featuring their full artwork. This includes stuff like Advanced Crystal Beasts, and other such obscure cards.

And, the best part is, 4K are VERY open to feedback on the site, along with general suggestions on their Facebook page.

Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic, GX, 5D’s, ZeXal, even Abridged: Please, if you have anything at all on your heart to say to a lot of the people who brought Yu-Gi-Oh overseas to begin with, and helped it become what it is today, please, leave a comment on one of their posts. If they can, they will respond, and I’m sure they read the majority of the comments left on there.

If you live in the appropriate area, also be sure to watch some episodes through their site, and through Hulu, rather than watching them on unofficial sites with TV and DVD rips. This ensures that the money goes to the rightful creators, which in turn can be used for higher quality products, better marketing, and so on. Please turn off ad-blocking programs and such things.

We’ve never been able to let the people who work with this wonderful franchise know just how much we appreciate Yu-Gi-Oh, and this literally could change everything, if we make sure that these people know that we are here, and if we leave feedback, suggestions, and other wants to them. I’m betting there are tons of fans here from the various series that probably had no idea Yu-Gi-Oh even HAD a Facebook page, let alone a official website for the anime, but that’s going to change, and we’re going to help!

yugioh.com - Watch episodes (with ads on), and explore the site!

https://www.facebook.com/Yugioh - THE place to communicate with 4K, who handle all the YGO series internationally

And, for the heck of it, follow them on all these other social platforms that they they’ve made accounts for, but haven’t started using yet:





Please, if you’re a fan of any Yu-Gi-Oh series, let them know you exist by watching episodes on the official site, and following and leaving comments to them on the various social media platforms, especially Facebook!

phew that was long