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“He was lonely,” she said, softly.

“So lonely. I couldna bear to see him so. He was wretched for so long, ye ken, mourning for you.”

“I thought he was dead,” I said quietly, answering the unspoken accusation.

“He might as well have been,” she said, sharply, then raised her head and sighed, pushing back a lock of dark hair.

“Aye, maybe ye truly didna ken he’d lived; there were a great many who didn’t, after Culloden—and it’s sure he thought you were dead and gone then. But he was sair wounded, and not only his leg. And when he came home from England—” She shook her head, and reached for another onion. “He was whole enough to look at, but not—”


Like a Dream(P.7)

Title: Like a Dream(P.7)
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader
Warnings: Fluff.
Summary: Y/N lands the role of Peter Pan’s romantic interest in a movie-version of Once Upon a Time and Robbie tries to convince his co-actors that he doesn’t have the slightest interest in his new female counterpart.

I was the first on set the next morning, which was surprising considering how late I had stayed at Robbie’s last night. We had played video games most of the night, laughing and talking the whole time. Occasionally, he would lean over to capture my lips in a kiss, smiling shyly when he pulled away. I always giggled some when he apologized, reassuring him that he didn’t need to be sorry. 

Still, I had woken up early, maybe because I was excited to see him this morning, even if we had to pretend we weren’t stealing kisses when no one was around or flirting behind the cameras. 

The director made his way over to me once he saw me walk in, handing me the script for this weeks film schedule, giving me a bit of an apologetic look. “I know how nerve wrecking yesterday’s scene was.” 

I nodded, blushing a slight bit, but I didn’t response at first. “There’s going to be another scene like that this week.” He continued and I didn’t feel the fear I felt last time they told me this. Now that me and Robbie had admitted how we felt, it wouldn’t be hard to kiss him in front of the cameras. Or do more then kiss him. 

“Does Robbie know yet?” I asked, flipping open the script. 

The director cleared his throat, taking the papers from me to find a certain page. “No, but…it won’t be involving Robbie this time.” He handed the pages back before rushing past me to hand the scripts over to a few other cast members who walked in. 

I ran my eyes over the pages, they widened in shock as I spun around, blushing brightly when Colin stood behind me. “I’m guessing you just read the same page I was shown?” He asked, raising a brow. 

My head nodded furiously, but I didn’t answer him, my cheeks were bright red and my throat practically closed itself. “Do you want me to talk to them?” 

“Oh.” I frowned a bit, scanning the page once more. “N-No, it’s fine. It’s part of the movie, right? I signed up knowing I might have some scenes like this. I-I’ll be alright.” I smiled at him to reassure him that it was okay. 

Colin smiled back before patting my back as he walked passed. “Just let me know if you feel uncomfortable at any point, we can film around it.” 

I nodded and watched him walk away before spinning back around, my eyes searching for Robbie. I just wanted to talk to him before they handed him the script. He showed up a bit later then everyone else and I quickly tackled him into a nearby storage room, the script held tightly in my hand as I shut the door. 

He laughed a bit, his lips finding mine in the dark before I found the light switch and kissed him back. He pulled back, grinning some. “Miss me? Weren’t we supposed to be discreet?” 

I gave a small smile myself and let him wrap his arms around me. “I promise we will, but…I needed to tell you something, or…show you it actually.” 

He tilted his head to the side, brow furrowing some. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“Have you gotten the script yet?” I asked, holding it behind my back, avoiding his eyes. 

“Not yet, you tackled me before I could get anything for today.” He laughed, but his smile fell from his face. “Wait, are they making you leave, cause if they are I will say something, trust me.” 

I shook my head quickly. “No! Nothing like that, but…Well…Here read it.” I handed over the booklet and bit my lower lip as he gave me a confused look before taking it into his hands to read it quietly. 

He kept his brows knitted together, a frown etched on his face before handing me the script back. “No big deal, it’s just acting.” He replied, his frown quickly turning into a smile, but something told me it was somewhat forced. 

“You’re…gonna be okay with it?” I asked carefully, rolling the papers up in my hands. 

“Yeah, of course! Besides, we can’t say anything, we have to keep this a secret. Stay professional.” He opened the closet door and let me walk out first before following after me, grabbing one of the scripts from a stand nearby. “Besides, Colin is a bit older then you.” 

Robbie chuckled some, turning to face me as he winked. “I don’t think I have to worry to much about him trying to steal you away, right?” 

I grinned back at him, shaking my head. “He couldn’t even if he was our age, Robbie.” I looked around to make sure there wasn’t anyone in the area before reaching up to place a quick kiss on his cheek. “Meet me at my place after, okay?” 

He smiled, nodding before making his way backstage to get ready for filming. I watched him walk away and smiled a bit to myself. “So what was that kiss about?” The voice made me jump to the side, my eyes wide as I spun around, sending Parker a bit of a glare. 

“What kiss?” 

The blonde grinned, rolling his eyes. “Don’t give me that nonsense. If you won’t tell me, I’ll go talk to Robbie, he’s not good at keeping things from me.”

I swatted at him. “Keep your voice down, kay? Don’t say anything…” My cheeks heated a bit, my gaze on the ground. “We’re…kinda dating, but it has to be a secret.”

“I knew it!” He grinned. “Ow!” 

I pulled my hand back from smacking him on the chest, my brows knitted together. “I said be quiet, it’s a secret, sheesh!” 

