dark drain


I crave the ones who’ve seen
confusion and known struggle,
who have pulled themselves up from
the shackles of heartache and strife,
disappointment and darkness,
exhaustion and drain and have
risen with a heart as open and
unwaveringly wide as the ocean itself.
Give me those people.
The brave. The vulnerable, the wise,
the ones who care for a world,
and how to better it along with themselves.

— Victoria Erickson

Abhorsen: Who was foolish enough to assist you so far?

Kerrigor: One of the usual calling, but unskilled.  He didn’t realize it would be in the nature of an exchange.  Alas, his life was not sufficient for me to pass the last portal.  But now, you have come to help me.”

-Sabriel by Garth Nix

House Essays - 1st house

The first house (starting with the ascendant) is the way an individual sees the world, and can also have an impact on their physical appearance as well as how they come across to strangers in person. 

The ascendant (or rising as others may refer this to) is the beginning of the first house, and will have a bit of impact on how they appear to others, as well as how they see the world to be. To a lesser extent, the sun may be used for appearance - but not for how they view the world!

Aries ascendant: This individual will more likely have an athletic figure, and will have some look on them that makes them look scary to people (whether this is the menacing eyes or the lips having this curve to them). They will see the world as this place they are able to change for the best, and will think they can control the world. 

Taurus ascendant: This individual will have this beauty to them, radiated by the planet venus, and will be considerably more attractive than the average person. They will appear to be very romantic people, and will have this welcoming face for even strangers to enjoy. They view the world as a place they need to make money in - if they do not see it this way, they’re either not caring or they see it as a place where romance is everywhere.

Gemini ascendant: This individual has this serious, stern facial structure. They normally have a prominent bone structure to their faces - outlined cheek bones, looks like they contoured when they didn’t basically. They appear to strangers to be intelligent and intimidating, yet approachable. These people see the world to be a place you need to be smart to survive - this means you always work to be the absolute BEST - you cannot take second place.

Cancer ascendant: This individual has round features, and this reflects onto the body as well as the face. Females tend to have rounder breasts (not necessarily larger, but more round), and males may have a bit of an hourglass esque look to them. Both males and females of this placement have big eyes, which can show big emotion. Strangers view them to be kind and innocent, and they view the world as a nurturing place. 

Leo ascendant: This individual has hair which is like that of the sun - big, bright and full of energy. They also have prominent jaw lines, which adds a bit of fire to them. They give this egotistical and confident vibe off to those who don’t know them well enough, and they see the world as their oyster. They don’t see any consequences to doing what they want, and they feel the oyster closes up when the world gets agitated at them, and opens up about after a week.

Virgo ascendant: This individual has a slender body, and may have a lighter skin tone than usual, and has this innocent and hard working appearance to strangers around them. They view the world as this place you need to be logical to even have a chance of living a life which is stress free, and also enjoyable to some extent. 

Libra ascendant: This individual, very similar to Taurus to an extent, has a feminine, sensual side to them. This is, you guessed it, from the planet venus blessing them with this natural beauty they have. They appear to be very flirty and romantic to strangers, and see the world as a romantic and balanced place for everyone - they see anyone being treated like shit to have gotten it as a consequence of what they once did.

Scorpio ascendant: This individual looks like they don’t want to make friends and are intimidating - this can be a sexually appealing trait to some people, as this gives the vibe that they have a deep feeling for someone, or at least something. They can also have this look in their eye which is sexually pleasing to some. They view the world as a negative place, and will not trust people easily - this is why Scorpio can come across as a manipulator.

Sagittarius ascendant: This individual has this appearance that they need an adventure in their lives - this can be by how they dress or how messy their hair is, yet how they have their hair looking neat. They appear to strangers as fun and easy to be good friends with. They view the world as this cave they can explore and expose both the positive and negative sides of the world to others, and also to teach themselves about the more religious areas of the cave, making them more aware of what goes on in the groups.

Capricorn ascendant: This individual has a slender figure, a resting bitch face and has strong bone structures. They appear to others to be hard working and stubborn to strangers. They view the world to be this dark, demonic, draining place. This is why they put on this outside mask to others to show that they don’t want to fuck with anyone who’s  bullshit.

Aquarius ascendant: This individual might have a facial structure that looks more alien like than human, or may have some form of abnormality in their looks. They put on this mask that they are different from everyone else because they see the world to be a place they do not belong to, and see others to be different to them - this is why they tend to go with other Aquarius risings, or maybe strongly Aquarius influenced people.

