dark hunter for hire

Test Madness

For all my fellow students out there who are suffering through final exams.

One of the most terrifying times of year in Metru Nui must have been Ga-Metru final exams week. Ga-Metru was normally a peaceful center of learning and order, where students could seek higher education in a number of subjects. But exams are a near universal aspect of schooling, and Ga-Metru schools would be no exception.

Picture if you will, a Metru full of Ga, Onu, and Ko-Matoran stressed out and desperately cramming in the final hours before the exams that will make or break their entire careers. The entire Metru would be full of sleep-deprived students who were irritable, highly stressed, and tweaked out on whatever mild stimulants may have been available (a Metru-Nui Starbucks would be the most profitable business in the Universe).

Irritable, desperate Matoran do not a happy Metru make. Even the slightest disagreement could flare into fisticuffs. Riots break out over signup sheets for slots to study with the best tutors or attend the best prep classes. Libraries everywhere would be swarmed with angry students seeking space for their study groups.

Cheating would be rampant. Those who had taken classes previously could make a mint selling copies of their old tests. On rare occasions, Dark Hunters are hired to break into teacher desks for access to exam answers. Extra Vahki would be brought in from every Metru to maintain order.

The chaos of finals tends to give Mata Nui a migraine.

Good luck on your final exams and projects everyone!