dark eyes 2 spoilers

  • Doctor: I will not be part of an insane war across the time lines.
  • Master: You think you're not already?
  • Doctor: I won't do it!
  • Master: Oh, Doctor, Doctor! Denial's not just a river in Egypt, is it? What have you been doing since you stole that antique TARDIS of yours, since you first landed on Skaro—
  • Doctor: It wasn't planned! None of it was planned!
  • Master: —shouting "Look at me! I'm not fighting a war!" while you battle the Daleks all the way through space and time? The Doctor doth protest too much, methinks.
  • Doctor: I never asked to be part of it. They are the ones who attack, invade, destroy. What else can I do but stop them?
  • Master: Is that your excuse? "They started it"? No... you can't help yourself. "Not fighting a war," don't make me laugh. Doctor, you're a one-man army.