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Listen the Fuck Up

Alfred burst through the doors, not bothering to actually use the handles and instead breaking the latches completely. Splinters from the doorframes shot into the room and slid across the floor. No one paid the little things any mind.

He strode quickly to the podium, wide stride taking him the whole distance in very few steps. Without missing a beat, he pulled a revolver out of a pocket inside of his jacket along with three bullets, loaded the gun, and before anyone could even question his actions, fired it into the dead center of the table all three times.

The room was silent, and all of the assembled nations were staring at him in both fear and confusion. No one spoke up.

“Y'all caught me on a bad day. I don’t have my meds, I got shit to do, and I have disputes among my states that I need to sort out. So listen the fuck up, I’ll present my case, then I’ll leave.” He said this in such a commanding tone that you’d not mistake his title of Superpower. Every word, however mundane, held the power of his country. And it’s hard to defy that kind of raw power.

Russia was the first to snap out of the daze. He stood, pulling out his own gun and flipping the safety off, the click of cocking it loud in the relative silence. In a matter of only two seconds he had it cocked and aimed, right at the American’s head. “Stop scaring people. It’s rude.” Alfred only laughed.

“Ivan,” he said, “Sit your ass back down. Now is not the time to start a fight with me.” He set a glare at the northerner over the rim of his glasses, daring him to refuse. This game didn’t last long.

Russia clicked the safety back on and stuffed the weapon back in his pocked angrily. He muttered a quick “Fuck you America” under his breath, but still did not sit. He returned the heated gaze icily, eyes narrowing.

Excuse me, but what the bloody hell is happening?!” Arthur, too, stood and faced his former colony. “Why do you have a gun with you at a conference?! And what are you talking about?”

From his seat near the door, Canada laughed almost as loud as his brother. “Mon dieu, Arthur. You really are the most clueless European in the history of Europeans!”

“Preach it, brother,” Alfred cut in, before going back to the task at hand. “I’m not going to elaborate for you just because you don’t know how to follow current events, so if you actually care go read the damn paper or something. You’re in America; all our news is about us and us alone.” He turned from him, facing the rest of the room again. Everyone was sitting on the edges of their seats, tensed for another outburst.

“Well, I was going to present about some thing about chemical plants exploding and how I was going to clean it up or whatever, but-” he took out a match and set fire to the papers that he had brought for reference during his lecture, “-Something seems to have happened to all of my notes. I’m sick of all y'alls shit, I’m leaving, and I’ll see everyone again in hopefully at least two months when I have my meds again and don’t want to kill you all just to hear you scream.”

With that, he put some earbuds in his ears and left the room as swiftly and abruptly as he had come. “Welp, he’s my ride so I’m leaving too.” Matthew hopped over the back of his chair, leaving his mostly blank papers on the table and not bothering to try to shut the doors behind him.

The nations could hear the Canadian running through the hall, and the brothers talking to each other loudly, all the while fading until all was quiet again.

“Can anyone explain what’s going on?!” China pulled at his hair in an exasperated manner.

Russia shook his head. “I do not know. But tonight is going to be very fun for me…” He, too, chose that moment to leave the room.

England jogged after him, France in tow. “What is that supposed to mean, Russia?”

This left only China and Japan in the room, sitting side-by-side and staring at the table in front of them. Japan sighed.

“We are too old for this shit.”

theyofgoldenblood  asked:

Hello! How would the Axis (including Prussia and Romano) feel if they could see things (such as floating whales in the sky, people's auras or thoughts and rifts in the fabric of reality) through reflective surfaces but only they could see it? Thanks :)

South Italy: He’d panic about it, maybe even cry a little if it got bad, but he still wouldn’t tell anyone, because he is an absolute genius at handling problems.

Prussia: He’d think it was really cool, and so he’d brag about his enhanced visual capacity a lot. No one would believe him, though. It is him, after all.

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blog-that-reblogs  asked:

Thank you for doing the ideal first date thing! It was so cute and I loved it a lot. I really appreciate it! Anyways, how would 2p!Japan react to having a shy artist crush who always draws him and he catches her in the act of drawing him?

the fuck would ask if she’d like a nude model ;))) then he would be like “LMao” if she were to instantly die and be like “uh,,,, I mean we could,, go to a place,, quieter,,, and with better lighting,, and draw each other,, if you want…” and then ask to see what all she’s drawn? maybe give constructive criticism if he think she’d be able to take it well? he would be like “heck ye a n artist like meself. imma s m a sh”