dark garden unique corsetry

(source: FAMSF on Flickr)

The back of an awesome Dollymop ensemble by Kalico Delafey. I looove the way the jacket lines follow the curves of the corset and really emphasize the points. They hug the body so well and still show off the corset. Not pictured is the front, which fastens with four rows of Petersham ribbons tied in bows, but is still mostly open to show the body of the corset.

I can’t wait to get a cute little black and purple jacket like this to go with my corset and an asymmetric skirt to match!

I got my first Dollymop corset yesterday! It was made specially for me by Kalico Delafey is association with Dark Garden Corsetry. I’m hoping to build a full outfit off of this eventually, with a skirt, cropped jacket and hat. I also plan on getting a few more Dollymops over the next several years. I love them so much! Oh yeah, the colors make it hard to see. It’s black on black striped wool fabric, chevroned at center front and back, with purple satin piping, lacing, and pleated bust ruffle. The purples are a tad brighter than the picture.