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Of names, fairies and not so fair things

Anonymous said:What about some prompts on a human that is entirely too clever and a fairy who has made it their mission to somehow trip them up, get them to agree to a deal, promise things, etc?

Anonymous said:How about a little switcheroo? Human uses fairy’s true name against them!

Anonymous said:Oh jeepers, more fairies using humans name against them please! Or just dark fairies in general, they’re my fav!

baconator153 said:Hey could I have some prompts for someone who is taken as a sort of pet/prized possession by the fae and slowly finds themselves accepting and submitting gleefully to their new life?

1) It wasn’t an obsession. Being intent upon one human for a lifetime meant nothing, a human lifetime was a blip compared to the lifespan of their kind. It wasn’t an obsession. It was entertainment. Just a game. They tried absolutely everything - promises of power and wealth, clever disguises as pretty things, promises of love, temptations and trickeries and nothing. For forty years, there was nothing. They knew their name, of course, having heard it in passing, but that wasn’t the same as being told a name or offered it by the named. They’d even tried seeing if the human was of some secret fey lineage (no, they weren’t) because surely no human could hold such cleverness. And then…and then the human began to forget things. They watched. They saw. They forgotten keys and dates and little things, going a bit muddled around the edges. It should have delighted them, really. At first it did.It was easy to take advantage of. But suddenly it didn’t seem like a fun game anymore. They caught the (their) human’s arm as they stumbled, observing them carefully. 
“[Name]. My name is [name].”
It chilled the fairy to finally hear it offered so freely, and the human just appeared so tired. Their grip tightened  a little. The human fished in their pockets, drawing out a crumpled piece of paper and offering it over. 
“Alzheimer’s,” the human said. “Got the results this morning.”

2) The human smiled and moved closer. Pressed their lips to the fairy’s ear and then murmured -
It felt like a millennia since they’d last heard their own name, spoken and never by a human. To speak another’s name, among fairies, was a most intimate act when to possess another’s name was to have such power over them. The fairy’s head went crystal blank. They stared at the human, this stranger, unable to mask their shock. “Your sovereign took someone very dear to me, [name].” It was overwhelming to hear it twice in a row and the fairy squeezed their eyes shut. “So I thought maybe I’d take someone very dear to them. Took a bit of digging, but I got there. Aren’t you going to tell me how clever I am, [name]?”

3) “One day,” the fairy bit out through their teeth. “You’re going to forget to use my name when you tell me not to hurt you.” A name, after all, wasn’t an order forever. It could shape and twist and define - to be named after truth, or love or loyalty. But it wasn’t forever. There were no commands for forever.
The human raised their brows. “When that day comes,” they promised. “You’re not going to even want to hurt me anymore.”

4) The human shivered as they heard their name float across the room. Quiet, and yet as striking and accurate as an arrow when it came from those lips. No need for raised voices, merely a murmur of their name. A reminder. The fairy crooked their finger to summon the human to their side, away from humans and human things. An arm wrapped around their waist. “Having fun?” the fairy murmured. “Missing home?”
“You are my home now.” 
They knew they’d said the right thing, passed the test, at the amused flicker of a smile that crossed the fairy’s lips. Yet. “Why don’t you introduce me to your old friends, love?” Endearments. The human used to loathe them, but now when they knew the power their name could wield it seemed a kindness. 

5) “You can’t control me, I haven’t given you my name,” the human dared. Eyes ablaze with wildness, as fierce as a jungle cat. 
The fey grinned sharp-toothed. “I know other names still that might sway your heart. What about this one?” They leaned in close, like imparting a secret, a kiss, and whispered their lover’s name. 
The human closed their eyes. “What have you done to them?”
“Ah see, the name is swaying you already! Such a sweet name, too. Fragile. I like this game.”

6) It was difficult, at first. Everything was so different. It became easy, freeing. There was nothing to worry about anymore, all pain soothed away as swiftly as it was dealt. They’d never done anything wild in their life but the fae were nothing but wild. It was easy to get swept away in the circus, in the colour and the hedonism and the magic. And in you. Everything I was was yours to be worried about, to take care of, to mould as you pleased. I couldn’t do wrong because it wasn’t my responsibility to think of such things for myself. For the first time in my life, I got to be perfect because any of my flaws were only yours and nothing to do with me. I liked it when they looked at me and declared me perfect, or lovely, or such fun. I never got to be those things before you.

