dark haired annie


Can I just say I loved this scene in the manga and seeing it animated just made it even better?

SERIOUSLY, props to attack on titan for making the two coolest cadets be two ass-kicking FEMALE CHARACTERS. 

Like LOOK. everyone got fucking excited to see them fight because they’re both unparalleled in their abilities. 

like Mikasa is super strong and the best at using 3DMG. 

Annie is unparalleled in hand to hand combat and she’s no slouch in the 3DMG herself. 

Isayama could’ve easily done some shit with two rival male characters, had Mikasa be some brooding dark haired ace guy and Annie be some cool-headed blond mysterious guy and they could bump heads.

But he didn’t.

And ALSO, all these cadets KNOW that these two ladies are the best of the best, that’s why they’re so excited to see them fight. 

It’s their matchup of the century. 

Like….snk is just so great when it comes to gender, ok. 

It’s a relatively balanced cast.

We don’t have any entirely male trio. Erwin, Hanji, Levi to Reiner, Bert, and Annie to Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. 

We’ve got CHRISTA who really got an entire arc devoted to her and who got to develop into a really complex character, who also has a lesbian girlfriend, like BLESS. 

We don’t get any gross fanservice or ridiculous boob sizes. In fact, I don’t think anyone in this series has anything more than a b cup. 

No female character is used as romance fodder or has only one character trait “in  love with a male character.” 

OH YEAH and every female character looks different. 

Seriously,  Annie and Mikasa look nothing alike, Christa and Ymir look nothing alike, Sasha and Hanji are entirely distinct faces….

And they all act differently too, because they come from diverse backgrounds….

It’s just great, alright, I love the way gender doesn’t even really matter in the snk universe. 

Bless Isayama for treating female characters like people. 

So revolutionary. Someone phone every other shonen mangaka, let em know this is how it’s done.