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art challenge at @drowtales stream! the topic was “summer heat” 

It was fun! I drew my OC Dyospiros in a summer music festival. I’ve been to some of them here in Spain, my country, in the summer, yes, and it’s just like this (unless you go north)  XDDD they last like four days or so. 

we survive on beer, chocolate milkshakes, “bocatas de chorizo y morcilla”, and showers, public showers! and of course, music! and pizza. Rock pizza. Pizza rock.

so summer heat for me is being at one of those festivals under the spanish sun with a black t-shirt of my favourite band. YEP.

What constellations do you see? 🌌 I’m selling prints of this on my Society6 store!!✨
Portrait of my original character Ceres, counterpart of Celeste ✨💙 I’m happy with the result but I need more practice on coloring dark skin tones 💖