7) “You seem calmer now,” the fairy noted. They cupped some water from the brook in their hands, offering it up to the human. It was a familiar ritual by now. To consume anything in this world had a dreamy affect, and, distantly, they were aware it was an intoxicating, drugging, tranquilizing one too. They drank. Because it was true - they were calmer now. The fairy considered them, shifting one hand to pet their hair once they’d drank their fill. “Are you happy here?”
The human nodded, smiling brightly. 
The fairy hummed, and their grip turned tight. “How boring.” 

A Reminder of Everything to Come in Lord of Shadows (5/23) : Courtesy of Shadowhunters Wikia

• As with Lady Midnight and its eponymous character, there is also a character called Lord of Shadows.
• The characters will visit London, specifically the institute. The ley lines and sacred sites of England may be discussed.
• There will be “tons of Centurions”.
• The Shadowhunters will hunt down a squid demon—a Teuthida—that has been snatching and terrorizing people going to the carnival at the pier.
• Emma is fake-dating Mark, and Cristina is aware of their deal.
• The installment will pick up where the last ended.
• A faerie arrives to tell Mark that Kieran will be executed for killing another faerie, forcing the Shadowhunters to journey to Faerie to save him.
• The rise of a company called the Cohort, a part—the worst part—of the Clave which believes that Downworlder rights should be restricted and that there should be a registry of werewolves and warlocks will be dealt with.
• They start coming down hard on the main characters, specifically Mark and their relationships with Downworlders.
• The previously-teased trans character, one that has been introduced before, will be featured.
• Ty will learn more about his nature—the fact that he is neuroatypical—and may start to explore romance.
• Jem and Tessa may or may not appear in this installment, and even if they do, they will mostly be background characters.
• Dru will make an important discovery.
• Cornwall will be visited.
• There will be some focus on Kit and Ty, Julian and Emma, Cristina and Mark, and Mark and Kieran. Cristina may “sort of” choose between Diego and Mark, while Mark will also have to make a choice.
• Cristina will have a romantic dance with an unexpected guy, and she will also dance with Mark.
• There will also be more Cristina, Dru, and Diana Wrayburn, who will have her a portion of the book told in her POV.
• Kieran and Kit will interact a bit.
• Livvy will be protective of Kit.
• A big, new aspect to the parabatai bond will be revealed.
• Jules and Emma’s parabatai bond, or the powers Jules may get from their love, may be affected when he finds out about Emma and Mark.
• Helen and Aline will make appearances. The Blackthorns’ goal of getting them out of exile will also be discussed.
• A part of the book will take place in Faerie where Kieran’s siblings will appear.
• Magnus, Clary, Jace, Alec, and Robert will make appearances.
• Magnus and Alec will be featured prominently in this installment.
• Jace and Clary will arrive at the Los Angeles Institute with a message from the Consul and will hold a meeting, for which they will request the presence of Emma and Jules.
• The reason for Clary turning down Jace’s marriage proposal will be revealed.
• Clary and Jace will eat Chinese food from Jade Wolf.
• Jessamine Lovelace will most like appear, and it is possible that Kit Herondale will see her.
• The last word will be “hour”, and the first is “Kit”.
• Mark and Helen’s faerie names will be revealed.
• Jaime Rosales will be introduced.
• The twist at the end of the book will be “brutal”, and Cassie has described the end with the word “blood”.
• Four characters who are relatively familiar to the readers will die.
• Rafael and Max will play and become friends with Tavvy in this installment.
• We will either once again see the Seelie Queen or just learn more about her in this installment.
• Marisol and Jon will be mentioned in this installment.
• Diana Wrayburn’s past will be explored.
• The terms Blackthorn Hall, Thule, The Eldest Heir, and The Riders of Mannanan will be featured in this installment.
• Gwyn ap Nudd will have a “surprisingly big role to play”.
•The book is longer than Lady Midnight, with around 700 pages.
• The book will have a special edition.

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Dark fairy prompts???

“If you love, just me go. Please.”

“You are light,” the fairy crooned, “in a world long since gone dark. Warmth in coldness.” They caressed their prize - humanity as delicate as a candle easily pinched and snuffed out. “How could I not keep you?” And, if light and warmth came to the Winter Court to wither and die, then flowers had short shelf lives and more could always be found to brighten the fairy’s home for a while. 

oops, my hand slipped ;)) @franfan321 might have requested Kieran and I might have been unable to resist drawing this pretty fae,, and he was so fun to draw????