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masterwarden41  asked:

Could I have an energy reading please? Thank you dear. <3

I see an apple orchard in the autumn. It is late in the day, nearing sunset. The horizon is tinted blood orange. The apple crop has not fared well this year. When I pick one of the fruits, I notice it is rotting. One by one, the apples are falling. Nearby, a fox is grazing on the fallen fruit. He grins at me. I sense his appreciation for the meal that the orchard has provided.

A presence appears behind me. I turn to look. There is a fair-skinned woman in a flowing white dress. Her dark hair is braided into a crown. She hums as she approaches me with her arms outstretched. Her fingertips graze the trees. A pale green energy slips from her touch into the limbs, moving to spiral around the trunks and sinking into the soil.

Every tree the woman touches seems to stand a little straighter, and within moments, white blooms sprout in place of the rotten crop. At the base of the trees, the apples that had fallen disintegrate into soil, enriching the orchard. The woman smiles at me as she passes by, carrying on through the trees to spread her healing touch.

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