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The New Girl - Jason Lee Scott Imagine

A/N: Just a little something I whipped up for my fave Power Ranger. After seeing the reboot, I can’t not write Power Rangers fanfiction again. Hope you enjoy! Requests are open and appreciated. :)

It was a pretty morning in Angel Grove; five friends sat outside the high school laughing and chatting with each other, today was going to be a good day. They deserved it. The teens were just about to start discussing what to do after achool, when someone on a teal mountain bike pulled up and skidded to a stop a few feet away. Removing their helmet, dark brown curls fell from the bun on top of their head. She was beautiful.

One of the boys with blonde hair, Jason Scott, looked in her direction. Something about her captivated him in those first ten seconds, he needed to know more about her . He wanted to know more.

“Dude, are you even listening?” The black haired boy said, jabbing the him in the side.

“What? Y-yeah… sorry, Zack.” Jason stammered, trying his best to pry his eyes off of the girl in front of him. She was wearing dark blue denim shorts, a red top with a black leather jacket and black combat boots.

Jason and his friends watched as a group of obnoxious boys from the football team approached the girl. Anything involving the football team couldn’t be a good thing.

“Hey pretty girl!” One of the boys exclaimed, whistling at her.

“You new here?” Another asked, raking his hands through her curls.

Zack was about to get up and approach the group, when Jason grabbed on to his arm with a smirk on his face. “Wait. I have a feeling she can handle herself…”

In one swift motion, the girl had the hand of the bigger boy firmly in her own. “You really don’t want to do that.”

When the boy sneered at her, she bent his hand so far back, there was an audible snapping sound. “Touch me again, and you’ll walk away with a lot more than just a broken wrist. Got it?”

The team nodded, most of them in shock. One of their own had been taken down by a girl - she wasn’t part of any groups or teams, she wasn’t an outcast, she just was. She was her own person, and she did a damn good job of taking care of herself.

“I have to get to know her.” Jason said to no one in particular; she had him completely mesmerized.

Part 1 to a few part imagine that I’m going to write for Jason Lee Scott. I’m tired of seeing all of these fics where the girl always needs saving. I’m not against saving or needing to be saved. I just want there to be some fics where the girl still gets the guy/girl even though she can clearly hold her own. No worrying about her getting hurt or anything, just cute and fluffy ass kicking together! These are about to get super gay/bisexual… Hehe. :)

Zach Dempsey - A to Z 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?): Zach doesn’t really use anything during sex, the most he does is cover your mouth with his hand when he needs you to be quiet. You had an vibrator and he tried it out some times, but he feels like he’s cheating, getting the short road to get you ready, so he doesn’t like to use it very much.

You dropped into the bed, pleasantly sore and breathing hard, drawing big breaths of air, while your whole body seemed to burn and contract after what was to be your third or fourth orgasm (you stopped counting after some point). Zach gave you a mischievous grin as he turned off the vibrator and put it to the side, but you could feel something strange. Maybe it was the fact that her boyfriend was partially dressed in a dark denim shorts with an obvious erection fighting against the restrictive material, and had shied away from all her attempts to give him pleasure, and yet, after she being clearly prepared for him, he refused to enter you, using his fingers or even his tongue, always added to the incessant vibration of her newest wand, his gift, may she add. The fatigue by the amount of orgasms, added to the irritation that seeing him dressed and refusing to all your attempts to satisfy him simply robbed the best of your afterglow and you quickly became irritable.

- “Okay,” - you said between breaths. - “What’s the problem?” - You probably sounded a little more rude than planned, but your pupils were heavy, your body was still burning and your boyfriend was refusing to fuck you. You had a point. Zach’s smile seemed to falter, his expression immediately becoming confused. He sat up in bed at the height of her hip.

- “What do you mean?” - He seemed to reflect. - “Did I do something wrong? You seemed to be enjoying it.” His tone had a raspy accusatory tone, as if in response to your upset state. You snorted, bringing your arms to shield your breasts from his greedy eyes as you turned to lay with your belly down on the bed, your hair down your back and shoulders in a complete mess. Then you looked at him accusingly, feeling as your cheeks began to burn in embarrassment.

- “Why…” - you could feel the blush spreading to the point of your ears, so you changed the phrase. - “What’re you doing dressed?” - his confused face overcome your shame in having to question him. - “Why didn’t you fu…” - you did not know how many times you had sex with Zach, but your courage to say what you had done in the middle of an argument (when you were still naked, nevertheless) was nonexistent. - “you know, with me?”

