dark inside

One day, one rhyme- Day 1153

It’s often dark inside my mind
But not scarily so,
As it seems my ideas and thoughts
Give off their own strange glow.
Perhaps ‘glow’ isn’t the right word,
They’re light, and yet they’re not.
An odd sort of phospheresis,
The light that light forgot.
I used to think colour and light
Were one and the same thing,
But now even in the darkness
I see the colours sing.

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Lance being fluffy around his gal?

Lance’s idea of fluff has strong ties with opulence. Lance is the kind of guy who’ll send you a text while you’re at work with the address of the finest hotel in town. He tells you to pamper yourself. He’ll meet you there later on. It’s gonna have roses everywhere, gold fixtures and fittings, silk sheets. A jacuzzi. The works. He knows that kind of thing wows you. 

He’ll spoil you. You can bet your ass there are two gifts sitting on that plush, rose covered bed. The first is a dark crimson bag. Inside is a jet black lingerie set. Lance knows everything about you, so it’s no surprise that he gets them in your exact size. They’re a little skimpier than you usually prefer; the back of the panties consists of an array of ribbons, tied in a bow at the base of your back. They’re very Lance. 

There’s also a matching box. Jewellery. You opened the box to find a string of dainty diamonds. You pressed the necklace to your throat. 

There was a note, too: ‘Wear these - and only these - for me tonight. Lance x’

See when Lance spoiled you, he expected you to pay him back in other ways to ease away the stress of a hard day.

i think people forget that sometimes the person who tries to fix everyone needs fixing too

It is almost here.

– Stranger Things, Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers