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BSD Light Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Prologue, 1/3)

A few things to start off: I’m translating this from the Chinese novels to English. Chinese is my mother tongue while English is my first language. I’ve had formal education, but understandably some things are lost in translation from Japanese > Chinese > English. I’ll do my best to explain them, but please enjoy this with a teaspoon of salt. I try to keep to the original intent as much as English grammar will allow, but the gist is more or less there. For this part, I haven’t had much trouble other than one part, which I’ve added a postscript note for.

Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask if anything sounds wrong or looks weird! If anyone wants to proofread these for me I’d be eternally grateful. I’m doing these at my own pace, so if anyone wishes to help out just let me know, I’d be more than happy to join forces.

Without further ado.

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At fourteen years old, Oda Sakunosuke already possessed a skill to shoot people with his eyes blindfolded and from an impossible angle.

At fifteen years old*, Dazai Osamu had become a Mafia Executive.

At sixteen years old, Edogawa Ranpo’s deduction skill/talent made him neither ordinary humans nor Ability users.

Kunikida used to work as a math teacher before joining the agency. His present age was twenty-two years old.

[Edit added: being considered for the seat of Mafia Executive at the age of fifteen and became one at eighteen.]

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Epilogue)

I decided not to section the epilogue into two parts, so please have this treat! If you thought the suffering ended, you were wrong. Thanks to @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi @bananasaurr and @e-ki for proofreading as always!

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BTS Live Trilogy ending - What Now?

This weird little thought occurred to me while looking at their sold out shows. The Live “Trilogy” is coming to an end. Episode III of the Trilogy will end in 2 months. The era of mind boggling theories and secrets with themes equally in the dark and light, the era that began with The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1. The time when ARMYs realised they had detective skills even till the latest BS&T Japanese Version.




As usual its hard to tell what Bighit is planning…But Namjoon already said in the US interviews that they’re already working on their next album. Something is already in motion!

So will we have a new era of crazy theories with our 7 dear dorks?

My Thank-You to the BSD Fandom

Hello everyone!!

So, it is April 29th, 2017, and it has been 1 whole year since I joined the BSD fandom!! Isn’t that crazy!? I mean, technically the anniversary of when I joined the fandom was the uhh… 16th, I think?? But my friends and I are celebrating it together today on Chuuya’s birthday so I’m making my little “speech” today.

Anyways, this post is basically going to be a long post detailing my experiences in this fandom and the friends that I’ve made since joining because I have a lot of love for this fandom and I want to tell you all how much you mean to me.

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Plot bunny for adoption (sent me a link so I can read it, and please, if you can, make this story a non-shipping Gen fic):

Tokyo Ghoul/Bungou Stray Dogs crossover:

After Kaneki’s mother died, his aunt dumped the ten years old boy in the orphanage where he was then ‘’adopted’’ by Doctor Kanou to be used as a lab rat for his half-ghoul experiment.

A year later, a now half-ghoul Kaneki managed to run away to Yokohama, where he lived on the streets, feeding on corpses of criminals and met with sixteen years old Oda Sakunosuke, who adopted him despite fully aware of Kaneki’s ghoul nature.

Also, imagined Nagachika Hideyoshi under the tutelage of Dazai Osamu or Ougai Mori…

What You Need to Know about Dazai Osamu and The Dark Era

this needed to be done

if you do not intend on reading Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (translated beautifully by @nkhrchy here on tumblr), i implore you to at least read about the juiciest missing details so you can do the following with me:

  • love Oda more
  • love Ango more
  • suffer more 
  • ship more??? hmmm??

i was thrilled when i found out the Dark Era was getting an anime adaptation. i just had the chance to watch everything from the second cur this Christmas break college devoured my free time and ate my soul, and i was tremendously pleased with the execution and the art. i did have a couple issues with it, but i can’t really complain. and four episodes???? god, we are so blessed. amazing. now everyone may know of Oda and we can all suffer together



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BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Afterword)

I thought it’d be important to have this translated as well and will hopefully shed a bit more light on the premise of the story and the necessity of Dazai/Ango/Oda’s narratives. Your proofreaders @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi @bananasaurr and @e-ki deserve the world for proofreading this?? Like holy shit please go thank them!!

For the very last time, without further ado.

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soukoku headcanon #13

contains spoilers for dark era (light novel 2)

•what mori did eventually led to oda’s death and oda was dazai’s good friend so
•what if mori did that to shake up dazai somehow because he saw dazai as a threat to his spot as boss
•one reason for dazai leaving the mafia is because he doesn’t want mori to do anything to chuuya since he and chuuya were close partners
•dazai making chuuya hate him so it would be easier for him to leave
•dazai being more annoying to chuuya so he can just reJOIce when dazai leaves
•dazai looking out for chuuya in his own way…..