He was silent for a while as he looked at you, and you could see that he seemed to like the state you were in. The way he immediately began to suck his lower lip, not exactly biting, and then pressing his lips into a thin line, told you that he was restless and nervous, his hands starting to twitch and drop, showing that he was insecure and somehow afraid of what he would respond to her and no matter how much his behavior made you anxious, you also worried and, on some levels, were ashamed of what he might say to you, so that you remained silent, waiting an explanation. In the end, he finally seemed to give up and sighed, avoiding your eyes as a deep blush spread on his face.

- “… It feels like cheating. You know, like i’m getting some short patch to get you ready …”- His voice sounded like a whisper, but in the quiet of the room, it was easy to hear.

- “Oh.” - To say that you were shocked at that fact was an understatement. You knew exactly what motivated that feeling. - “Oh! My god, Dempsey! I can’t believe you got competitive over sex!”  - You tried to keep a neutral expression, but the comical and embarrassing situation managed to steal your best and you had to hide your face on the pillow to muffle your laughter.

- ”I! I was not! It’s just…“ - He was in a mixture of shame and amusement, stumbling over words. But then he looked really confused, as if he had some serious doubt. - "I mean, if I can’t get you there myself… doesn’t it mean I’m, like, lame?”

You really tried not to laugh at his confused and lost expression, but the situation was just too comical for you to be able to stay serious while responding. Even her shame paused, so surprised that she was at the opinion he had. - “You’ve got me there, like, three or four times… And we didn’t even… lame is definitely not what I would use to define this.” - you immediately noticed that your last words caught his attention and already knew what to expect when a naughty grin start sprouting on your boyfriend’s face.

- “… how would you define this?”

- “Great?” - You began, a smile playing on your lips. Clearly the answer mattered to him, so you decided to play around with the competitiveness that Zach could contain even in the most unlikely things. - “No, maybe awesome?” - You continued, watching as his expression shifted to one where he contained the laughter, even though his eyes suddenly seemed warmer. - “Perfection? You ruined me to any other man?” - you dramatized the last ones, rolling on the bed and putting your hand to cover your face in an attempt to interpret despair. Zach became interested, his face turning to you immediately, picking up the tip from the fact that your naked body was now in show for him again.

- “Oh.” - He exhaled, eyes twinkling with mischief. - “I really like the last one.”

- “Dempsey!”- You laughed, pulling what was nearest to cover yourself again as you blushed. But Zach pulled the pillow out of your hand, his hot, still unsatisfied body coming to press against yours. - “You’re definitely competitive over sex.” - you murmured almost against his lips, as a smile start to spread on his face before Zach began to spread little kisses across your face.

- “I do not think that’s something you should complain about.”

Note: I’ve just did some awfully through research over the fact that Zach Dempsey doesn’t really bite his lips, only kinda sucking them or pressing them together, so, there you have it. A otherwise useless but nice fun fact about this 6’3 dork.

Domestic jeffmads/lams au: Chapter One

Credits: @hxxtile Lucy is their character, I just decided to make a story.

Word Count: 2000

Warning: Swearing

Plot: Lucy Jefferson starts Junior high with Philip Hamilton (who she hates) and is pretty sure she has her life figured out, until she meets Theodosia Burr Jr. (that’s it, it’s basically Lucy just figuring out her sexuality and who she is and having her dads be there every step of the way)

A/N: I hope you enjoy ??? maybe ???

      “First day of junior high! Are you nervous?” Thomas handed Lucy a plate with toast, scrambled eggs and sausage links. “It’s totally fine if you are, you don’t have to go if you’re not ready! We can call the office and tell them you’re sick or something.” He was rambling now. Lucy looked up at her dad and took a bite of her sausage. This was a thing that he did every time she hit some big ‘milestone’ in her life.

   "Of course my daughter isn’t nervous, she’s a Jefferson! Isn’t that right, Lucy?“ James came into the dining room, still in his maroon bathrobe, and ruffled her hair. When he tried to pull his hand out, it got stuck. "Jesus, do you ever brush this head of yours?” He asked once he had finally released himself from her hair.

     Lucy was about to respond when Thomas scoffed, handing his husband his plate, “You never seem to complain when you’re pulling on mine.” He raised a brow. James blushed. Lucy gagged and threw a wadded up napkin at him. Thomas gave her a challenging look and threw it back. Lucy stuck her tongue out and her father copied before they both began laughing.

     "God, you guys are basically the same person.“ James took a seat next to Lucy and Thomas sat on her other side. They began eating while their daughter, on the other hand, was halfway finished.

