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Shadowhunters - The Shadowhunter Chronicles

“ It means ‘Shadowhunters: Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies since 1234’ ”

A Crack In Her Armor (Pt.1)

This is part one of a three-parter Negan/oc fic that I had initially intended to be a one shot, but it took on a complete mind of its own! I’m bringing back my oc, Fiona, that I had introduced back in my Simon one shot, “Maneater”. So this should be interesting. Hope y’all get a kick outta Fiona and enjoy this fic as much as I did writing it!

“Shit.” Fiona muttered, cigarette dangling from her lips. Her somewhat jolly mood of acquiring a fresh pack of Marlboro Menthol 100’s, was tainted upon realizing that to get back to her cozy lil duplex, she had to pass by Negans house. Only his side of the street had a sidewalk, the other side was just grass and she was in wedged heels. She cursed herself for choosing aesthetic over practical.

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Her Wingman

completely inspired by @rikareena‘s post

this one’s for you, but also ALL OF US.

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“Hey… What do you think of this?”

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Bill Cipher x Reader Oneshot XD

Gravity Falls One-Shot????

AUTHOR’S BABBLES: HEY THERE! The reason I put the question marks behind the title is because I WILL continue this story if you want me to, so, it technically wouldn’t be a one-shot. I don’t know where I would go with this story after this “chapter” though, so if you want me to continue it, you dudes will have to give me some ideas. PM me some ideas for new chapters if you want me to continue this. Of course, I might just make this into a book of one-shots. So, I hope you enjoy this chapter I put together. Also, Bill’s personality is sweeter than it is usually in most fanfics. He’s still cocky, though. LOL Now, without further a due, Human!Bill Cipher x Reader x Dipper (theres a little bit of x Dipper in here) and enjoy the “Love Triangles” in this story (AHAHAHA see what i did there? I AM HILARIOUSSS!) NOTE: This was just for fun  and it was inspired by other fanfics, so don’t accuse me of stealing ideas. Also, this story is only for girls to read. Sorry..

((….)) = Author’s In-Story Babbles

Italics = you thinking

Bold Italics = Bill’s voice in your mind

(….) = Extra Thought

(Y/N) = Your Name

(F/F) = Favorite Food

(E/C) = Eye Color

(H/C) = Hair Color

(H/L) = Hair Length

POV = Point Of View

*Bold* = Transition

*Third Person POV*

You stepped out of the car and inhaled the crisp autumn air of Gravity Falls. It had been two years since you had been here, and you were thrilled to have come back. You ran up the porch steps and to the front door with your suitcase in tow behind you. Before you could knock, the door opened and you were tackled by a boy and girl about your age. “(Y/N)!” Mabel screamed excitedly. Mabel was hugging you tightly around the waist and Dipper was hugging around your shoulders.

You made you way inside and up to the attic, greeting and hugging Stan, Wendy and Soos as you passed. Up in the attic, you found that a little cot had been set up for you against the wall on Dipper’s side of the attic. You dumped your suitcase onto your cot and unpacked the clothes you wanted to wear the rest of the day. You unpacked a yellow tank top with black lace trimming the bottom edge, dark gray skinny jeans, a black cardigan with elbow-length sleeves, and black flats.

“Ooh…why all the fancy clothes, (Y/N)?” Mabel smirked raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I have a little, uh, date later.” You admitted, smirking a little yourself. It wasn’t a planned date, but you knew he was going to show up.

“Oh, gotcha,” Mabel grinned and gave a double wink.

Dipper sat on his bed and watched you. You admittedly felt a little guilty for confessing you had a date in front of him, because you know he used to have a crush on you. A sad look flashed across his face before he noticed you were watching him. He turned away and blushed a bit.

You retreated to the bathroom to change your clothes. You headed back up into the attic. “How do I look?” You said doing a little spin. Mabel gasped, and ran up to hug you excitedly. “You look AMAZING!” She exclaimed, jumping up and down with excitement. “Now we gotta do your hair and makeup,” She said, putting her hands on her hips. You laughed and turned around to face Dipper, deciding you needed a guy’s opinion on your apparel.

“Hey, Dipper, how do I look?” You said reenacting your small spin. His eyes went wide as he looked at you. A light dusting of pink pricked his cheeks as he said, “Y-you look beautiful, (Y/N),” You giggled at the heartfelt, if not somewhat forced compliment. An awkward silence crept into the room.

“KIDS! Time for dinner!” You heard Stan yell from downstairs. You glanced at Dipper who looked relieved.

*Le Wild Time Skip Appears*

After dinner you went back up to the attic and let Mabel do you up for your date. She put your hair in a styled up-do and put light brown eyeshadow on your eyelids. She put a light dusting of tan foundation on your face and neck and dusted your cheeks with pinkish-orange blush. She put on the finishing touches by putting a small amount of mascara on you and touching up your lips with natural color lipstick. You looked in the mirror. Her work was flawless.

By the time you got done with your makeover, it was 7:45. You figured you should probably get going. You grabbed some dangly golden earrings from your suitcase and hastily put them on. You started down the stairs and out the front door. Mabel stopped you and put a delicate gold chain around your neck. The silver heart pendant rested just above your collarbone. It was beautiful. You thanked Mabel as she hugged you and gave you a wink. “Be careful with that guy.” she said smirking from the doorway.

Butterflies fluttered around in your stomach as you made your way to a clearing in the woods that you had claimed as your own a few years ago.

You hadn’t seen him in two years. Was this going to end up awkwardly? You carefully twisted around roots and trees and eventually walked into the clearing. You checked your phone to see the time and the screen flashed 8:02. The sun had already gone down and the moon above you shone down brightly, making the necklace Mabel had given you glint with every movement you made. You stared up at the stars in wonder. In the city there weren’t nearly as many visible as there were tonight.

