dark hot air balloon

The signs as the senses

Aries: the feeling of someones heartbeat, the sound of childrens laughter, the taste of citrus, the sight of an open field in the beginning of spring, the smell of baby powder.

Taurus: the feeling of walking bear foot on grass, the sound of change in a jar, the taste of anything deep fried, the sight of thanksgiving dinner, the smell of cinnamon deserts.

Gemini: the feeling of being at a concert, the sound of murmurs and conversations at a coffeehouse, the taste of dark chocolate, the sight of hot air balloons on a clear day, the smell of mint.

Cancer: the feeling of someone tracing their fingers on your back, the sound of static on a vinyl record, the taste of apple cider on the holidays, the sight of nostalgic home videos and old photos. the smell of the crisp autumn air.

Leo: the feeling of the sun hitting your thighs, the sound of a crackling bonfire, the taste of hot tea, the sight of fireworks on the Fourth of July, the smell of a burned out match.

Virgo: the feeling of getting kissed for the first time, the sound of birds singing in the morning, the taste of powdered sugar on a pancake, the sight of winters first snow, the smell of a cookout in the middle of July.

Libra: the feeling of company from someone you love, the sound of wind chimes on a windy day, the taste of whipped cream straight from the can, the sight of kites flying over a beach, the smell before the rain on a summer day.

Scorpio: the feeling of achieving something you desired for a long time (likely a person or material object), the sound of ambient noises that come from the forest at dusk, the taste of your lovers lips, the sight of a bedroom scene with rose petals and candles, the smell of a steamy shower.

Sagittarius: the feeling of traveling to somewhere new, the sound of the shutter click on a vintage camera, the taste of an unfamiliar food that’s new to you, the sight of the world passing by through a car window, the smell of roses.

Capricorn: the feeling of discovering new music, the sound of night life outside, the taste of sweet Hawaiian bread, the sight of seeing someone you love accomplish things, the smell of pine.

Aquarius: the feeling of carelessly staying out all night with your friends, the sound of music from stringed instruments, the taste of salt water taffy from the beach, the sight of the city at night, the smell of gasoline.

Pisces: the feeling of welcoming company (close friends, lovers etc.),
The sound of leaves rustling on the trees, the taste of icing on a birthday cake, the sight of a shooting star late at night, the smell of money.


manic pixie dream academic

[images: three mirror selfies of auden. they’re wearing a dark blue dress with hot air balloons on it, bright pink polka dotted rain boots, thick purple tights, a hand-knitted teal shawl, dark purple lipstick, and a bright blue headscarf with white birds on it that matches their hair. somehow it’s a look — a look straight out of 500 days of summer, but a look nonetheless.]

The signs as colors and things I associate with them
  • Aries: bright red/orange
  • Fire, smudged eye makeup, bruises
  • Taurus: forest green/light brown
  • Nature, freckles, big brown eyes
  • Gemini: olive green/lemon yellow
  • Daisies, snakes, wavy blonde hair
  • Cancer: faint red/reddish pink
  • Sunburns, ponytails, melting ice cream
  • Leo: honey yellow/copper
  • Red lips, big sunglasses, flower bouquets
  • Virgo: dark green/white
  • Clean white sheets, herbs, flower crowns
  • Libra: rusty orange/tan
  • Fall leaves, braiding hair, bicycles
  • Scorpio: dark purple/burgundy
  • Piercings, long dark hair, cold hands
  • Sagittarius: fuchsia/magenta
  • Hot air balloons, fields, running bare foot
  • Capricorn: indigo/heather purple
  • Smoke, shelves of books, broken glasses
  • Aquarius: turquoise/silver
  • Light filtering through water, cacti,
  • street lamps
  • Pisces: baby pink/powder blue
  • Cotton candy, glitter, stars
Ghost stories - Part 1

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AU where Bucky was never blamed for the bombing and the events of Civil War didn’t happen.

Warnings: angst

Word count: 1431

A/N: So… it’s me again! Somehow I’ve been hit by a wave of inspiration and this is the result. Chapter inspired by the song Visions from The Maine.


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Last night I saw you in a dream

I’m still not sure just what it means

Two nights before much of the same

I found you dancing on the back of my brain

There are twelve notebooks in his backpack, which compose the scattered memories dating back to as far as he can remember. Bound in black letter with a little red elastic holding them closed. All of them are exactly the same, except for a few color coded sticky notes poking out the top.

Over the past few months he’s developed a system: blue is for Steve and pink for the Howling commandos; his HYDRA missions are highlighted in bright red as well as his memories as the Winter Soldier.

He never looks at those pages.

Like someone who’s suffering from Alzheimer, he writes down scattered memories of his life in fear of losing his memory again. He’s prepared now, or so he likes to think. He finds comfort in the thought that, if anything were to happen, he could run away with nothing but that backpack.

When Captain America himself comes barging into his apartment in Bucharest he doesn’t think twice, he takes his backpack and runs as fast as he can. Leaving everything behind but those notebooks, safely stashed in the pocket right against his back. He runs and runs and runs until the burning in his legs becomes unbearable and his lungs are on the brink of exploding. Only then does he allow himself to slow down, leaning against the bricked wall of an old building. A thin sheen of sweat is trickling down his back and something in his mind shifts for a second.

There’s a woman staring through a window, dark hair flowing down her back in stark contrast against her white robe and bare arms shivering at the cold breeze. She hums a song under her breath and whispers his name. “James”.

He’s not sure if it’s a memory but the vision leaves him shaking, because it’s the first thing he sees clearly ever since he’s remembered Steve. Heart beating frantically, he scrambles for the last one of his notebooks and scribbles down the memory, but it’s not enough.

He needs to leave soon, that much is clear to him, and yet he can’t help but feel hollowness inside; as if he’d left something but can’t quite figure out what it is just yet. So he does the first reckless thing he’s been so careful not to do in months and he goes to a little shop a few blocks away from the Main Square to buy some pencils.

And that is how Bucky Barnes learns to draw.

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Paper bags or phoning an ambulance
Childlike exposure
Emerging serene for an emergency scene
Nurturing screams, I remember you
Light headed
‘Head lights’ expression
Hoping the light’s headed in a separate direction
Breathe. Fix it.
Paper bags round the lips should fix the situation
Did I get it or did I bed it?
Non panic embedded in the essence of my stresses
My stretches, my necklace
Memories settled on a mattress of nettles
No reason to back peddle
Woes up to back level
Only becomes an issue if I don’t respect the ocean
For being transcendental
Regardless, I’ll always open the kitchen drawer and find a paper bag
If you’re having a panic attack
And find solace within the dark matter
Or calm chatter
A hot air balloon that helps you breathe
Said, me.

an extremely lovely and overwhelming gesture from a real life angel ♡mike♡. support his music because he deserves a lot more recognition. this song kills me. thank you so much mike 

she’s a lone snow girl, in her mind she’s at the carnival
they stopped serving meat and ice cream but she’s already full
cause in the morning by the roller coaster i bought a funnel cake from a pretty little lady and a crafty little girl,
blue and pink and bubbles too she writes “i love you” painting clouds in the sky from a hot air balloon,
the sun shines bright, dark is her starry night
when she carries sleepy sea-creatures back to their caves,
it’s a wonder they would save, so she sharpens knives for feast’s that she will cook for us to eat in her mind, in her mind
we’ll find alice down the rabbit hole this time, she left the party hat
to get soaked by the rain while she finds a name,
for her love..
no sad faces more pressing issues try
she says “i’ve got to go back home and i never say goodbye”

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