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Birthday head canon !! Doesn't matter who's birthday it is, but what are the losers presents ? Or is there a theme for the party ?? (Btw love your account !)

- Bev’s birthday is at the end of the summer, the week before school starts, and the Losers all gather for a sleepover at Ben’s house to celebrate

- Mike snuck Bev out from school that morning after sunrise to get breakfast; he pays when she goes to smoke out by his truck. When he arrives at Ben’s that night he hands her a tiny bag filled with butterfly hair clips and large heart-shaped sunglasses

- Richie walks in with an armful of pop rocks, cigs, and a box of tampons that gets immediately thrown back in his face. He cries uncle twice after only 15 seconds of Bev holding his arm behind his back because she couldn’t hear him the first time over everyone else’s laughter

- Once he gets his breath back, Richie pulls 3 new tapes from his pocket and explains they contain all the songs the two had heard over the summer when they couldn’t stand their homes and met up at the Barrens to smoke. Bev smiles and kisses his cheek.

- Stan helps Bev lace up the teal and peach rollerskates he bought her, while she sits on the living room couch and Richie is doing his best to braid her hair 

- Eddie buys Bev 5 different bottles of nail polish that are muted hues of green, blue, red, orange, and purple (she paints his left hand with the dark green polish when the other boys are too busy watching Blade Runner to notice - not that they’d mind)

- Ben, of course, has spent weeks perfecting poems he wrote for Bev and has carefully written all of them in a brown leather journal (Bill helped by adding tiny illustrations on the bottom of every other poem)

- Bill presents Bev with his original drawing of her - water-streaked red hair and all - but also gives her a tiny 5 x 5 watercolor landscape of the quarry with 7 tiny figures in the water or on top of the rocks 

- Bev barks out a laugh at the nearly imperceptible angry eyebrows drawn on the figure with the curly hair and Stan shoves Bill who tries to hide his smile

how do yall like,,put on nail polish


Gryffindor: the crackling of fire, burnt parchment, loud and joyful laughter, adrenalin flooding through your veins, looking at the horizon and getting a feeling of eternity, a clear blue sky, rooms lit only by firelight, quiet whispers between friends, shared secrets, the rush of courage when you finally overcome your fears, black and golden tattoos, sleepless nights, neon lights in the dark, red lipstick and golden nail polish, leather jackets, pride and stubbornness, walking arm in arm with your best friends, breaking into the city pool at night, playing pranks and then running away laughing

Ravenclaw: the smell of books, delicate silver rings, leather armbands, cold mineral water, the sound of rain against windows, the silence of a library, heavy old curtains, quills and ink, the joy of accomplished work, myths and legends, sitting in the shade of a tree, polaroid photos of moments long gone, intricate bracelets, starry night skies, smokey eyes, early summer mornings, dew drops, braids, writing novels on old typewriters, white roses, silver tiaras, notebooks in all forms and colours, ink stains on hands, the sound of cat paws on wooden floors, theatre visits, swimming in the ocean at dawn

Hufflepuff: fairytales, sunlight through windows, dust dancing in sunlight, muffins and cakes, eating Nutella with a spoon, licking pastry from your fingers, soft giggling, yellow rubber boots and raincoats, colourful flowers, sunshine on your face, knitted sweaters, wool socks, roadtrips in the summer, watching your pets sleep peacefully, making your favourite dishes, going on a walk on a warm day; watching the sunlight stream through the branches and onto the ground, sitting calmly at the edge of the lake and watching the water move

Slytherin: fast cars, city lights at night, elegant clothing, thunderstorms, red lipstick stains on wine glasses, smirks; lip bites and winks, high heeled shoes clicking on the pavement, trench coats, stepping into shallow puddles, cold autumn nights, sunny winter mornings, frozen landscapes, firewhiskey, the burning sensation when you swallow alcohol, dancing in a crowd of people as if you are the only one there, the feeling of letting something go, dark green and silver nail polish, long velvet curtains, ghost stories at midnight, the light of the moon, mythology and long forgotten stories, leather bags


A Witchy Grantaire Moodboard for @witchygrantaire

aesthetics for the signs
  • Aries: sunny day, hats, strawberry ice cream, adele, picnics, wildflower picking, yellows, mint greens, baby pinks
  • Taurus: crowded rooms, dim lights, slow dancing, wild colored hair, black coffee, hidden tattoos, navy blues, maroons, black
  • Gemini: money, tall heels, long dresses, fancy suits, slot machines, hotel rooms, crumpled sheets, fast cars, reds, gold, white
  • Cancer: quiet rooms, long car rides, scrapbooks, knee socks, space buns, tumblr, macbooks, grey, creams, tans
  • Leo: movie dates, long conversation with strangers, fairy lights, star-gazing, neon blues, purples, pinks
  • Virgo: cameras, flowers, pearl necklaces, curled hair, pink lips, big beds, clean sheets, baby blues, silvers, whites
  • Libra: forest, grey mountains, snow, afternoon naps, good books, fuzzy socks, dark nail polishes, dark green, grey, purple
  • Scorpio: long nights, busy bars, good friends, strong drinks, fast music, dancing with strangers, kissing in the neon lights, black, green, blue
  • Sagittarius: glasses, converse, cloud watching, early mornings, pink cotton candy clouds, pale yellow sun, swimming pools, blue, yellow, pinks
  • Capricorn: bicycles, short hair, wine, disney movies, moonlight kisses, clouds of smoke, grey, navy blue, white
  • Aquarius: early morning cuddles, high waisted jeans, black tshirts, mood rings, green, blue, purple
  • Pisces: oceans, sandy beaches, fruity drinks, bathing suits, sandals, tans, blues, sea foam green

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i'm going to this harry potter event (my favorite cafe will be transformed into hogwarts and there are free hot drinks and a costume competition) tomorrow with my friends and we're all slytherins. i bought dark green nail polish and we'll wear the house colors too. i can't wait for all the non-slytherins to look at us in fear and be like "isn't that the evil house?" and i will just smile at them mysteriously

That sounds amazing, have fun !! 💚

- Céline