Pisces ascendant: This person looks like they’ve been crying throughout their whole live due to how watery their eyes always look. They haven’t been doing this, they’ve been keeping everything to themselves - which is what is shown through their eyes. They feel very vulnerable in this world, and they feel that nothing goes right. 

Theatre Gothic

- You dream of the stage. The spotlight shines on you, the audience holds their breath for you to speak. Your lines, someone mouths to you. You do not know who, you did not see them, you did not hear them. You cannot remember your lines. You look down, a cold sweat forming on your brow. You notice that you are in your underwear. The audience stares. You are not dreaming.

- Backstage, you wait. Standing alone in the darkness of the wing, a black shape shifts past you. You have no proof of them other than the breeze felt by their passing and the shadow you thought you caught in the corner of your eye. Another shape moves past, behind you. Another, in front. Perhaps they aren’t passing you, perhaps they’re coming closer, together. The techies. They move.

- You wait in center stage for the light to come on. It is only dark. It has been dark for as long as you can remember. A low buzzing can be heard, and the stage lights begin to glow, softly, growing brighter, quickly. They are so bright now. You cannot see the audience. You look down, you cannot see your hands. It is so bright. You can no longer feel your body, you are no longer a physical form. 

- You shower after the show, trying to wash off the stage makeup. The water runs flesh color at first, then black. There is so much makeup. Glitter falls from your hair. Why is there glitter? You think. I will never be clean, you whisper into the dark recesses beyond the drain. Eyelashes are falling now, in clumps, whether they are fake or real you do not know. Everything falls, everything is washed away. You become faceless, and yet streaks of waterproof mascara remain. 

- You are only called by your character name, you can not remember the last time you were called by your real name. You can not remember your real name. You are changing.

- Red leather, yellow leather, they chant. The step closer to you, circling you. There is no escape. They chant softly at first, growing louder, walking faster. They break into a jazz run, they are screaming now. You try to chant as well, you try to keep up. You are sweating, yelling. Red leather, yellow leather. Red leather yellow leather. They are coming towards you, waiting for you to fail, to fall. Red yellow, leather pleather, you finally slip. They close in. You have lost.


Yuuri!!! On Ice || Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki || Part I
notes: i needed a small break from solo and pair so i started writing super self-indulgent regency au. this is (hopefully) not going to be more than 10k, so i’ll post it in pieces here on tumblr, and then in full on ao3 once it’s finished. i hope you guys like it! ♥
warnings: chris attempts matchmaking, the author attempts to write period appropriate dialogue, and victor has no chill. also, there are mentions of alcohol consumption, though none of the characters are drunk


Yuuri Katsuki is not a gentleman. He has fine manners and an impressive education, but he is what he is: a man of no significant standing who must work to support himself.

Because of this, Yuuri stands out.

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yoongi scenario | d is for dalliance

dalliance  /‘dalɪəns/  noun.  a brief involvement with someone; amorous play

genre: angst, fluff
word count: 1k
warnings: hints at sex
a stand-alone in the ‘synonymous with love’ series // d is for…

“We were dazzling – resplendent in the night’s sky. We lit up the city with our passion; every street was kindling for our fire. But the problem with stars is that they die in the end. And we were no exception.”

Those words, though repeated a thousand times, still taste dulcet on your tongue. They are delicate things, but they make you feel at ease – repeating the mantra till it throbs through you. This way you won’t forget what you are. It reminds you of the fleeting seconds you spent with him - Min Yoongi, your star boy, a sky away from you - it reminds you of the dalliance you had, great and glorious, it will repeat, it has to.

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goldcaught  asked:

kc + teen slasher flicks???? that isnt a fandom but im having a scream marathon with my sister i am in the Mood

Okay, so this ended up being longer than 500 words… and it ended up being a mix of slasher flick and supernatural?

Warning: mentions of death (but not KC death), gore, and bashing someone’s head in with a baseball bat.  

              She curled up against the lockers, her fingers buried in her hair.

              They were all dead.

              Bile rose in her throat, and she forced it back down.  She needed to think. She hadn’t sat through all of those terrible slasher films with Tyler for nothing.

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The knights in a more “modern” setting, like school. Since the end of school is nearing and tests are going to come up soon, this is my excuse for not updating lately… Good luck to anyone else having to deal with tests/finals!

Ghost Rules - Headcanons

1. Ghosts without Guardians have limited Light. They recharge around the Traveler then head out to look for their Guardian. If they can find one their link to the Traveler is greatly extended through their Guardian. A Guardian is the one with a true link to the Light while a Ghost must recharge like a battery, either with the Traveler or their Guardian. This is why you have Ghosts dying in Grimoire cards while talking about being too far from the Traveler. 

