dark god heart

May I

Dear God whenever there is darkness
may I be only a guiding light to shine
a song of empathy waiting to be sung
a tender truth both subtle and sublime

Finding a lost soul in need of kindness
may I deliver words too rarely spoken
be a healing balm for tear filled eyes
a new heart wherever one is broken

When a weary soldier is far from home
may I say to him You hear his prayers
be a reminder he never walks alone
and even if he’s afraid someone cares

Should I happen upon a child weeping
may I promise their joy will be returned
and to the far too many wandering lost
be a bridge they feared long ago burned 

okay. okay i can’t just start this and not talk about my expectations from tv!lyra
i usually try not to have expectations of any kind (see my approach to doctor who) but it’s impossible when it comes to my all time favorite female character
so, @bbc - 

  • give me a lyra who’s wild
  • give me a lyra who’s got torn, worn hand me down clothes and dirty knees and bruises and scratches all over
  • give me a lyra with twigs in her hair and stars in her eyes
  • give me a rude lyra, a lyra who yells, a lyra who doesn’t (and frankly, can’t) hide her emotions
  • give me a leader lyra, give me a decisive and arrogant lyra
  • give me a lyra who lies without hesitation, who lies like she’s been doing it all her life because she has, give me a deceiving and cunning 11 year old child
  • give me a lyra who’s still CHILDISH as hell, who looks up to the adults she admires like they’re magic, who bluntly acts like she can blend into societies she admires with varying degrees of success (mrs. coulter’s lifestyle, the gyptians, bolvanger - depends on how hard she’s trying to lie and whether she’s just trying to have fun or actually lying for her life)
  • give me lyra’s and pan relationship - something deeper than anything else
  • yet give me a lyra who seems so different from her daemon - from responsible, planner, voice of reason pan who always has to look out for her
  • YET give me lyra and pan who are children and play together and laugh together and act as the one whole being that they are
  • give me the lyra who drove jordan scholars mad
  • give me lyra who lad gangs of street urchins into wars
  • give me lyra who earned the respect and admiration of iorek byrnison, lee scoresby and serafina pekkala (two of which are monarchs)
  • give me lyra goddamn silvertongue

Maxon Calix Schreave // The Selection // the dark parts of his story

Before I knew it, he had whipped the belt off the counter, and i couldn’t hear what he was saying anymore, my ears were so full of ringing. I did see his mouth pulled back in an ugly shout, and his eyes wide, veins bulging. It cut, it stung, it bled, it was gone. God, make it stop. make it stop.

You guys don’t understand how much this got me, my heart literally jumped over the moon, I am SO happy!
So many good things have happened this year. I’m speechless aside all of the screaming. I CANNOT wait for this film, I absolutely CANNOT wait.

Letter from God to man pt. 2

Inspired and written over the same beat as Scroobius Pip’s ‘Letter from God to man’

Hey there, it’s me again
I came here to apologise for getting mad
There’s just an aspect of this situation
That makes me really sad
I know I should shoulder some of the burden
But the blame is shared still
See the fact of the matter is
I gave you all free will

Talks of my intervention
Have been greatly exaggerated
Then turned around upon me
As a way I can be berated
So I reiterate again
that whilst the blame is joint
My fault is that I gave you free will
See that’s my point

The words put in my mouth
By priests long since dead
Now sit inside your holy books
Beside your bed
Whilst I offered no advice
Of one point I’m adamant
Morality should be underlying
Shouldn’t have to be heaven-sent

Though shalt not kill
I would have thought that was a given
The fact it had to be taught through fear
Should make you question how you’re livin’
The words within your book
Were created by man
The interpretations worse
By those who didn’t understand

See I set you on this earth
Created you in my likeness
Gave you the power of choice
And the chance to impress
But after what I’ve seen
I am far from satisfaction
It leaves me cold inside
Having to regret my action

The decision to bestow free will
Almost ruined heaven you know
Set the angels apart
Lucifer down below
But I stuck to my plan
The concept was bold
To leave you alone
Watch your lives unfold

My name has been used
As the cause of much sorrow and pain
And my initial reaction to stop it all
Became harder to restrain
In my last letter
I apologised to mother nature
And for the last time
Homosexuals I STILL don’t hate ya

That was another myth
Perpetuated by man
Who created fear around things
They couldn’t explain or understand
I’m proud of you in honesty
For daring to use your voices
That’s the point of free will
To make the difficult choices

When I first created all this
I assumed you’d all be strong
Of moral fibre, righteous
Could I have been more wrong?
Your holy books were created
To control, but heed my diction
The interpetation of them
Became a work of dark fiction

The things I’ve had to witness
Committed in my name
Meant that even if I wanted to speak to ya
I’d never look at you the same

I’ve seen journalists beheaded
In the name of the Lord
Whole villages razed
And put to the sword
I’ve seen bombs dropped
On civilian targets
I’ll mention nagasaki and hiroshima
In case anyone forgets
I’ve seen men assault women
And walk free of blame
Whilst some poor girls life
Is never the same
I’ve seen soldiers force women
Into gang rape
A sickening act
Then circulate the tape
I’ve seen churches cover up
Suspected child abuse
Leave pedophile priests
Still on the loose
I’ve seen thousands die
In wars “justified” by me
And history repeats
You all just don’t see

I’ve seen middle classed men
Hurl abuse at Muslim children
For reasons I don’t get
I guess it must thrill them
I’ve seen bomb attacks often
By people of every religion
For the families of those killed
My heart is with them
I’ve seen the rise of hatred
Worldwide today
So I had to say all this
Before I went away

I’ve always left you to it
To make your own path
And now I’m stood here staring
At the aftermath
See once I realised that for all this
You’d appropriate me the blame
I don’t feel that I can do this
Things will never be the same
I’ve got to go away now
It’s over, we’re through
And I apologise to humanity
Because I created you.

@motherdcarest cont. from here

           Everything was taking a rather TERRIBLE amount of time, and Orion felt like he had never in his life been as impatient as he was in this moment. He was looking from her eyes to her lips to her hands to her lips and to her eyes again, as if he couldn’t quite take his gaze off of her, but also wasn’t set on what part of her exactly he should look at. She was very marvelous, every inch of her—–stolen his breath right from his lips when she’d entered the room. His back was stiff from the abnormal amount of time he’d been standing upright, patiently waiting for this whole pretentious show to be over, so he could take her in his arms and tell that was where her home was, from this day onward.

          It was quite final. Orion couldn’t lie, and say he hadn’t thought of that. But, in a way, wasn’t it the start of something, too? ❝ I wouldn’t say I really mind that, ❞ he replied in a hushed voice, trying a smile. He wanted to reach for her hands, give them a reassuring squeeze, but he was supposed to wait to touch her until the vows, and so his hands stayed put, hanging uselessly along his sides. ❝ I’m rather curious about what comes next. ❞ There was something boyish about the grin on his face, now.


“Bellamy looks out for everyone but who looks out for Bellamy?”
Clarke does.