dark fae

Maybe They Weren’t So Different

Summary: For centuries, Light and Dark Fae have been divided. But in a pub in the middle of the woods, two lonely souls venture to look past their differences. (Gajevy Week 2016: bonus prompt “differences”)

Rating: Teen & Up (T )

Pairing: Gajevy (Gajeel and Levy)

Word Count: 2152

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the characters. They belong to Hiro Mashima. Although I do not own the characters, I do, however, own this storyline. Please do not repost without giving credit.

Note: I know this is late and shit, but I just got this idea and decided to do this. This is my first Love Fest/Week, so I hope you enjoy!

The Fae(rie) world was greatly split into two. The north, where it was always cloudy and cold, the bright sun hidden behind the cloak of darkness that we humans call clouds, was home to the Dark Fae, Fae who use their own powers only for their own satisfaction and the satisfaction of their Clan. When the Dark Fae fed off of humans, they didn’t care if the human would die from their cause, as long as they were satisfied by the end of it. The south, where the sun and moon lived in the sky, shining brightly upon the kind souls, was home to the Light Fae, who use their power for the good of the human world, and all it’s inhabitants. Unlike Dark Fae, when they feed, they feed only in small portions, making their way through the human world, not killing a single soul.

After the Great Fae War, the Clans were severely divided, and even more rules were pushed against them. Number one being that they cannot interact with each other, much less be in a relationship. However, there was one piece of land that the Elders had excused from this law. One of the Elders, a tiny old man who goes by the name of Makarov (Light Fae; Leshy), used some of his own trees to build a little pub where both Light and Dark Fae can talk together without fear of breaking the law. This pub, called Faery Tail, is where our graceful story takes place.

Like all nights, the pub was filled to the brim with an equal amount of Dark and Light Fae. Though the two sides stayed on their turfs. The Dark Fae wore black clothes and skin tight skin, their eyes gleaming with mischief and evil, their smiles a pleasant disaster. If they weren’t drunk, then they were drunk and grinding on everyone, most of them looking for a soul mate for the night. The Light Fae were a huge contrast, with their more bright and pastel colors on their slightly loose clothing. Their eyes with promises of love and home, while their smiles were kind enough to make even the most guarded person share their deepest secrets. Most of them were standing around talking about everything with their untouched drink in their hands, and some dared to even go out and dance. The two sides had about two feet left in between them, so there was a huge gap of unfilled seats standing directly in the middle of the pub - despite this being the only place where they could cross the boundary they built for themselves and find fun with their opposites.

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