dark eyes ii


“I promise you, nothing will come between us.”

Everlasting Dragon Ecstatic to Receive Recognition for His amazing Covenant.

The Everlasting Dragon has won yet again the Best Covenant Award for Lordran. He was overcome with emotion as he gave himself the trophy. 

“The panel of judges did an amazing job yet again!” said the Everlasting Dragon.

The judges panel consisted of the Everlasting Dragon, a dead clam with a smiley face sharpie’d on, and a sock puppet on the dragon’s right hand.

The Everlasting Dragon accepted the trophy in front of a roaring crowd consisting of sand, some decapitated Hydra heads, and a confused Undead who accidentally wandered into Ash Lake.

The Dragon thanked all the inanimate objects around him for the magnificent reward and soon was left alone talking to his sock puppet.

  • The Doctor: It's like mesmeric control, but something more...How did you do it?
  • The Master: My magnatic personality. It's remarkable how easily persuaded one can be, when one's alternative future is being dead.
  • The Doctor: Sally Armstrong died in the reality before the time shift. She was murdered by the Daleks.
  • The Master: And she was supposed to die in this reality too. I heroically leapt in front of the speeding taxi to rescue her. She's been besotted ever since; so smitten she invited me into the Ides Institute, allowed me to take it over. She is quite, ah, quite brilliant. In fact I'm almost convinced she could fly this TARDIS without me.
  • The Doctor: You've stolen her life
  • The Master: I saved her life.
  • The Doctor: For you to exploit.
  • The Master: It belongs to me.