dark falls

A Man Of No Consequence

FFXV ArdynxReader (mature)fic

CH1: Into The Lion’s Mouth

CH2: Famous Seafood

CH3: The Covenant

- - -

Chapter 4: Blind spot

The night brings you little relief as you struggle to catch sleep. The bed is too hot, your ears are buzzing, and every time you seem to be drifting off, your mind won’t let go and you wake up alarmed, clenching your fists, gasping for air. The dreams that come in between are dark and frightening. You find yourself in the middle of the cheering crowd again, running towards the parade, but when you look up, all you see is darkness. You fall into it, trying to swim for safety. A strange voice you don’t recognise is whispering in your ear, mocking you. You won’t make it. You’re too weak. You’re not the one.

A loud bang on the door pulls you out of your dream. It’s morning, although you feel like you’ve barely had a glimpse of rest.

“Miss! Wakey wakey, miss!” the voice banging on the door calls.

You drag yourself out of bed, and look out of the peephole on the wooden frame.

“Who are you?” you ask through the door.

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