dark elf dunmer

A little chibi animation, inspired by @wolfqueenawoken ‘s fan fic The Wolf Queen Awakens, where instead of a random prisoner from Helgen, the Dragonborn powers are revealed in none other than Queen Elisif herself. With the power of the Voice at her side, Elisif gathers a motley gang of friends and sets out to save her homeland, avenge her husband, and become the High Queen. It’s a really great read, with lots of plot twists, character development, and fun moments like the one that inspired this GIF (the poor freezing Dunmer in the background is Erandur, who accompanied Elisif to meet Paarthurnax).

I’ve been in a Skyrimmy mood lately after I started listening to music playlists from Elder Scrolls, and also messing with different ways of coloring.   I’ve been doing a lot of drawing lately with this coloring style, it’s a fast, fun way to color but don’t worry, I’m not changing my style anytime soon.  I know I haven’t posted any art in a little while so have a random Dunmer.

Races of The Elder Scrolls as dogs and cats

Imperial - Weimaraner

Breton - Scottish Deerhound

Redguard - Rhodesian Ridgeback

Nord - Jämthund

Altmer (High Elf) - Oriental Shorthair

Bosmer (Wood Elf) - Abyssinian

Dunmer (Dark Elves) - Ukrainian Levkoy

Orsimer (Orcs) - Pallas’s Cat

Khajiit - This Cat

Argonian - ???