dark lord saltine

facts: sapphic edition

shura = futch

tegan and sara = soft butch

florence and the machine = femme with bonus witch aesthetic

sia = hard femme

the internet = soft butch

tatu = hard femme

angel haze = butch

studio killers = futch or femme (depending on the song)

mary lambert = high femme

lorde = soft butch

young ma = stone butch

hayley kiyoko = high femme

paramore = butch or soft butch (depending on the album)

st. vincent = butch

ok i know i talked abt this already but…. the ppl who are saying that the new gorillaz album sounds nothing like them and sounds bad are so full of it? obviously yeah it sounds different but it DOES sound like something they would make. completely. they have an even mix of everything - hip hop, club music, emotional & slow music – just like every other album.

i would ask for the reason why ppl are saying this new album sucks but… i know why. we all do

i think its SO crazy that only like, a week after that born sexy yesterday video got uploaded, we got a plot line from samurai jack that literally PERFECTLY EXEMPLIFIES IT

like. pretty much every single beat of the trope is there. very young woman that acts childlike due to having been isolated from modern society for whatever reason? check. the protagonist is unsatisfied in love and life for whatever reason? check. the protagonist is ALSO the first man she has ever met and she thinks hes brilliant and intelligent despite the fact that everything hes teaching her is common knowledge? check. she has a scene where shes nude in front of him and doesnt understand the implications of it? CHECK (BECAUSE THAT WAS LITERALLY EVERY EP UNTIL SHE MADE HER NEW OUTFIT AND THEN AGAIN IN THE NEW ONE). and, lastly, she is EXTREMELY skilled in one area, and that one area happens to be something a man will find respectable (usually combat)? check.

this is born sexy yesterday, TO THE LETTER. its like the showrunners of samurai jack saw the bsy video and were like “see that? lets do EXACTLY that.” 

someone on my dash just reblogged a post on how not wanting to use the word “queer” as an all-encompassing term for yourself or others is “regressive” and so i went to the source blog to see what their deal was and they Literally said that its ok to be a “non-offending pedophile” so…….. this the hill op of that post and the person who reblogged it wanna die on i guess. 

this e3 was so… boring. none of the conferences released anything good or were that interesting. i missed ubisofts but i heard that it basically had nothing going on either. the only funny one was devolver digital and they didnt even announce any fucking games they just memed for 20 minutes

im disappointed tbh. they better do better at the next conference