You crossed over to the opposite end of the clearing and sat down beside a small stream. You laid back on a rock and listened to the sounds of the water rushing over the stones and small logs that made up the stream bed.

*Your POV*

Suddenly, I felt a warm presence beside me. I looked over to see the same golden blonde hair, yellow suit, bowtie, top hat and black slacks that he had had two years ago. He hadn’t changed at all. He looked over at me with a smirk. “Missed me, did ya (Y/N)?” He moved his hand down to grab mine. He intertwined our fingers and said sweetly, “I missed you.”

He sat up pulling me along with him. He picked me up bridal style and sat down on a nearby log. He positioned me so I was sitting on his lap with my legs wrapped around his waist. He looked at my face, studying it. “You haven’t changed at all,” he said with a cute grin. “Really?” I asked, puzzled. “I thought I would have changed so much. I was actually worried what seeing you again would be like because of how much I thought I had changed.” I said quickly and blushed. “Nope,” He chuckled and planted a kiss on my forehead. “You’re still my favorite little (Y/N). Everything’s the same. I mean, your body’s developed a bit more,” he said with a wide smirk. I blushed even harder. “But other than that you’re still the same.”

He brushed some stray hair out of my eyes and I laid my head against his chest. He kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms behind my back. He started rocking backwards and forwards as if I were a little girl who was having trouble sleeping.

He took his hands away from my back and put one under my chin to let me look at him. “What time are your folks expecting you to be back?” He inquired. “I need to be back before 11:00.” I replied. He brightened up even more (if that was even possible). “Good,” he said with a wide grin. “We’ll have time to go do some of the things we used to do.”

He picked me up off of him and set me on the ground. He intertwined his fingers with mine again as we started walking. “Where do you wanna go, cupcake?” ((Yes, yes. it’s all true. I did take this nickname from another fanfic XD)) Wow. I forgot he used to call me that. I thought. Suddenly a voice came on in my head, Really? You forgot? Haha that was like my one and only nickname for you. The voice sounded as if it was mocking being emotionally stabbed in the back. I mentally face palmed. I also somehow forgot you could read my mind…

“Well, I asked you a question, cupcake. Where do you wanna go first?” He said out loud as he squeezed my hand. I immediately responded with, “The amusement park!” He laughed out loud. “You’re adorable.” He raised my hand up and kissed it. “Aw, c’mon. I’m not adorable,” I said, “You’re the one who’s adorable.” I poked at his stomach with my free hand. “Awww.. That wasn’t fairrr,” He said mocking tears. “Could we please just go to the amusement park?” I asked, putting on a pouty face. He straightened up and put a finger under my chin. “Now no need for that.” He said tapping my nose. I giggled. “Let’s just go…” I said with a smile. He picked me off of the ground and into his arms bridal style again. “Anything for you, babe.”

With that we were teleported to the amusement park. There were neon lights everywhere and in the distance I could see the ferris wheel. It was beautiful here. All the lights and the smell of various foods. The people all around were talking and laughing and there was carnival music coming from in the direction Merry-Go-Round. This kind of place just gave me a sense of being a little kid again. ((sorry for lack of good description here. i’ve never actually been to an amusement park like this at night so i didn’t have many foresights of how it would look and feel.))

Bill materialized twenty dollars and bought us tickets in. Once we were in, it was my turn to drag him places. I grabbed his hand and dragged him to a place that sold (F/F). We bought two orders of (F/F) and went to check out more rides and attractions for a little while. Bill stopped at one ride and just stood there and stared for a minute. It was a drop ride. ((Like Tower of Terror at Disneyland)) Bill grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the front gate of the ride. There is NO way I’m going on that. I thought as I tried to pull away from Bill’s grip. He turned around and playfully tugged at some of my hair. “C’mon, It’ll be funnnn.” Bill said as he tugged me slowly toward the ride. Eventually I gave in and just resorted to my plan that when the ride started up, I would just hold on to Bill’s arm. We gave the ride operator two tickets and he opened the gate for us. Bill sat us on the side of the ride from which we could see the most of the park. He helped me into my seat and then proceeded to take his. He lowered the lap bar over us and the other ride operator came around to make sure all of the bars were locked down. He flashed a thumbs up to the operator at the gate who gave him a small thumbs up in return. It looked as if he pressed some buttons and then the ride started rumbling. My feet were picked up off the ground and we went higher and higher. I reached for Bill’s hand. He chuckled and let me hold onto him. I looked up and saw we were nearing the top of the ride. We traveled up a couple more feet before I heard a click. All of the sudden we were being dropped through the air. I felt weightless. It was a feeling that I adored and dreaded at the same time. I buried my face in Bill’s sleeve. I felt his other hand come and rest on the back of my head to comfort me. He was screaming though. Screaming in delight. He loved thrill rides thats for sure. We landed slowly at the bottom of the ride and then before I knew it we were being shot up through the atmosphere again.

After a few more of this cycle of raising and dropping us, the ride was over. Bill unfastened our safety bar and helped me down from my seat. My feet touched the ground and I wobbled, falling into Bill. “Whoa, whoa. It’s ok,” The tone of his voice made it obvious that he was smirking. I looked up at him to see that his hair was all messed up from the ride. It was adorable when his hair was messed up. I assumed mine was messed up too. He let me lean on him as we walked out through the gate. We stopped at a food vendor and Bill bought us some cotton candy. We sat down on a bench and he put his arm around my waist. I laid on his shoulder and we slowly ate the cotton candy. I looked at my phone to check the time. The screen flashed the numbers 10:37 at me. I nudged Bill.