    "Philip should be here in about half an hour, have you picked out what you’re going to wear?” James asked. Lucy looked down at her current outfit which was an oversized pink hoodie that almost covered her purple skirt. Her matching purple flats awaited at the door. She looked back up at James as he looked over her outfit. “Lucy, it’s your first stay of school! Don’t you think what you’re wearing is…” He looked over at his husband for help.

      “Absolutely adorable!” Thomas gushed. Lucy smiled at her dad. “Don’t listen to your dad! You look just fine, you’re going to be the most popular sixth grader there I can see it now!” Thomas looked at Lucy with hearts in his eyes. He felt so proud, it was like he was staring at a younger, smaller, female version of himself.

     "Thanks, Papa,” Her voice was small and smooth but strong at the same time. Thomas fell apart at the large smile she offered him. “Also, I don’t see why junior high is such a big deal?” She turned to James, “From what I’ve heard, it’s the same as elementary. High school is where the real juicy stuff happens. Dances, sports, dating…”

     James choked on his orange juice, “Dating?” He asked, looking down at the eleven year old. She nodded eagerly.

    “Yeah, papa! Dad said the two of you met in high school, right?” Thomas nodded and sipped on his coffee, “He told me that you guys met at a party that aunt Angelica threw! Apparently you were playing truth or dare and Alexander dared Papa to…”

      “Mr. Jeffersons!!!” Philip’s squeaky voice was heard from the other side of the front door, “The doors unlocked but mom told me it’s impolite to walk into people’s houses unannounced so this is me announcing myself!” Thomas sighed in relief. He never thought he’d be so happy to hear a Hamilton’s voice.

     He stood up gave James an apologetic smile. Lucy stood as well and gave James a kiss on the cheek. “Wish me luck, dad!” She gave him a toothy grin. James smiled gave her a thumbs up. She ran over to Thomas who was holding her Powerpuff Girls backpack and a twenty dollar bill.

    “Make sure no bully tries to steal your lunch money,” Thomas whispers, “And by bully I mean Phillip.” He handed her the backpack and cash and kissed her forehead. Lucy nodded and saluted Thomas before closing her eyes, taking a deep breath and opening the door.

     “Dramatic much?” Philip asked when Lucy let the breath out. She opened her eyes and looked Philip up and down. He wore a plain blue short-sleeved shirt, with a turtle pin on his chest. His hands were in the pockets of his cargo shorts and he wore sky blue vans to match his shirt. He wore his curly hair in a bun, but a few strands fell out of it and into his face. He also had a turtle shell backpack. “You ready to go?”  When Lucy walked past him without a word he shrugged and turned to the door where James and Thomas stood, watching their interactions. “Bye, Mr. Jeffersons! I’ll make sure your daughter won’t get bullied!”

    James waved and closed the door, turning to Thomas, “Why do I feel like it’s going to be Lucy protecting Philip?”

     Thomas shrugged, “It probably will.”


     “Okay, first things first! Stay away from the back of the bus.” Lucy gave Phillip a confused look, “That’s where the eighth graders sit. The very front is for the fifth graders, who only come to the junior high for band. Then there’s us, the sixth graders, then seventh. And then the back four seats. Basically thrones.”

   “You know this how?” Lucy asked as they approached the bus stop.

   “I’m in band, duh! I left my violin at mom’s house though so she’s dropping it off later today.”

    “Nerd.” Lucy giggled under her breath. Phillip glared at her but she only continued to laugh, which made him even angrier. He balled his hands into fists and stomped ahead to the bus stop. He doesn’t even know why he bothers with her. Lucy caught up to him, still laughing, and looked around, “Hey, braces, how come we’re the only ones here? This stop used to be filled with kids.”

     “That was for elementary, idiot. We’re like, the only sixth graders in this part of the neighborhood. We’re also the first stop, so we get good seats. Don’t sit next to me though, I have friends.”

      “That’s a lie,” Lucy laughed and turned when she heard the bus coming down the road. ‘Here we go’ she thought to herself. The bus pulled up in front of them and the doors opened to reveal an old, fat, white man who was a few years away from losing his teeth. Lucy could tell, because when he smiled down at them, his mouth was a mess of brown and yellow.

       “Well, hello there, Pip! Who is this?” He asked.

       “Mornin’, Bill! This is Lucy, I’m supposed to be showing her the ropes!” Lucy rolled her eyes behind Philip who was smiling proudly.

      “Oh! And I see you got a little upgrade over the summer?” Philip was confused at first, “Your braces, kid. You didn’t have them last year if I recall. When’d you get those?”

    “A few weeks ago,” Philip began to talk about the experience, but Lucy was honestly trying to get to school.

