dark magician

If there’s one thing I hate about Yu-Gi-Oh it’s that even the fucking duel monsters are hot I mean like

God damn

Are you kidding me

Stop that.

Like it feels weird enough being attracted to fictional characters but they’re like double the fictional so now I’m also attracted to fictional fictional characters why would you do this to me


Dark Magic Attack!

So here’s the next Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired makeup look in my series, The Dark Magician! Note: this was not meant to actually look LIKE The Dark Magician, it was simply a makeup based on the card.

Some of these sets might end up looking more like the monsters, and some might end up looking very loosely inspired. This one is the latter.

The overall shape of the liner was highly inspired by the ever-ethereal Cain, as I tend to generally associate them with TDM!

My last Look: The Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

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