“Yeah, cupcake?” He said. I showed him the screen and a small frown came to his face. he sighed and pulled me closer to him. “I don’t want this night to end,” he said. His face lit up all the sudden. “Wait! There’s still one more place we’ve gotta go before I take you home.” He squeezed me to his side before taking my hand and pulling us up off the bench. He threw away the cotton candy stick away and led me in another direction. “Close your eyes, babe,” Bill said in my ear. His breath was tickling my neck as he spoke. I did as I was told and closed my eyes. What came after that was unexpected. After my eyes were closed, he grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. “Ahhhh! Bill!” I said starting to open my eyes. “Nope! keep ‘em closed, Cupcake.” I closed my eyes again and he stopped spinning me. “What was that even about?” I asked, giggling a little. “I had to get you disorientated so you wouldn’t know where we’re going.” He said and laughed. He took my hand and intertwined our fingers. The other hand traveled to my back as he led me to our last ride of the night.

“Alright you can open your eyes now.” He said after a few minutes, and squeezed my hand. I opened my eyes to find that we were standing in front of the ferris wheel. ((ah, yes. the good old ferris wheel, where every romance story eventually ends up. sorry if this was too predictable… XD)) I stared up at it. From the other end of the park, it looked small, but from here, it towered in front of me. Bill gave the ride operator two tickets and we took our seats. The lap bar closed on us automatically and we were hoisted up into the sky as other riders got on.

*Bill’s POV*

I put my arm around (Y/N) as we were slowly brought into the air. Our legs dangled loosely off the edge of the seat and (Y/N) kicked hers playfully. I moved my arm so it was around her waist and leaned over to kiss her cheek. She blushed at this and I smirked. “You’re so cute when you blush,” I said lifting up her chin. This made her blush more and I chuckled. Soon we were at the top of the ferris wheel. “I brought you up here because this ferris wheel was where we ended our first date too. Remember?” I asked. She smiled and nodded her head. I leaned my forehead against hers and laughed a little. “You remember that but you don’t remember that I used to call you ‘Cupcake’? Come on!” I laughed, throwing my head back before letting it come to rest on her forehead again. I squeezed her to my side and she laid her head on my arm.

I put my hands on either side of her face and looked into her (E/C) eyes. She stared back into mine. ((sorry I’m making it so he has two eyes. deal with it. XD)) I caressed her cheek with my thumb. I could feel myself blushing lightly. I leaned forward and kissed her cheek and let my kisses trail down until I was pecking along her jaw. I let my fingers run through her (H/L) (H/C) hair (Her up-do had come out on the drop ride). She wrapped her arms around my neck and brought me closer. I nuzzled her neck with my nose, making her giggle and pull back a little. I smirked and continued, making her giggle more. “Agh! Bill! That tickles, stop it!” she said in between laughs.

*Your POV*

Bill stopped nuzzling my neck and snapped his fingers. The color slowly drained from everything and everyone except us. I gave him a questioning look. “What?” He asked, “Now we can stay up here as long as we want.” he smirked and pulled me closer again. He did have a point. In the Dreamscape, there was no time. We could stay out here as long as we wanted. Still, I thought it would be dishonest. “Yes, but not as long as you want.” I replied smirking at the pouty face that Bill made in response to what I said. “Aww, why not??” He asked while giving me puppy eyes. “Hey,” I said, “I never said that we couldn’t stay out a little later,” Bill brightened up. “But..” He narrowed his eyes. “We’ve gotta stay at the ferris wheel.” I finished. He gave me an ‘are you serious?’ look and rolled his eyes. “Party-pooper..” He said playfully under his breath. I laughed at his childlike attitude. He reached up and tugged at some of my hair, forcing me to come closer. I smirked and pulled at some of his hair also, forcing him to come even closer. Our faces were mere inches from each other.

*Bill’s POV*

It had been so long since I had been this close to (Y/N). This human body and the hormones weren’t helping much with my newfound anxiety. My breathing was becoming slightly shaky, and so was the rest of my body. My eyes kept darting over her face. I looked at her eyes then her cheeks and her forehead, her hair. Then finally my eyes started darting to her lips every so often. I think (Y/N) noticed a few times because she started blushing. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t know if she wanted me to kiss her. My hands went behind her back and I clung to her and I made the move.

I leaned in and my lips brushed against hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and that was my signal. I closed the tiny gap in between our mouths and pressed up against her. My hands traveled up into her hair and she kept her lips pressed on mine.

*Your POV*

He was kissing me. I ran my fingers through his golden hair and he ran his hands through mine as we shared that embrace. I marveled at how much I had missed this. Two years without Bill was too much. I savored this moment as his lips moved slowly and smoothly against mine. Bill kept pulling me closer. He bit my lip slightly as he moved his hands to my waist again. I would need air soon. I pressed my lips up against his one more time before we both came up for air.

He leaned his forehead on mine and we both sat there and breathed deeply. I could hear the shakiness of his breathing and chuckled a little to myself. He looked into my eyes and smiled. Not a smirk, but a real genuine smile. He pecked me on the lips again before snapping his fingers. Color returned to the world and I leaned against Bill’s arm. He put his arm around my waist as our seat glided down to the ground once more.

We got off the ride and walked down to the other end of the park hand in hand. I checked my phone and the display flashed 10:54. “Bill, I’ve gotta get home now.” I said as I squeezed his hand. He looked at the phone and picked me up, carrying me bridal style out of the park. He transported us to the edge of the forest outside The Mystery Shack.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, right cupcake?” He asked. “Yeah,” I replied. “I should be available.” I smirked at him. With that he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine again. He pulled away and whispered, “Bye, babe.” and then he was gone.

