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Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Broken Promises’

marvel: were raising up the inhumans to be a marginalised group within the marvel universe in which we can write stories dealing with issues of prejudice and hate while also being able to create a cast of uniquely powered individuals stuck on the fringes of society. The concept is new and edgy and relatable to todays modern problems and we’re really proud of ourselves for finally addressing these issues within comics

the x-men: we’re literally standing right here

Donald Trump is actually really smart as far as inhuman Dark Lords bent on world domination go because most of them build their evil fortresses in the middle of nowhere but his is in a major population center so when we send some dude with a magic sword after him we’ll have to draw him out to avoid major civilian causalities once that tower of his collapses upon his defeat

Marvel Cinematic Universe: what to watch and the order to watch it in

So, you wanna do a MCU marathon? Looking for a guide to help you in these laborious times? Well look no further! (I love gifs, so thank you to all the amazing creators of the ones I have used in this guide. I applaud you.)

EDIT: This is personally how I would do it. freetotheworld1 pointed out that The Incredible Hulk should be watched after Iron Man 2 (the change has been made) and that I didn’t add one-shots. I wanted to do this guide with only the movies and TV shows. 

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Tips before you start:

1. I would recommend watching the TV Shows because, in the end, everything is linked to each other. The shows have important information and back stories that wouldn’t be shown in the movies.

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2. Different dimensions. Marvel has different dimensions and realities because if you think about it, couldn’t there be alternate universes out there? I’m not going to dwell on it too much so here are the three main universes you should remember:

  • Earth-199999 [Marvel Cinematic Universe]
  • Earth-1218 [Our reality, where superheroes don’t exist]
  • Earth-616 [The most common universe where most of the Marvel Comics take place]

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3. Marvel works in phases. There are three phases to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each having around 6-10 movies. The plot sauce gets thicker and thicker as the phases go along. 

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4. When watching the TV Shows, remember to stop and watch the next movie. It’s always one of those things where the show carries on after the events of the movie. 

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5. Always stay after the movie is finished. This is a Marvel fan’s number one rule. There are mid-credits and post-credit scenes that have vital information for the next movie (well, most of them). So join the bandwagon and laugh at the silly people that walk out of the theatre after the last line has been said.

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Conservative America is raised on Archaic Christian Hate, Intolerance and Violence, planting it in their children’s subconscious, and nourishing it with Guilt and Shame through Scripture!

Conservative America Indoctrinates Inhumane Darkness In Their Young!


Put yourself in this situation….

You are happy. You’re loved and with the people who mean the most to you. One day you all go outside to play hide and go seek. You close your eyes and start counting. By the time you open your eyes it has gotten dark. You start looking for your friends but it’s just too dark to see. It’s almost inhuman how dark it is. You can’t see what’s right in front of you much less anyone else. It’s cold, pratically freezing. You hear a noise in the night and start to get scared. You call out to someone, anyone, but no one answers. Being afraid quickly turns into panic. Tears well up inside and stream down your face. You don’t know what’s happening just moments ago you were so happy. You start screaming HELP but no one can hear your voice. You fall to the ground, begging for someone to save you. You can’t catch your breath between your sobs. You try to call for help again but you cant make out the word. You just want a glimpse of light so you can find your way out of wherever you are. You thought you were grown up but you feel as vulnerable as a child. Now you’re alone, in the dark, feeling cold and afraid.

This is what depression feels like

—  Lockedheartbreak

500k Giveaway - Drabble #2    [AO3]

@dark-ones-dagger requested: "Jemma finds Fitz a thousand times more attractive when he’s got an idea and frantically scribbling equations on everything.“ 
Rated PG. Intended to be canon-compliant & take place between 2x06-2x16, but can also be read with The Storm Inside as a peek into Jemma’s POV pre-fic.

It shouldn’t surprise Jemma that she eventually finds attraction in numbers, in the familiar workings of equations and constants and vectors. Yet it does, sneaking up on her so gradually that she doesn’t even realize what she wants until she believes that she’ll never have him. Fitz isn’t aware of her increasingly lingering gazes, or of the thoughts she has late at night, trapped within the dingy, shadowed bricks of her bunk.

His hands become a gateway drug.

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