dark eyes ii

  • The Doctor: It's like mesmeric control, but something more...How did you do it?
  • The Master: My magnatic personality. It's remarkable how easily persuaded one can be, when one's alternative future is being dead.
  • The Doctor: Sally Armstrong died in the reality before the time shift. She was murdered by the Daleks.
  • The Master: And she was supposed to die in this reality too. I heroically leapt in front of the speeding taxi to rescue her. She's been besotted ever since; so smitten she invited me into the Ides Institute, allowed me to take it over. She is quite, ah, quite brilliant. In fact I'm almost convinced she could fly this TARDIS without me.
  • The Doctor: You've stolen her life
  • The Master: I saved her life.
  • The Doctor: For you to exploit.
  • The Master: It belongs to me.

some days ago i wrote about having that weird dream about Narvin placing a decomposing version of the Master into the dungeons and keeping it very hush-hush. and can you believe this - the day before yesterday my friend (@svenskakex) told me that she had the very same dream, only it had a continuation - after scene with Narvin and Crispy, there was a scene with Macqueen!Master, who was soldering some wires. i thought it was weird, until today, after thinking about Dark Eyes 2 it suddenly struck me - it was actually a prequel to DE2!

Look, it’s all very obvious:

Narvin, being upset about his intereference with the Daleks affair, is trying to find the way to stop them. He finds out about the eminence and decides that it is worth a shot. However, he doesn’t want His Lady to find out what he has done and what he is trying to investigate. So he thinks of a person, who could conduct the investigation, without being checked by the authorities - a renegade Time Lord.
Narvin seeks the Master - he is in terrible state (Beevers!Master after Mastermind). The Coordinator offers him a deal - the Master would work for him and in return will be provided with the new set of regenerations. The Master agrees and Narvin conceals him in the secret dungeons and prepares him for acquiring the new regeneration cycle. Narvin tries to keep the Master’s presence secret, but someone sees and recognises him. Narvin has to create a distraction - he starts to investigate the Master’s made-up evil plan. During this time the Master gets his regenerations and becomes Macqueen!Master.
The rest we know.