Hiya! Here’s the stats:

Word count: 3,620 words (Including these and Author’s Babbles)

Paragraph count: 57

Page count: 6 (on original document)

Ten Times Hotter [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Hey i know you’re kinda swamped with requests but could you do a readerxevil!barry where barry reacts to the reader getting mad at him and vice versa

a/n: im just stressed haha

You have had it with Barry. For the past few nights, he hasn’t even come home. Maybe an hour or so, but that’s it. With hopeful thinking, you made some pasta for dinner, leaving a bowl out, just in case he comes home. By nine, you wrap the bowl, sticking it in the fridge, along with the other leftovers.

Deciding to take a long, hot, shower, you strip off your clothes, leaving you in your sports bra and underwear. There’s a low wolf-whistle. “Wow, babydoll, you are smoking hot!” Barry grins, following you into the bathroom. You completely ignore him, turning the shower knob and crossing your arms. “What’s with the cold shoulder?” he laughs.

When he goes to engulf your body, you shove him backwards, face remaining neutral. His eyebrows furrow and he frowns at you. “Babydoll.” he scolds in a stern tone, fingernails digging in your upper bicep. “What’s going on with you?” he mumbles, using his deep ‘villain’ voice, hazel eyes appearing more brown.

“Let’s see, you’ve been out the past four nights, doing god knows what, while I’m here, alone, wondering where the hell you are!” you fume, jabbing at his chest through his gray v-neck. He peers down, squinting at your finger. “I’m sick of it!” you yell, hitting him more forcefully than he expected.

His long fingers wrap around your wrist, holding your hand in place. He looks generally impressed, “You’re ten times hotter when you’re mad, by the way.” he says, smug. You scoff, rolling your eyes and turning to the running water. His hand lets go of your wrist, grabbing your waist instead, digging his nails into the skin. “Now, you don’t want to make me angry, do you?” he grunts.

Gritting your teeth together, you glance back at him, “Fuck you.” you seeth, peeling your bra off your body and tossing it behind. After, you tug your underwear from your legs, the soft material dragging down, pooling at your ankles.

Barry catches your black sports bra on his fingers, smirking at you. “Well, if you insist…” you glare at him, “Kidding.” he holds his hands up, shrugging his black blazer off, “If you must know, babydoll, I was stealing your birthday present.” he scowls, simming out of his dark gray skinny jeans. “Happy now?”

“No.” you spit, water clouding your vision. “What do you think you’re doing?” you ask, voice dripping with venom. Barry drops his boxers, ripping his shirt from his torso, abs in view.

He steps in, “Taking a shower.” he says in a sarcastic voice, picking up the shampoo. “Now fucking let me wash your hair, damn it!”

Meet Indigo!

This is Indigo, a ship-child I made for @gdpft-sans14 and @lolsome99 (since their dating C:) Here’s some info


Age: 12

Birthday: July 1st (cuz that’s when I made him XD)

Appearance (this is a whole damn section)


He has blue headphones, a fluffy red jacket with a dark gray turtleneck sweater underneath, Jean colored pants with a red line, red shoes, and he wears black fingerless gloves.

Outside Appearance(???)

His eyes are purple, his blush is dark blue (TELL ME SOMETHING I DON’T KNO-) and one of his teeth are blue(same color of his headphones, also thanks for the info I didn’t know (’-’)b) (im already talking to myself)

Hobbies: Listening to Music, playing video games (especially loves playing it with his dad C:), and drawing

Traits(right?): He’s chill, rarely gets angry, sometimes energetic C: (but then gets lazy XD)

Designed made by me and @gdpft-sans14

If you have any questions about him feel free to ask! 

Caught (Drabble) [1]

Day & Night (Drabble Series): Pt. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11]

Genre: Fluff

College AU

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 382

A/N: So I’ve decided to start a Yoongi drabble series! This will be the first part of it, I got the idea from my last post (which is completely unrelated to this one). I’m excited but nervous!

Each drabble will be numbered and will contain a date, it’s most likely that the series will be in chronological order.

I’ll try to update as often as possible, please enjoy and look forwards to future posts.

Feel free to check out our Masterlist!

-          Admin Mochi

[August 24, 2015]

               Her big brown eyes wandered through the crowded hallways as she searched for her class. Today was her first day of school and Y/N was beyond nervous, being a freshman in college was frightening, yet exciting. Y/N let out a frustrated sigh as she glanced down at the campus map on her phone, at this point she wasn’t even sure if she was in the correct building.

               Her eyes darted over the numbers outside of each classroom until they landed on an interesting looking boy. He had jet black hair that contrasted with his pale skin. His pink lips were pressed in a firm line as he listened to the person on the other line, anyone could tell he was beyond pissed. His outfit had also caught her attention seeing as he was wearing ripped dark denim jeans, a gray shirt, and a leather biker jacket. She could clearly see a tattoo peeking from his jacket’s sleeve, which intrigued her further.

               The fair skinned male angrily cursed under his breath as he hung up his phone, they were possibly the only ones who could get him this riled up. Looking up his gaze was met with a pair of brown doe eyes from a distance.

               Y/N’s eyes widened, the realization of having been caught blatantly staring at a stranger had her cheeks blazing bright red. His eyes dangerously narrowed at the tiny brunette, who was completely panic stricken. Her breath hitched when she took notice that the dark haired boy had started walking towards her with a rather sour expression.

               “Yoongi! Yah, Min Yoongi!” yelled a toffee haired male, with that the dark haired boy’s attention was quickly diverted to the owner of the voice. Y/N decided to take this as an opportunity to escape. She quickly walked in the opposite direction from which the other man had emerged until she had managed to get far enough.

               “Min Yoongi…” The brunette muttered to herself liking the way it rolled off her tongue.

