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nappingwith-mermaids  asked:

I really enjoy cosplaying as your OCs, and I was wondering if I could know what everyone's gear+weapons were, since the link in your description doesn't work for me!

Blue: Kraken roller - goggles, white layered LS, Zombie Hi-horses

Marian: Slosher - black arrowbrands, baby jelly shirt, white seahorses

Vadelma: Luna blaster - straw boater, school uniform, school shoes

Logan: E-litre - camo mesh, camo zip-hoodie, choco clogs

Orange: Splat charger - studio headphones, Mint tee, squid stitch plimsols

Tanrine: Inkbrush - Fishfry visor, olive ski jacket, crazy arrows

Taloupe: splash-O-matic - retro specs, Shirt and Tie, white kicks

Angelo: custom Splattershot jr. - Octo goggles, zekko hoodie, blue biker boots

Jonquil: Heavy splatling -  Coloured Shades, Cycle King Jersey, Dark Green Hi-Tops

Daisy: octo brush-  Bobble Hat, Layered Vector LS, Blueberry Casuals

Cosmo: N-zap 89 -  Colourful Heaphones I  Retro Gamer Jersey I  Yellow Seahorses

Sorrel: aerospray rg -  Safari Hat, White Anchor Tee, Gold Hi-Horses

Belladonna: gold dynamo roller - Jungle hat, sky blue squideye, orange arrows

Cyanthia: splattershot jr. - squid hairclip, squid girl tunic, punk whites

Arnick: bamboozler - Legendary cap, hero jacket replica, hero runner replicas

Tetrox: Octoshot replica -  sporty bobble hat, octo tee, octoling boots