     She cleared her throat, “Excuse me, Bill? Don’t you have other stops to get to?” Philip rolled his eyes and mouthed something to the old man, which got him laughing hysterically. Lucy crossed her arms and glared at the two.

      “I’m sorry, ma’am, won’t happen again.” Bill said through laughter, he high fived Philip before the curly haired boy began walking down the aisle. Lucy sighed and followed. She took a seat two seats in front of Philip and on the other side of the aisle, not wanting to sit next to him. When the bus started moving she smiled and looked out the window and at the passing houses.

        After three stops, the bus was almost filled with kids talking about their summer and new outfits and whatnot. Philip’s friends were even on the bus as well. Everyone knew everyone. Except Lucy. She mentally cursed her dads for making her go to a private school, but also thanked them, because a majority of the kids on this bus were in desperate need of a shower.

     At the fourth stop, though, the boredom was knocked right out of Lucy. After a few eighth and seventh graders, a sixth grade girl walked onto the bus, looking down at her phone with furrowed brows. She had her dreadlocks pulled back into a high pony-tail and wore a pink shirt that read “#Vote4Burr!” in blue lettering. She wore dark blue denim shorts, black flats and a stitch backpack that was covered in pins from shows such as Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time, she even had a few Melanie Martinez ones. “This is the bus to WJHS, right?” She had asked. A few kids in the back laughed but she seemed to either ignore them, or not care. Lucy liked that.

    When Bill nodded, she smiled anxiously and began typing vigorously into her phone, walking down the aisle. Lucy wanted to say something when she passed her and walked to the eighth grade section, but she was too late. The whole bus had gone quiet as well and watched her.

      “Hey, you, what grade are you in?” An eighth grader, who Philip had referred to as Mia, asked, the bus began moving, causing the girl to stumble a bit.

     She looked up from her phone and stuck it in her back pocket, “Sixth, why?” She asked. Lucy thought that the girl was genuinely confused, but Mia took it as sass.

    “I don’t know who you think you’re talking to, but I’m gonna need you to lose the attitude.” Mia replied coldly. Lucy was getting mad now.

    “Hey, leave her alone! She was just confused, you douche!” Lucy stood and turned around to glare at Mia from the front of the bus. A chorus of Ooh’s was heard from the bus, Mia’s face began to turn red and she stood up from her seat.

     Another eight grader, who had their ear buds in, heard the commotion and took them out. They took one look at Mia and the confused girl and sighed, standing up as well. “Mia, sit the fuck down. It’s obviously this kid’s first day, don’t make it as hard for them as it already is.” The person’s voice was calm yet stern as they spoke to Mia who crossed her arms and sat down and pulled out her phone with a huff, but it turned soft and sympathetic when they turned to the still confused and honestly bewildered girl, “I don’t know if you know this, but the back seats are taken for eighth graders, you can sit up front, though.” They smiled down at the girl.

      “Thank you,” She breathed out and turned around to walk back down the aisle. All the seats were taken except for (conveniently) the one next to Lucy. “Can I sit here?” She asked hopefully. Lucy felt her face grow hot and she nodded. Her first new friend, wow. “Thanks for defending me by the way.” She smiled after taking a seat.

      Lucy nodded back with a nervous grin and couldn’t help but peek over at the girl as she pulled her phone back out. Lucy wasn’t allowed to have a phone (Thomas disagrees but James thinks she too young) so she was nothing short of surprised to see that the girl had an IPhone 7 in her small hands. The lock screen was a selfie taken of her and a man (bald) laughing at how they looked with the snapchat dog filter. When she unlocked the phone (with her thumb print, which also amazed Lucy) the home screen was her and the same man with the flower crown filter, smiling whole heartedly. Lucy smiled, guessing that man was her father and turned back to look out the window silently.

     “I’m Theodosia Burr Jr., but you can just call me Theo.” The girl spoke as the bus finally left their neighborhood. Lucy looked over at the girl, who was smiling and holding her hand out.

     “I’m Lucy Jefferson, nice to meet you, Theo.” She smiled back and took her hand.

     “Nice to meet you, Lucy.”

“...You Thought What?”

Requested by an anon. Another one. I love Min Sik. 

Originally posted by fy-jay-dok2

You sucked at introductions. You sucked at first impressions. Just meeting new people wasn’t really your thing. Your first time meeting Min Sik was awkward enough. But he loved how awkward you were. 

He never knew he needed you until you smiled. Now you got to that point your relationship where he wanted to tell people about you. ‘It’s only been 8 months, it’s still so early’ you thought. He’s been wanting to show you off for quite some time. But he knew he had to wait it out to see if you were in it for the long run. And of course you were. 

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