              Suddenly she came to a halt, peering around Y/N came to a realization that now she was even more lost than before. With a groan she grabbed her phone in order to pull up the campus map back up, hopefully her professor wouldn’t mind her being a tinge bit late.

What Did I Get Myself Into? - 2

“Holy fuck, Dawn! What was I thinking?” you screamed from the bathroom, nervously prepping for your first date with the amazingly cute doctor that had asked you out in the middle of your sex shop. “What did I get myself into? This guy works for the FBI and I own a sex store. How is this ever going to work?”

Dawn shuffled up to the door of the bathroom to see Y/N frantically adjusting her hair in a million different ways. “You don’t know unless you try. It may work, it may not,” she said, coming up behind you and adjusting your hair to the perfect first-date style, casual and cute. “But even if it doesn’t, maybe you can just do this guy for fun? It would be so unlike you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. He sounds cute.”

“His colleague, Luke Alvez, was cute too. You’d like him. I don’t get the feeling this Dr. Spencer Reid would be cool with a sex-only situation, and frankly I’m not into that either. Help me figure out what to wear,” you said, walking to your bedroom.

Dawn followed closely behind, immediately diving into your closet to pick out your outfit. You were too nervous to think straight. What if this guy thought you were beneath him? He was an FBI profiler after all. You were by no means dumb, you’d even consider yourself intelligent, but maybe he’d realize this was all a big mistake, and after you ended your last relationship with your cheating, scumbag ex, that would definitely be a blow to your ego. You looked over to see that Dawn, your extremely provocative, I-don’t-give-a-fuck-what-people-think-of-me best friend, had picked out a deep red halter top and a leather pencil skirt (which you hadn’t worn in forever). “Are you insane?” you asked in horror. “I’d like to date this guy, not pick him up on the corner.”

She sighed. She desperately wanted you to “think outside of the box” once in a while, but it wasn’t that easy for you - you needed the right person. “Alright, Y/N, how about this?” She was holding up a pair of dark-wash jeans, a gray fitted t-shirt and a black bomber jacket.

“That’s good. That’s cute. And that won’t scare him away, which I’m already petrified of. Thanks,” you said.

“Anyone,” she said emphatically, plopping herself on the bed next to you, “who runs away from you is an idiot. You’re beautiful, nice, funny and smart. If this guy is a genius like you claim, he’ll hold on to you. You and I may be totally different, but you’re my bestie for life and you deserve the best.”

You smiled and turned to her to give her a hug. “Thanks, Dawn. I love you.”

She kissed your cheek, “Now get dressed, get out there and jump his bones!”

“Dammit, Dawn!”


You and Spencer had decided to meet at the local Thai restaurant for your first date. Walking up to the restaurant, you almost turned around, but Dawn’s voice lingered in the back of your head to give it a chance. He was already there, sitting at the table. When he met your gaze, he gave you a small wave, calling you over to the table. “Hi, Y/N,” he greeted, hesitantly putting out his hand. He must’ve been trying to get used to physical contact with people. Maybe he wasn’t used to it often. “How are you?” he asked.

“I’m good, Spencer,” you replied, taking your seat across from him. “A little nervous, actually, but all in all I’m good.”

He looked surprised. “Nervous about what? Our date?” he guessed, seeing you look around the restaurant.

“Yea, a little bit,” you nodded.

“Why are you nervous? I swear I’m nothing to be nervous over?”

You spoke matter-of-factly, explaining how time-and-time again, you’d gone out on dates only to have the guy running when you explained what you did for a living.

“Well, that doesn’t scare me,” he said, after you’d placed your orders. “We all have different sides of us that others don’t necessarily see. And I know you said, you were ‘vanilla,’ but whether you are or aren’t, it’s okay by me.”

You breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe this could work after all. He really was cute and sexy all rolled into one tall package.

“How about we not talk about our jobs at all for the first date?” he asked. “Then if we go out again, we can bring it up later.”

“That would be great!” you laughed, relaxing into the restaurant booth.

Over the next two hours, you and Spencer talked about everything but your job. You’d asked him about his. How long he’d been with the BAU? Did he ever imagine doing anything else? You wanted to ask if he’d ever been shot or attacked or anything, but figured that could also be asked at a later date. You told him about your family - you were very close, as well as your college days - pretty boring too, except for meeting Dawn. She was definitely different - and you loved her for it.

“As a matter if fact,” you said, thinking of Luke, “if your colleague is single, I think she’d love him.”

He picked up his glass to toast yours, “Well, if she is anything like you, I’d like to introduce her to him.”

You blushed at his kind words. You hadn’t blushed since high school. Goddamn it felt like a childhood crush. 

Feeling like it was your turn to be a bit forward, you leaned in and asked, “So, do you think we’ll be giving a second date a chance?” The food hadn’t even arrived yet, but you had a good feeling about him.

“Absolutely,” he smiled. “And don’t worry, we can put off talking about your job for as long as you’d like.”

You had to talk about it eventually. “Good, I’m fine talking about it to you as long as you’re not freaked out by it, but let’s just say, if this goes anywhere, I might want to wait a while before telling your friends what I do for a living.”

Spencer snorted, practically spitting out the first bite of his food, which had just arrived. “Well, Luke saw me ask for your number, so that’s one down.”

Sparky - Part 6

Imagine: Len stopping by your apartment to get your opinion before he goes off to travel through time to stop Vandal Savage from taking over the world.

A/N: Part 6! Just one more after this and this little series is over. I’m actually kind of sad. Writing the last one is going to be interesting. I will also be opening requests soon, but first I’m going to do something for the fact that I have almost 25 followers. It’s not a lot, but I’d still like to do something special for those of you who are sticking with me :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Conclusion

In the months that you and Len have been a thing without titles, you’d learned that if there was every music playing in your apartment when you got home from work or on hero business, Len was present. It was his way of letting you know that someone was there, but friendly. It happened often, more often than you’d admit to anyone that now knew about the relationship.

