dark heels


Sketch dump time!! :D

Some things I drew as a warm-up before working on a new Kuro comic. He and Shiro have a major tit-off going on. Yay!

And yes… Keith in high heels and crop top is a thing for me. Men in high heels in general are a thing for me. Guess the Rocky Horror Picture Show as well as Yanis Marshall did a good job on me there. :O Sorry, not sorry. (That last picture was inspired by the male version of Lady Gaga’s “Donatella” by the way)


I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but this is one of my favorite dresses! Its so vintage and classy! Of course, I’m a huge fan of dark lips, so I’ve paired that with this dress as well. I think it works quite nicely :)

In other news, I’m going on vacation next week!!! I haven’t decided if I’m going to queue up some posts for next week while I’m away, or take a week off completely. Either way, you should totally flood my asks with fun questions!

I’m still working my way though my inbox, btw. If I haven’t answered your question yet, its for one of two reasons. One, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. If this is you, I’m so sorry! I’m trying!!! or Two, you’ve asked or said something extremely rude/perverted/inappropriate etc. and I have decided not to respond. If this is you, I’m so not sorry!!!

I love you all! Check out the links below if you want to replicate what I’m wearing :)

Get the look!





I tried to go for a darker, more gothy look! Did I pull it off? I think my whole head just looks… big. Like The Red Queen big.

Also, fun fact, these heels were the first pair I ever bought! They’ve survived many years of abuse haha. They’re also about a size too big, so I can’t really wear them out and about. Oh well, I can still take pics in them!

I need to up my makeup game. I’m to a point now where I think I do a good job, so I need to learn how to be more artistic with it. To mold and sculpt my face better, and to get cleaner eyes and lips. Off to YouTube it is!