dark heels


Uh.. so, how about a … Sugar Daddy AU…?

I have absolutely no idea how or why this happened. At this point I’m not even trying to find excuses.

It started off with only Kuro in a new outfit… then high heels happened. Guess rereading one of my favorite fanfics (Like Crystal Guts on AO3) didn’t help, either. So, yeah… have this.

Also: how about in this AU Keith and Kuro are best friends and sugar buddys XD Shiro and Lance are partners, leading a large company - since Shiro’s own twin brother, Kuro, refused to take his place besides Shiro in the company.

Despite being quite rich, Lance prefers to stay in a small-sized apartment with a roommate - not because he couldn’t afford anything else, but because he likes to have people around him. He tends to feel lonely quite often. But despite living together for almost 3 years now, Lance never asked Keith what he’s doing for a living. And Keith never told him.

Needless to say, that finding out the truth was quite a shock. Especially since Keith started dating Shiro recently, as his sugar babe… and Shiro’s twin brother Kuro took a liking to Lance.

Holy. Shit.

Why am I doing this…


Sketch dump time!! :D

Some things I drew as a warm-up before working on a new Kuro comic. He and Shiro have a major tit-off going on. Yay!

And yes… Keith in high heels and crop top is a thing for me. Men in high heels in general are a thing for me. Guess the Rocky Horror Picture Show as well as Yanis Marshall did a good job on me there. :O Sorry, not sorry. (That last picture was inspired by the male version of Lady Gaga’s “Donatella” by the way)

dark, housing the entities that once were a man and a woman, is not particular about pronouns, so long as they are said with the appropriate degree of fear and respect. she? he? they? doesn’t matter, just don’t you dare for a second think that any of those make dark a remotely lesser being than he actually is, which is all-powerful and all-encompassing.

everyone learns this at their own pace. bim is new, and he’s not really sure he’s supposed to be witnessing the fight between dark and wilford, but it’s too late to run for it now.

“she started it!” wilford complains, leveling an accusatory finger at dark.

bim holds his breath. dark is about to go nuclear. he’s already mad as hell. he’s about to be Pissed.


dark cracks his neck and glares.

“she’s about to finish it, too,” he says, and the argument continues.

(she wins, by the way)