It was a Thursday evening, not so late that you didn’t half expect him to show. Something old and classical was playing from the direction of your bedroom when you walked in, dropping your keys off in the bowl near the door as you used your foot to close it behind you. “Len?” You call out as you drop your purse and sweater off on the couch in your small living room.

“Bedroom.” You heard as you toed off your work shoes. You made your way towards your room to find the man laying down on your bed. He was dressed in dark gray jeans and a paler gray Henley. His legs were crossed at the ankles with his hands resting on his stomach, fingers laced together.

“Hey.” You said softly, moving over to lay next to Len, mimicking his pose. “Didn’t really expect to see you tonight.”

“Got a lot on my mind. It’s easier to think here than at a safe house.” He stated, gaze still locked on the ceiling fan.

You turn you head, looking at him, taking in his profile. “Wanna talk about it?”

Len let out a deep breath slowly before closing his eyes. “You ever been given a good opportunity, but aren’t sure if it’s what you want?”

You blinked, curiosity nearly getting the better of you. “I have,” you spoke softly.

He turned quickly, rolling over until he was holding himself above you. He kept it so that no part of him was touching you, the man just out of reach. “When?”

“When I woke up from my coma.” You told him. “Like so many in this city, I could have used my powers for personal gain instead of helping others. Hell, Cisco built weapons that would stop me and Barry if we hadn’t been good people.”

“He build something to stop you?” He asked, brow furrowed.

You nodded slowly. “It’s a collar of sorts, though it can attach to an arm or leg no problem, doesn’t have to be on my neck to work. It basically overloads my powers, short circuits me out. Someone got a hold of it once, before Cisco chose to destroy it, it knocks me out completely.”

Len was frowning, looking lost in thought even as he was looking directly at you. “I got a summons, by a man named Rip Hunter. Apparently he’s from 2166, showed me, Mick, and a few others I don’t all recognize a glimpse of Star City in the future if Vandal Savage isn’t stopped.”

You sucked in a sharp breath, recognizing the name immediately. “Savage?”

Len seemed to focus again, crystal blue eyes landing on you. “You know of him?”

“Yeah, but…we killed him.” You frowned in thought, remembering your run in with Savage not that long ago. “At least, we thought. The man is immortal, has been around since the days of the pharaohs. I’m sure he must have a few loop holes.”

Len hummed softly. “You and your brother always say you see the good in me, Y/N, but I’m not a good person. I’m a thief, I’ve killed people. I’m not meant to save the world.”

“Len,” you whispered, reaching up to take his face with both hands, making sure he couldn’t look away, “don’t doubt yourself. The world isn’t so black and white as you seem to believe it is. We live in a world of grays, your shade is just a lot darker than many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change that.” You ran a thumb over his cheekbone.

He closed his eyes at the touch, that frown still tugging at his lips. You moved a hand back to wrap loosely around his neck, fingers massaging the muscles softly. You’d learned early on that Len tensed up to tight holds in typically relaxed situations, remnants of the abuse dealt to him by his father. “What do you think I should do?”

You blinked, a little surprised. Len never asked for advised, not the kind like this. “I think you need to do what you feel is right Len.” You tell him. “I’m not giving you the answer. It’s your life.”

“Yes, but you’ve become a major part of it and I want to hear your opinion.” He said, eyes opening again.

You smiled at him, touched by the statement. “You already know what I think Len, do I really have to say it for you.”

“It would help.” He whispered.

You raised yourself up, touching you lips to his in a soft kiss. “I think you’re a good man and that if you do this, you can do it. Because I believe in you.”

Len hummed again before kissing you. It was heated, intense. A part of it almost felt like a goodbye. As he pressed his weight down on you without crushing you, you wrapped your arms around him, ready to give him one hell of a farewell if he was really off to travel through time to fight against a man like Savage.

So long as he came back to you, you’d support any decision he made.

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Woozi fluff scenario with a noona?!

…weLL this was a wild ride omg I hope you like what I came up with! sorry not sorry about jeonghan

Ever since college had started, it had been kind of a public secret that Lee Jihoon liked you.

And much like that, it was also kind of a public secret that you thought warmly of him, too.

Not that it was a new thing, of course, considering it had been like that in high school already. Yet did either of you ever do anything about that? Not really.

Like most days, you were walking to your lecture when you could hear a familiar voice calling out, “Y/N noona!”

When you turned around, you melted into a smile and felt your heart skip a beat at the sight of Jihoon, wearing an oversized sweater with a pair of jeans that were on the tighter side, his hair cutely messy and specs falling down on his nose.

“Jihoonie, what’s up?” you asked, smiling to yourself when he reached you, panting. His cheeks were a bit flushed, half because you had just used the nickname on him and half because he had ran more than he wanted to admit, just so that he could catch you before your lecture.

“I just, wanted to ask, if you wanted to, have lunch today,” Jihoon asked amidst all the panting. Your smile grew. He asked that almost every day, and your answer would always be positive, yet he never thought of using his phone despite the fact that you two messaged quite frequently. By now you had just figured that he had his reasons, whatever they may be.

“Of course,” you replied and took a quick look at the time. “But now I need to go, I’ll see you at lunch!”

Jihoon smiled widely, flashing his teeth, and waved at you. “See you.”

Even once you had gotten to your lecture, you couldn’t help your thoughts going back to the male, smiling so brightly that his eyes twinkled. You knew he had many more sides to him besides the cuteness, but it was undeniably the side you saw of him the most, whether he showed it on purpose or not. After all, at the end of the day, he was your most precious lowerclassman, which he had been since high school.