“You don’t have to get all violent.” He grumbled, smirking a bit. He flicked me lightly on the nose and then moved past me to go into wardrobe. “I told him you felt the same way.” 

Clearing my throat, I refused to respond to his remark, making my way over to hair and makeup. We had a single scene to film today, just an argument between Akira and Pan and then tomorrow it seemed we would begin the scenes that led up to the heated moment between Akira and Hook. 

Robbie had come over later on that day and we both got ready for the interview that the cast had tonight. Now we were both sitting beside each other with Killian to my right and Parker next to Robbie. 

Lana was also supposed to be here tonight, but something came up, so I ended up being the only girl there. I did my best not to reach over to grab Robbie’s hand, my stomach swirling in nerves.

The group of people were asking questions one by one, firing them off like gunshots, it was hard to keep up, but there were lots of laughs from all of us. 

“Alright, but let’s ask the real questions here, okay?” One girl said, grinning as she held onto the microphone. “Robbie and Y/N…When are you going to start dating??”

We both looked at each other, a grin on his face, a blush on mine before Robbie brought his microphone up to his mouth. “Me and Y/N are great friends, which how can you not be with someone as fun as her, right? But we both agree that that is all it is, so…if you are all waiting on that news of dating, you might be a bit disappointed.” He winked over at the crowd and I caught a small smirk on Parker’s face as he pulled his microphone up to his mouth. 

“I think what Robbie means is, they’ll throw that dating news out once the film is released.” Parker laughed, making Colin join in, waggling his eyebrows at the crowd. 

“Parker fails to mention how excited it would make him if that were true. I think he’s the creator of the Robbie/Y/N ship.” I added, laughing along with Robbie and a few in the crowd. 

“Isn’t it hard not to develop some feelings for each other, considering the heated scenes that Peter and Akira have together?”

Robbie laughed lightly. “If we went by the feelings of our characters, I think myself and Y/N might hate each other more then we liked each other. Besides, there will be other heated scenes in the movie, it won’t just be Peter and Akira.”

Colin grinned a bit, nodding some. “Oh yeah, you guys are in for quite some twists and turns in this movie, but we can’t give away anymore of that.”

“I SHIP YOU AND Y/N.” Someone yelled from the back when Colin was done talking. The entire cast burst out laughing, though Robbie seemed a bit more tense about his then the rest of them. 

Colin leaned over, reaching past me to take Robbie’s hand. “I’m sorry, loves. My heart is taken!” 

The Brit burst out laughing, pulling his hand from Colin and pretending to make smoochy faces at him. I giggled in the middle of them, truly enjoying the whole ordeal. “Kiss!” Someone else yelled and Colin and Robbie both leaned in, but instead of kissing each other, they winked and moved to the side, both their lips pressing firmly against either side of my cheeks. 

I instantly became a blushing puddle of giggles as I melted into my seat, laughing with the others. “What was your favorite scene to film so far, Y/N?” 

The first thought that came to mind was the scene I just filmed with Robbie. his lips on mine, trailing down my neck. It took everything for me not to blush and bite my lip. I grinned. “I really think I enjoyed the scene where Akira first gets her horns. There’s a small glimpse of it in the trailer, but the whole scene leading up to that was quite fun to act out.” 

“Oh yeah!” Parker laughed, sitting up. “I like that scene too, no, no, it’s a great fight scene and you really get a glimpse into how dark of a character Akira actually is.”

“I think Y/N just likes that scene cause she gets to bat Colin around a bit.” Robbie grinned, winking at the dark haired male. 

Colin smirked. “Aye, I think she’s gonna bat me around a lot more then that, Pan.” He said in his deep, ‘Hook’ voice, making the crowd erupt in hoots and hollers, leaving Robbie with a small glare, though he played it off quickly as a joke. 

“I heard there’s gonna be a Felra kiss in the movie, can you confirm that?” 

Parker grinned, leaning over the table a bit. “I can’t confirm nor deny that Felix and Akira will get their own bit of romance in the movie, but I will make sure this ship sets sail!” 

“Dream on.” Robbie laughed. “Felix is to loyal to kiss Pan’s Queen, but if he did…I’m sure Pan would have a brutal punishment for him.” 

Robbie made his voice sound dark and husky when he said punishment, leaving him and Parker laughing as the girls in the crowd once again erupted into cheers. 

“Y/N, I think all these girls in the room are envious of the part you’re playing and all the fun you get to have with these three handsome men. Is it hard to keep your feelings professional on set?” 

My gaze caught Robbie’s for a moment and I smirked slightly before turning back to the girl who asked the question. “Not at all! Parker always steals my food and Colin always hides somewhere and scares me.” I turned my gaze to Robbie. “And Robbie and I are just really good friends, so, it’s easy to keep things professional.” 

The questions and laughs continued, at one point Robbie and Parker had a mini ‘duel’ with wooden swords as they battled for some Akira romance. In the end, we all said our goodbyes and headed off stage. 

I said a quick goodbye to my cast members, smiling over at Robbie. “My door is open, if you want to come by tonight.” I said, once Parker and Colin went off on their own. 

Robbie grinned, tugging me into him to place a kiss on my lips. “I’ll take you up on that offer. I’m bored of acting so professional around you…friend.” He murmured the last word against my earlobe, nipping the thin flesh once before winking at me, walking off towards the parking lot.