dark galadriel


L O O K     T O     Y O U R     K I N G D O M S ; a mix for the world in which galadriel takes the ring.

what frodo did not realise is that the lady of lothlórien is no less lovely than she is powerful. what frodo did not realise is that she is the dawn and the dark and the ruler of arda, storming mordor in bare feet, singing to the wolves who lay at her heels. she is beauty. she is terror. she is a thing that creates corpses. LISTEN.

galadriel takes the ring.

middle earth quakes & quakes & splinters, & fragments back into place. but it is never the same. thranduil bends but does not break. the dwarves shut themselves in their mountains but she does not siege them, merely sends ambassadors to parley. it is the men who resist, because men are foolish and weak. aragorn leads a counter-movement, of course he does– she hangs his men from the gates & brings the uncrowned king to her granddaughter. she grants the haradrim the lands stolen from them and burns rohan to the ground. gondor resists, and she herself storms its gates and unseats denethor from his mad throne. 

mordor is eclipse, perpetual dusk when gandalf crosses it, hoping to succeed where celeborn has failed. and it is not barren in the way before less red, more grey, full of dark flowers & nightshade. 

he finds her on her throne, dark-eyed, wargs resting at her feet.

olórin, she says, and her voice is a song, a nocturne, a thousand starlings lifting into flight and then plunging. she smiles and it is all teeth. i’ve been expecting you.

artanis, he answers, but she is something else. something darker, sharp as the stars.

go to the valar, she says, tell them i am coming. tell them i will have my revenge. tell them they will be unseated. 

or what? he demands, and she shows him the shire, shows him one thing he has loved so much in middle earth.

and he goes. oh, he goes.


Kir, Lord of Trinkets, Archfey patron of brandi’s new character 

very flamboyant, knits, has pointy teeth, 420 blaze it, collects everything imaginable, pretty much just demands his warlocks that they bring him baubles, knick knacks, and other random shit for funsies

goes from 0 to galadriel-dark-queen-speech really quick

his mantle/cloak has the ability to transform into actual butterfly wings


Celembrimbor and Annatar

Well, I have a red-haired version of Annatar. say that this appearance blonde is the illusion that it offers puppets he manipulates, for we do not see him as a blacksmith and an jeweler “innocent and passionate” .

Young Galadriel

I’m not a fan of Galadriel. But I saw an illustrator had done a version of her mixed race. I thought it was great that I wanted to give him/her a little wink.

lotr fancast → Gong Li | Galadriel

You will give me the Ring freely! In place of the Dark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!



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I saw this post while perusing my dash and I became so enraptured with the thought of Lucy Liu as Galadriel I just had to draw it out before the mental image disappeared. Dress is based off of this and this, images compiled in inspiration of Galadriel by @lotrfashion, who themselves have very, very, very amazing Asian lotr fancasts which I would highly recommend looking at. Note: I debated whether or not I should give her Lucy’s darker hair color (because I absolutely adore her hair), but decided to take a chance and keep Galadriel’s canon hair color, as it is important to many plot and character points (including her name).

I really enjoyed this, and may do more in the future :D

Aaaand, another prompt from acornshields: Dark Galadriel AU

The fourth age dawns, splendid and prosperous. No being on Arda shall lack for anything, or so She has ordained. She who will weave the fates of all.

It is an age of dance and light and merriment, and no one will want for a distraction. The cities of men gleam in the light, the merchants sing on the road and the farmers in the fields. They all toil enemy and not even in the corners of Mordor shadow has endured.

Celebration follows upon celebration; the exodus of the elves has ended. They walk the earth now, proud and strong, revered and untouchable. What they desire, they will be freely given, and all vie for the attention of the greatest of their kind.

Lord Elrond himself has freely given her his ring, and so has Lord Celegorm. Even the forests have bowed to her will, and live springs where she wishes. Morgoth’s creations have faded, and Sauron himself has been changed. While once a creature of darkness, the Lord or Mordor now burns brightly at the ladies feet, slave to her will.

As is all.

And it is wonderful.

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