You could still remember him on his first day of high school, when you had been helping him and his whole class to orientate to the school. He had looked a bit lost, visibly awkward in the middle of all the people who already knew each other, and when you had talked to him, you had found out that he had just recently moved to the area.

Ever since that first meeting, the two of you had had a bond just a bit deeper than your average freshman and tutor student, and as weeks had passed, you had become friends. Thinking back to high school, you could remember the day you figured you actually liked him, in all his bluntness and sweetness. You wished you could say that it was when he had done something particularly attractive or sweet, but in all honesty, it had been when he had mentioned a girl who had given him chocolate on Valentine’s Day and you had felt your heart drop. It took you little to no time to conclude that it was jealousy; it wasn’t your first time experiencing the emotion, nor was it the last one, really.

You weren’t exactly paying attention to your lecture, but it didn’t matter. Scribbling on your notebook absentmindedly, you smiled to yourself when you remembered the day you found out Jihoon liked you. Up to date, he had never said it out loud (and neither had you), but you’d always remember his face when you turned up to school with your hair cut a bit more than the usual centimeter or two, the style altogether different from your usual one. His eyebrows had risen in surprise, his lips parting and his cheeks reddening visibly, much like his ears that were peeking through his hair.

And then, he had barely been able to say, “Noona, you’re beautiful,” without stuttering, and gotten several meaningful glances from his friends. Particularly Junhui had wiggled his eyebrows, whereas Wonwoo had just smiled at his friend. And as for you… you had fiddled with the hem of your school uniform shirt and brought your hand to your hair as you muttered a “Thank you”.

Junhui had wiggled his eyebrows even more after that, and upon realizing, Jihoon had hit him with his book and groaned, asking him to stop.

Time had passed, and eventually you had entered university and Jihoon had become a high school senior. Your friendship had, much to the luck of you both, extended outside of school for a good while, so you kept in touch like you always did. You had met up regularly, gone to a couple of concerts, seen some movies with a small group of friends and all that, and when Jihoon first tried his hand at composing a song, you had been the first person he played the song to.

The song hadn’t had lyrics at the time, and when you had asked him about them, he had shyly asked if you wanted to lend him a hand: he had ideas down, but choosing which one to go with had proved out to be a lot more difficult than he had thought. Incredibly excited about the song to begin with, you had been more than willing to help him, even if that had resulted as an all-nighter and the two of you falling asleep by his desk (and waking up with blankets over you, placed by his mother who wouldn’t stop gushing over you the next morning, but that was a minor detail).

By the time you were pondering about you and Jihoon in the present, that being early December of your second year of university, you were brought back to reality by everyone packing up and the professor’s clear, “You’re dismissed.”

Frowning, you found your friend, Jeonghan, when you had packed up, and looked at him with the sweetest smile you could muster. “Did you happen to get the notes?”

He squinted his eyes, but remained silent as he opened his bag and dug a notebook out, decorated with a couple of stickers. “Were you daydreaming again?”

“Maybe…” you muttered with a small pout while taking the notebook from Jeonghan, who rolled his eyes.

“You really need to do something about that crush of yours,” he stated what you knew to be the obvious, and you sighed. Once you had gotten the notebook into your bag, you started leaving the lecture room.

“See, that might be true, but I’ve survived three full years without doing anything, so why start now,” you defended yourself, and got a friendly smack on your head from Jeonghan, who not-so-subtly pointed at the boy sitting on one of the tables of the cafeteria, one tray in front of him and one on the seat next to him. From the bag placed on the seat in question, easily identified as his, it was clear that he was keeping the spot for someone, and that someone happened to be you.

“Maybe because he’s head over heels for you, too?” Jeonghan asked, only to let out a loud, bubbly laugh when you nudged him.

“I’ll see you in the next lecture,” you said before leaving, thanking him for the notebook as you walked.

When you reached Jihoon, he smiled and moved his bag off the seat next to him, and you sat down. He hadn’t touched his food yet, and you were happy to see that he had gotten you your favorites, which you thanked him for.

“So, how’s Jeonghan hyung?” he asked, reaching for the milk carton on his tray, and looked at you from the corner of his eye. 

“Oh, the usual. I didn’t really get to catch up with him, but I think he’s still busy planning and organizing his party this weekend,” you said, sighing contently as you started your lunch. Jihoon nodded, still looking at you.

“Are you thinking of going?” he asked, at which you shrugged.

“I’m not sure. He did invite me, but I don’t really have anyone to go with, so…”

Suddenly Jihoon perked up and placed his chopsticks down. “I can go with you.”

“I thought you didn’t like parties?” you asked with a giggle, and Jihoon tried to shrug like it was nothing, but the color of his cheeks betrayed him easily.

“One wouldn’t hurt, right?” You nodded at him, and perhaps it did feel nice to think about going to a party with him, but you weren’t about to tell him that.

Days passed like usual, with you having lunch with Jihoon and getting through lectures and assignments just so that you could reach the long awaited weekend.

Jeonghan’s party was on Friday, and Jihoon had agreed to come pick you up at eight, which he did. He was wearing dark blue jeans, a gray sweater and a thick, black bomber jacket. A knitted scarf was wrapped around his neck, and you felt your heart flutter a little at the scent of cologne that reached your nose when you had walked up to him.

He grinned at you, his eyes scanning over you quickly. Had there been any more light outside, you would’ve noticed the soft hue of pink on his cheeks that wasn’t there just because of the cold weather. “You look great, noona.”

You felt blood rushing to your cheeks, too, and ignored the butterflies in your stomach. “Thanks, but have you seen yourself?”

What you got next was a wide grin and a soft chuckle. “Briefly, yeah.”