2. Ghosts may need Light from Traveler or Guardian to live, but alternatively if Guardian’s Ghost dies, that Guardian’s connection to the Light is cut off. They will be able to use what reserves they have but after that they will not be able to wield the Light. This is basically what happened to Eris Morn whose Ghost was drained of Light and then died. On that note: The most dangerous thing to Guardians and their Ghosts are Darkness intense areas that drain a Ghost’s Light so fast that their Guardian can’t sustain them. The Hive excel at these kinds of traps. 

3. Ghosts can absolutely outlive Guardians and choose new Guardians. A prime example is the Ghost of Jaren Ward whose Guardian was killed. This Ghost chose Shin Malphur as it’s new Guardian which leads me to rule 4. 

4. Ghosts can definitely choose living people as Guardians, but probably only if they have the ability to channel Light. It’s very rare in the small living populace, but it can happen. This also leads me to believe that an orphaned Ghost could, theoretically, partner with Guardian that’s lost their Ghost, but only if the circumstances are… correct. And they seldom are. 

5. A Ghost can only do certain actions while physically manifested. For example: act as a comm relay, Ghost telemetry, trans-matting items and vehicles for their Guardians, reviving their Guardian. Enemy tactics often include watching Guardian corpses and waiting for the Ghost to show up, then sniping the Ghost or, alternatively, just aiming for the Ghost outright. As a rule, Ghosts stay de-materialized when a fight’s on. 

6. When a Ghost de-materializes itself, what it’s a doing is an intermediate form of trans-mat. Basically, it kind scoots itself into a kind of dimensional sub-space where it can’t be shot or hurt by regular physical means. This is a trick of Light as much as Ghost technology because in this state the Ghost can still speak via Light to their Guardian, speaking in their head. They can’t sub space any mass other than themselves, however, so don’t ask. There is no magical hammer space without an orbital trans-mat link to your ship. 

7. Yes, Ghosts can communicate wordlessly with their Guardians and with each other through Light, but it’s a bit… tricky to learn and a little distracting if you’re not used to it. A lot veteran Guardian teams use this trick to maintain perfect radio silence and transmit commands via Ghost but it only works with a small team. De-matted Ghost-to-Ghost communication will not work on a wide scale and can be affected by Dark Zones. 

8. Ghosts cannot revive Guardians other than their own Guardian. What they can do is help another Ghost revive their fallen Guardian if the Ghost’s Light is not enough to bring the Guardian back alone. There are many reasons for a Ghost to be too Light-low for a rez: being in a Hive cursed area, being battle fatigued from previous rezzes, being physically damaged, etc. In that case, a fellow Guardian and Ghost can lend their Light to bring the fallen Guardian back. 

9. Ghosts don’t know the Traveler’s mind actually. They only have a sense of what is true and what it not regarding the Traveler and only about certain things. They aren’t all knowing, though they do know a lot about the world innately, they don’t understand everything about the Traveler. 

anonymous asked:

We all know that theory according to which each Ultrabeing represents a deadly sin, but how about each of the UBs representing a human fear?

I actually haven’t heard of the UBs representing the deadly sins, how interesting! :O It would be a bit harder to interpret them as human fears but I could sure try!

Buzzwole/Pheromosa- Could represent a fear of bugs. A lot of people see bugs as being more terrifying than they actually are, such as the way they can move surprisingly quickly (Pheromosa) or being scared of their sheer size (Buzzwole). These two traits are some of the more common reasons why people are scared of bugs.

Xurkitree- Could represent a feat of storms, more specifically lightning and/or thunder. Since they’re also known to drain power from building it could also be shown as a fear of the dark, leaving the drained building in pitch darkness.

Celesteela- Fear of flying and/or heights. Being two of the most common fears in humans, it’s pretty self-explanatory by Celesteela’s typing why this is.

Guzzlord- This one is a bit abstract and may not even represent itself as a fear to some people, but Guzzlord could show itself as a human’s fear of being small and insignificant compared to things much bigger than themselves.

Kartana- could represent someone’s fear of hurting themselves or someone else unintentionally. Kartana’s very sharp body could cut down anything/anyone it touches and some people fear that they’ll do the same to others.

Nihilego- fear of being alone. Nihilego will attach itself to others and prefer the company of someone else with them. A lot of people are like this in a way, getting close to either one person or a group of people to not be by themselves.