dark dusk

One day
you will gain clarity
see how grotesque and cruel
you were to something gentle, kind-
who softly tore away the cobwebs
and exposed your beauty to the night.

One day
you will awaken,
recognize too clearly
how you single handedly
threw something unique away
through a tragic act of jealousy
which ravaged your exquisite mind
into foolish inconsistencies.

One day
you will be haunted by the smile
that found you warm and strong
and flew within your windowed soul
who fostered flames of forgotten love
and rolled back years
to days of verse and hope.

One day
you will apologize
for twisting your heart
around the briars of false truths
and awaken to fears
recalling days you’d felt such bliss,
which now close in with utter darkness.

In those dusk-laden moments,
when the rancor of hate
on your tongue grows weary
from its horrid word gnashing,
when the fist full of surly violence
dissipates into tears of sadness,
I hope you will apologize
to the one whose love
you’ve forsaken
most of all,
I hope you’ll
come to
only one-


a silent retrospective // Rhaspsodyinblue45

ok how ‘bout a really tangential/dumb RPG dream daddy au

Joseph: The Cult Leader Boss in the secret dungeon, drops the Lost Shaker of Salt. Weak to pot brownies and sick dance moves. New Game + lets you rid Maple Bay of the curse once and for all, allowing Joseph to have a happy and healthy relationship like he deserves (now that’s a tru end)

OR if you don’t jive with the whole cult thing (and that’s ok!) then he’s just ya friendly neighborhood white mage that is in a happy and healthy relationship like he deserves

Brian: friendly weaponsmith and arms dealer. always has discounts on shields and armor because he wants you to be safe!! breaking his record in Fishing levels and knocking 18 slimes into various holes scattered across the bay unlocks his Reach and Cut 3000 as well as stat-boosting cuddles. smooch emoji. All his battles are Pokemon format. Gives the most sidequests

Mat: travelling Bard. Literally lucio. Has to have the best taste in music, or your travelling party would be falling asleep during the journey. Smells faintly like daisies and baked goods, increasing the odds of random encounter battles with bird-types.

Hugo: teacher/archwizard. Knows the strongest cheese and wine based spells. Largest collection of tomes. Everyone is jealous of his stylish robes like seriously. His limit break is him literally suplexing someone

Craig: like, a level 69 scout or something, bro. His loyalty sidequest is just you and him chillin’ because he needs it yo. River’s capybara plushie is arcane, and will become Real and Deadly to protect u. Advises your dadsona against using Joseph’s yacht for fast travel to and from the bay, because it’s healthier to swim

Robert: ghost hunter/ paranormal ice trucker. So like a summoner/hunter kinda thing? His pit (is it a pit? fuck me robert) and brian’s dog maxwell are indestructable npcs that sit in the sidelines during combat to support you!! whiskey doubles his strength, as does supporting him through his vulnerabilities and watching sappy romcoms

Damien: duke of Maple Bay. Rides a horse into battle with hair as beautiful as his. Probably wields blood magic and taught hugo those spells. Vampire/Black Mage? Levelling him to max releases the puppies he takes care of at the animal shelter, adding them to the dog audience on the sidelines

Amanda: Kicks Ass. a ranger that HAS A PROBLEM WITH AUTHORITY. Consider: Finger guns shoot actual bullets. Can probably pull some Life is Strange business with her photography. Thus, is literally Tracer + Prompto. cracks equally hammy puns during battle. Always support our internet daughter