Because he had totally not spent a full hour in front of the mirror, fixing his hair and changing his clothes a couple of times and doing a bit of this and that in general, all because he wanted to ensure he looked as good as he possibly could without it seeming too obvious.

You began walking, and it was as soon as a few blocks away that you could feel Jihoon’s hand fishing for yours, and when you turned to look at him, you could see him biting his lip, as though nervous. Smiling to yourself, you took his hand into yours without a word and squeezed it lightly. Jihoon smiled, too, and interlaced your fingers just as silently.

While you led him to Jeonghan’s place, you talked about his newest compositions and your upcoming exams. All talking, however, was interrupted when you stopped by a house and Jihoon’s jaw dropped.

“Holy shit, is that–” Before Jihoon had been able to finish his sentence, you had already moved your eyes to the porch, immediately noticing Jeonghan by the wall, kissing a dark-haired man rather passionately, with one hand on his shoulder and one pulling him down from his collar. The man, who you easily identified as Seungcheol, was holding a cigarette with the fingers of one of his hands, while his other hand was placed on Jeonghan’s hip.

You snorted. “Yup, that’s our Jeonghan, and that’s his boyfriend.”

“But I thought he–”

You tapped Jihoon’s cheek in amusement, shaking your head as you lifted his chin and finally closed his mouth “He swings both ways, honey.”

He hid any sign of being affected by being called honey and merely nodded, also quiet about how the sight he had just witnessed made him feel oddly calm. Not that he had been jealous or anything, of course not.

You walked past the couple - Jeonghan barely raised his hand to a wave when he saw you, but he did wish you welcome with a smirk when Seungcheol leaned down to kiss his neck. Raising your eyebrows meaningfully, you chuckled. “I’m assuming your bedroom should be kept empty?”

Seungcheol snorted and pulled away to wrap his lips around his cigarette, and Jeonghan gave you an approving nod that was accompanied by a thumbs-up. “That would be amazing.”

Once you had gotten inside, with Jihoon even more flustered than earlier, you immediately scanned for the drinks. He took his scarf and jacket off, and you did the same.

“You two are really… open,” he said, chuckling a bit awkwardly, and you nodded, linking your arm with his when you had put your jackets away.

“We’ve known each other since middle school, so,” you explained while pulling Jihoon towards the drinks. He worried his lower lip between his teeth.

“You never talk to me about that kind of stuff.”

You stopped walking and turned to look at him, tilting your head a little. Was he being serious?

“You mean like… that kind of stuff?” you asked, almost wincing when you felt the tips of your ears heating up. Avoiding your gaze, Jihoon nodded, and you let out a chuckle as you patted his arm. “If there was anything to talk about, I probably would.”

At that, he turned his eyes to you. “So there’s nobody you, uh… want?” He winced at the end of his question, immediately grabbing a drink afterwards.

You pursed your lips and took a cup that you soon filled with punch, most of which you downed immediately. If you had gotten a penny every time you had, as Jihoon put it, wanted him, you would have, by now, gotten a significant amount of money.

Mentally blaming the alcohol for making you more daring (which it definitely was not), you looked at Jihoon with a mix of shyness and playfulness, and licked your lips. “Wouldn’t it be a bit awkward to hear that about yourself?”

Jihoon went bright red at your words, and for a couple of seconds he thought about the possibility of you joking, but when you continued looking fully serious, he gave you a slow nod. After a swig of the beer in his hands, he opened his mouth. “Is this when we finally talk about how… how we feel about each other?”

You knew how unlike him it was for Jihoon to talk about his feelings, in more ways than one, so you smiled and shook your head. Bringing one hand to his hair, you ran your fingers through the strands and looked at him softly. “I don’t think we need to. You can just write another song about me where you declare your love without using the word.”

Jihoon laughed loudly at that, and grinned afterwards. “Deal.”

Your heart was fluttering almost uncontrollably, and you were about to get more punch when Jihoon took a gentle hold of your arm.

“But noona?”

Turning your attention back to him, you raised your eyebrows in curiosity. He was grinning, and you could barely breathe when you felt his hand move to your lower back, a bit shaky.

“I do like you,” he said boldly, leaning close enough to kiss you, which took your breath away for good.

You let your eyes flutter shut as you let yourself focus on the softness of his lips against yours; after all those years, you finally got to experience it, after all those days and nights you had spent wondering what it would feel like to kiss Jihoon.

Once you had pulled away, you broke into a bright smile, your cheeks pink. “I know. And I like you, too.”

“I know,” Jihoon grinned and removed his hand from your back, reaching for your hand instead. He looked around. “I think we should let others get something to drink, too.”

You moved away from the drinks, and were soon met with Jeonghan and Seungcheol. The first-mentioned smirked at you. “You finally confessed?”

Unable to hide your happiness, you gave him a nod with the widest smile on your lips.

Jeonghan patted you on your shoulder in a friendly way, and Jihoon smiled at him, too. “I’m happy for you guys.”

Not much later, him and Seungcheol had disappeared somewhere completely else, and you and Jihoon were sitting on the porch.

“Jihoonie,” you said quietly, your head resting against his shoulder comfortably as you played with his fingers. Your heart had quite likely never felt as at peace as it did at that moment, and you knew it was mostly thanks to the boy next to you. He let out a sound indicating that you should continue. “Do you remember when we first met?”

He snorted. “I’d rather not, I looked tragic.” You threw him a glare, and he smiled softly at that. “How could I forget?”

You smiled happily and scooted closer to him. A content sigh left your lips. “That was a great day.”

He leaned his head against yours. “Yeah, that it was.”

Lifting your face, you gave him a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth, right on time for Junhui to stick his head out of the window and holler. “Damn, it took you guys forever!”

Luckily for him, he managed to shut the window again before the can Jihoon threw at him was met with his face.

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