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Dark Elf Kin Self Care

🌾 Lavender Facial Cleansing Grains - $10

🌾 Lavender + Chamomile Tea - $8.50

🌾 Rosewater Shortbread Cookies - $11.50

🌾 Dark Magic Bath Bomb - $5

🌾 Pine Tree Bubble Bath Bar - $5.50

🌾 English Rose Tea - $8

🌾 Rose Luxury Bubble Bath - $7.31

🌾 Eucalyptus Bath Bomb - $4+

🌾 Forest Glen Soap - $4.88+

🌾 Eucalyptus + Lavender Soy Candle - $15+

tђє ςlєคгєรt ฬคץ 

          เภt๏ tђє ยภเvєгรє 

                     เร tђг๏ยɠђ ค Ŧ๏гєรt ฬเl๔єгภєรร.


Elf Fashion (requested by myself!) 

Elf Cuffs: $11.99 Oh, these are so cute and so perfect for anybody kin with a kintype with pointed ears. They also have one with angel wings. 

Amethyst Head Piece: $14.99 + $2.61 shipping. Oooh, that’s beautiful!

Purple Evening Scarf: $12.49 I love this one so much. It has glitter! 

Purple Lipstick: $18.00 It’s so pretty and it’s cruelty free! 

Nail Polish: $9.00 What a pretty color! 

Purple Scarf: $9.99 It’s so lacy and nice. I think it’s perfect for my elf. 


So for 200 followers (which is coming up), I’m going to answer questions not about myself and my current life, but about my kintypes and memories. Send in questions for these kintypes right here. I ask that you ask them as if you are asking my kintype directly. Questions can range anywhere from “What’s your worst memory?” to “What’s your favorite food?” I’ll try to answer any and all questions and add a few of my own. 

Kinfirmed Kintypes: 

Mermaid (Trissa, female, Hawaiian)

Wolf (unknown much about them besides that they are playful and light hearted) 

Matt Murdock/Daredevil 

Alan G. Humphries from The Most Beautiful Death In The World 

Dark Elf (Meadowlark, male, tribal)

Bakeneko (cat yokai) (Momo, male, from the red light district of Tokyo) 

Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji 

Dark Elf Memories

So I got a request to talk about some of my memories as a dark elf! This is not for the 200 followers thing, by the way, this is just for now. I will write it in first person, as my dark elf. Here we go: 

I am Meadowlark. I am male, born male, who loves males. I have dark purple skin and long black hair. I have a large Roman nose and I am quite muscular. I was the hunter of my tribe, after all. 

I was born to a dark elf tribe, the chief’s son. I was trained to hunt and to take care of a tribe for when my father would die. I learned a lot from several different aspects of the tribe. About herbs and medicine, hunting, religion, and so much more. I was a highly intellectual elf. 

When I was a young man I found a human walking in the forest. He was dark skinned, so dark skinned that when the moonlight hit him, he was nearly a purple as well. Thinking he was from my tribe, I asked him if he was lost. He said, yes, he was. As I walked closer I realized he wasn’t purple-skinned, but a dark brown. He has curly black hair, short, and dark wood-colored eyes. He was beautiful. That was the first time in my life I ever felt attraction toward a person. He told me his name was William Smith. We talked a lot that night, in the woods. I couldn’t get over how beautiful he was, how rich and soft his voice was, how his stubble was curly! I had never seen curly stubble before. 

We met again the next night, then the next, and so on. My tribe began to wonder. I knew they would never accept if they knew I was with a human, let alone a man! But he was so beautiful. One night, one beautiful moonlit night we made love in the grass, I being dominant. He was so passionate. I couldn’t get over how he whispered in my ear and gently clawed at my shirtless back and told me how amazing and beautiful and handsome I was. He made me feel so good in so many ways. That was the first and only person I’ve ever made love with. 

Two moons later, we were kissing in the forest, close to making love once more. I suppose my father and the rest of the tribe had gotten ill of my constant leaving every night and they found me and William. They attacked us. I don’t remember much but I remember my father shouting that he disowned me, then pinning me down to take his knife and slowly saw off my left (my dominant) arm from the shoulder down. He claimed he didn’t want me doing anything with my hands to that man every again. They wouldn’t killed William if it wasn’t for me. I hardly remember this part but I managed to stab one of my tribe members, dear god and ran away with him. I still don’t regret it, although part of me feels guilty. 

I don’t know what they did with my arm. I knew that if we were there any longer we would both be castrated and William would have been killed. We ran. We ran so far and so fast, barefoot in the dewy grass, through the mud. Eventually, we lost them. It was only for my elven healing traits that barely kept me alive, or else I would’ve bled out. Once we found a large cave, William, shaking and crying, cleaned the shimmery black blood off my side and wrapped me up with some healing herbs I had with me. We held each other for so long, it felt like days. Eventually, we made our home in that cave. 

Three years later, William died due to the cold winter. And I was left alone. I tried to do it, you know. I tried to live on my own. I knew I could never go back to my tribe. But I couldn’t do it. I left myself out in the cold the next winter.