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Tribute drawing for the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. This drawing was made by “Ag+@デザフェスG-388”.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have theories concerning the future loz game on the Wii U ?

I have many actually !

So, let’s see…

1) Well, the first theory that came to my mind (as for many other loz fans) was that Link could be a Gerudo thanks to the patterns on his gauntlets and also on the hmm… towel ? that he carries on Epona’s back

Also, the patterns on his cloak reminded me of WW Ganondorf’s kimono

Plus, Epona has a dark mane. Epona always had a white mane and I saw on one post that there are horses living in the desert that have black mane and white hooves

I know it doesn’t give any clue about the place of the game in the timeline but it would be SO GREAT.

2) Next, my second theory was that it could happen before Wind Waker, right before Hyrule sinks underwater. The world looks like the Hyrule you see when passing the portal front of the Tower of Gods. It is very vast and it looks empty at the first glance

and we saw some ruins during the trailer that reminded me of the ones you can see when you’re heading to Ganon’s tower

Plus we can spot a volcano in the background that can remind us the Fire Mountain of WW

And most importantly : the lookouts we see on the screenshot and the one we saw during the newest footage. These are similar to those you see while sailing the Great Sea or Aryll’s lookout

If the game takes place before WW, then Link will probably lose against the main vilain. As WW’s legend told us, the people of Hyrule prayed for the return of the Hero of Time and he never came back, then the world was doomed until Toon Link appeared. It could explain why Ponytail Link doesn’t have the green tunic, because he wasn’t a “real hero” who would be remembered. And that’s sad and we would cry a lot. But hey. We all know that’s why Zelda games are made for !

3) NEXT. I obviously thought about a “previous Skyward Sword” game. Link has the sailcloath and SS Zelda tells you that the Goddess gave the same one to her hero.

Plus, we hear about the war that had opposed the Goddess and the dark forces in the opening. So obviously there is a story to be told before Skyward Sword. (Quick reminder that the manga with the First Hero isn’t canon so Ponytail Link being the first hero is perfectly conceivable). Then the world looks like Lanayru in the past and we get to see a monster that is similar to the ones you meet in the Lanayru’s Mining Facility (aka : Armos and Beamos) And also, these lasers things remind us of the ones in Lanayru as well.

And the fact that Ponytail Link doesn’t have a green tunic could be explain too, since the first green tunic wasn’t “hero clothes” but only a knight outfit that Link won in SS.

I think this is the most plausible theory but I would be kinda sad if it appears to be true because Skyward Sword was the last BIG Zelda game released and its entire promotion was built around the fact that it was the first in the timeline. Of course, I know a loz game about the war of the Goddess is needed but maybe we could have waited a little bit… ? Just saying. I know it would be awesome anyway. Oh but if this theory is true, we won’t see Zoras, Gerudos or Kokiris and THIS IS THE SADDEST POINT. (please I don’t want to see parellas again…)

(oh and by the way, Link’s shield looks like Skyloft’s shield)

4) And finally, my final theory is that Zelda U could take place right after Skyward Sword hence just before Minish Cap. Hyrule slowly starts its creation and it could explain that many parts of the world are still empty. Link’s sailcloath could have been given to him by his ancestors (maybe SS Link and Zelda themselves ? Are they Ponytail Link’s parents ? Will we get to see them older ? But why would Sky name his son after him ? Mystery…. (~°D°)~ )

Also we can notice some grass on the robot-monster. Skyward Sword’s Beamos and Armos don’t have grass on them

It could mean that this enemy has been off for a long time, hence this grass started to grow on it. Maybe it was one of the monsters you see in Lanayru in the present. Maybe it has finally awaken after all those years.

Finally, in the Minish Cap’s intro, you see a hero that we’ve never seen in any Zelda game yet. He has middle-long hair. Not too long, not too short, just long enough to tie a tiny ponytail.

Pheww that was exhausting x)

That’s all I got for the moment ! Thanks for asking and stay tuned ! ;)