dark inside

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for the prompt: #17 + kuroodai, please? thank you~

sorry for the late reply!! here it is~~ 

17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

“I think the lights are off. They must have left for dinner.”

Kuroo sighs. “No signal on my phone either. Looks like we’ll be trapped here for a while…” He glances over at Daichi. “Hey, why are you making that face? It’s an honour to be locked inside a dark equipment room with me.”

“It really isn’t,” says Daichi. He sits down on a mat next to Kuroo. “This sucks. Shouldn’t you know that the doors lock automatically?”

“I thought you were holding the door.”

“You called for me to help you push the cart in.”

“You got me there.”

They’re quiet for a few moments, both staring at the closed door. It’s not that they hate each other, not really. There’s the whole rival team thing, but Daichi can think of worse people to be trapped in a small enclosed space with. Kuroo isn’t that bad. He’s smart, despite his antics and provocative nature, he’s intuitive, and he’s fair. Kuroo’s a good captain, Daichi grudgingly admits.

“Hey,” Kuroo says, interrupting Daichi’s thoughts. “You really think the Battle of the Trash Heap will happen?”

Daichi frowns. He’s tempted to reply, “Are you implying Karasuno isn’t good enough?” but there is no malice in Kuroo’s voice. The Nekoma captain likes to tease people, but Daichi has seen the serious way he plays his opponents. He still has his sore muscles from the penalty flying falls to prove it. He knows how much Kuroo wants to make the battle a reality, for the coaches, for his team.

“Yes,” Daichi answers in the end. He looks Kuroo straight in the eye. “Karasuno will meet you there. At the Nationals. Don’t be late.”

The playful glint comes back into Kuroo’s eyes, and he grins. “We’ll be waiting then, Captain Sawamura.”

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