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10 please!! With Harry angst with fluffy ending maybe?

he’s crying and he’s hiccuping and he can feel the dryness of his throat creep up on him like a shadow in the dark. harry feels like his heart is going to leap out of his chest. 

where were you when i needed you?” harry says with a croak. the palms of his hands are burning due to him digging his stubby fingernails into them. he looks at her with blotchy, green eyes, waiting for her to say something to him to at least ease the pain he feels. the thing is, harry was always an understanding person, he was always willing to here someone out for not following through with a plan. with [y/n] however? this time? he wasn’t going to be understanding. all he asked was for her to show up.

“harry, i-”

“no, no lame excuses, where were you when i needed you? i needed you to be there, for me,” harry’s voice is cracking and she steps towards him, holding her hands out in attempts to try and touch him and soothe him. harry however looks away from her and shrinks from her touch, backing up slightly. she sighs and slightly nods, receiving the message that he blatantly gave. 

“i’m not used to this, by this i mean the whole spotlight ordeal. i know what i signed up for- trust me i know, but what i didn’t know was that i am so not prepared for it. i’m used to laying low and just doing things without having thousands of eyes watching me. i know you wanted me there tonight, h, but i just- i couldn’t do it, i’m not- i’m not like you. i’m not-” she chokes and harry’s tears hit the floor after rolling off his cheeks. she looks at him with blurred vision, and harry swears that he won’t forget this moment.

“c’mere,” he says quietly, just loud enough so that she can hear him. she shuffles closer to him and they both cry in each other’s arms, not saying anything. the conversation isn’t over, but for now- it’s just going to stay at bay. 

I’m a total sucker for fics where Harry is dark and gets sorted into Slytherin, but I’m also really disappointed with how Ron and Hermione are treated in them

So: dark au where the trio is sorted into Slytherin

Hermione, who wants to use knowledge to change the world

Ron, who wants to finally be free of his family’s shadow

Harry, who wants to be great, to be admired, to be free

The teachers adore quick, clever Granger, but Severus worries when he sees the way she eyes the restricted section, how her mind is filled with deadly recipes and the ways to use them

The purebloods learn not to badmouth the halfbloods, not to bully the muggleborns, because Hermione knows forbidden magic, Hermione knows the untraceable poisons and the painful curses-and Hermione knows how to avoid being caught

No one outside of Slytherin pays attention to Ronald Weasley, so quiet compared to his brothers, and that’s a mistake

Ron casts his first dark spell and the power takes his breath away, Ron sinks into the comfort of blood rituals and makes outlawed sacrifices to forgotten gods

Ron wonders how his family could abandon this happiness in favor of a flickering light

Harry, the chosen one, the special one, the abandoned one

Harry looks at the light, looks at the people that did nothing for him, and dives into the dark

Lockhart dies drinking poison, Snape finds the trio huddled around Peter’s body, the aurors that find Umbridge’s remains vomit, and the Wizarding World doesn’t notice

Voldemort rises and does not face an old man and a group of do gooders

Voldemort rises and faces a witch with a brilliant mind and no taste for mercy, a wizard that delights in bloodshed and manipulates people like he moves chess pieces, and the broken, bloody boy that’s won their loyalty

Voldemort falls

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Ravenclaws feel that they would fit in to some of the other houses, the most common second fit is Slytherin because of their similar traits, next is Hufflepuff and then Gryffindor.

we’ve established that julian is 110% slytherin so what about the other blackthorns?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Marked

4.5k words, G rated

When Scorpius arrived in that hellish other world he discovered he had the Dark Mark branded on his arm. He hoped that when he left it would go away, but here he is, back in his own world, hiding the scar from his best friend and his dad. 

Am I allowed to blame one of the actors for a fic? This is one hundred percent James Le Lacheur’s fault. I wrote this after seeing her first show as Scorpius back in October. For those who don’t know, her Scorpius rubs his left arm during the conversation about the Voldy timeline in McGonagall’s office, and I’ve now seen that happen twice, so it isn’t a coincidence. It made me wonder whether the Scorpion King is marked, and whether that would affect Scorpius. 

This is also @bounding-heart‘s fault for talking about Scorpius and Dark Marks recently. It’s time to finally drag this thing from the angsty depths of my iPad and unleash it on the world.

Thanks to @abradystrix for betaing! 

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I care. And I just like anyone else fall in love , every now and then. But even though my intentions are gold, my words aren’t. I don’t know how to love. My whole life I have been taunted for not being good enough, living under the weight of expectations. The only love I received was in the snarky remarks. And that’s how I love. My love is in my snide remarks, in my subtle bullying, in my indirect help. I’m sorry if my love is repulsive to you but its the only way I know.
—  Draco malfoy (for all the things I didn’t say)
Book Series A.K.A.s

Percy Jackson and the Olympians a.k.a. Sassy kids save the earth that is threatened by their family (distant relatives, jeez…)

Heroes of Olympus a.k.a. Sassy teenagers are tired of saving the earth, but have to, because Grandma is such a bitch sometimes…

Trials of Apollo a.k.a. Sassy God struggles to get his shit together

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard a.k.a. I see dead people…

The Kane Chronicles a.k.a. Notice me Senpai!

The Mortal Instruments a.k.a. Modern Family

The Infernal Devices a.k.a. The Steampunk Lovetriangle

The Dark Artifices a.k.a. V for Vendetta

The Lunar Chronicles a.k.a. Once upon a - HOLY SH*T!!!

The Hunger Games a.k.a. Battle Royale

Harry Potter a.k.a. Bad person wants to rule the world and kill everybody with non-pure blood - well, that sounds familiar!

Throne of Glass a.k.a. Assassin’s Creed



Don’t it feel fucked up we’re not in love

Niall has always loved Harry, he will probably always be a little bit in love Harry and that’s alright but he is trying to move on, trying to get away from this hold Harry has on his heart and he thinks this might be finally it. It’s been a lot time coming anyway, the band went on hiatus almost two years and he hadn’t seen Harry since the x factor when they went to support Louis.

Honestly he didn’t think it would take him this long to find someone who actually makes him happy but he hadn’t been looking really. He has been fairly busy with his album which was pretty much all about Harry anyways but now that it was done he felt it was time for him to move on, to be Niall Horan, not Niall from One Direction or NiallandHarry as they were to people closest to them but to be his own person.

Niall was sitting in his dressing room at his LA show, the sound check was done and he was about to get on stage but he couldn’t stop thinking about Harry, about how to tell him that he was moving. He had talked to Lily a few times on phone but they hadn’t met yet that’s why he had invited her to his Spotify show in LA. She had wanted to come to the Palladium too but he couldn’t meet her before he had seen Harry one last time where he didn’t belong to someone else.

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Kk but that banana vid w Thomas and China literally has me choking back so many emotions... I've fought this ship long enough it's time to go Dark™

Come to the dark side!! But for real, I tried to stay away, but that video makes me weak everytime I watch it.
The way he looks at her, the smiles,everything…ugh. I can’t control it I ship them too hard, I’m in too deep in the Dark™