dark colour scheme

FAIRYTALE ADAPTATIONS (5/?): “The Bloody Chamber” from The Bloody Chamber and Other Short Stories by Angela Carter. 

“For the first time in my innocent and confined life, I sensed in myself a potentiality for corruption that took my breath away.”

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....... *grabs nearby knife* Who was that woman that hurted our beautiful sunshine angel?? ..... Yoongi and Taehyung would you mind going on a killing spree with me?? 😈😈🔪🔪

Colores en Español / Colours in Spanish

Color (m) - Colour

Blanco/a - White

Negro/a - Black

Amarillo/a - Yellow

Ocre - Ochre

Naranja - Orange

Ámbar - Amber

Rojo/a - Red

Granate - Maroon

Rosa - Pink

Salmón - Salmon

Morado/a, Violeta - Purple, Violet

Fucsia - Fuchsia

Malva - Mauve

Lavanda - Lavender

Azul - Blue

Aguamarina - Aquamarine

Celeste - Sky blue

Turquesa - Turquoise

Verde - Green

Verde oliva - Olive green

Verde pistacho - Pistachio green

Marrón - Brown

Gris - Grey

Dorado/a - gold, gold coloured

Plateado/a - Silver


Colores pastel - Pastel colours

_ claro - Light _

_ oscuro - Dark _

Tonalidad - Tonality, Colour scheme

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The dads reactions to walking in on you giving their kid(s) a makeover

Somehow these got way longer than my  ~250 word aim! And the Robert one got very emotional very fast, ups! Hope you’ll enjoy!


Imagine giving the kids a makeover and the dads walk in on you!

🥃 Robert had gone out to do… something, so it’s just you and Val. This was your third time seeing her since the barbeque and you’re really happy to see her and Robert start to get along better. There is still a long road ahead of them, but the biggest step has been done and now they can heal. “Y/N,” her voice pulls you from your thoughts and you put down the nail polish, reaching for the remover instead. You clean up her nail, making sure you didn’t get any more of her skin, before you continue. “Sorry. I was thinking.” Val smirks. “Then don’t. Clearing your mind and maintaining a blank space is important for many things in life. It was one of the first things Robert taught me. It was the only way I survived the many years we spent on the run, hiding from the organisation he betrayed. You have to have an empty head when you pull the trigger. No remorse, no second-guessing.” You raise your eyebrow at her. A beat, then she chuckles. You join in a moment later and start applying the red nail polish. The front door opens with a creak and Robert steps inside, throwing it shut again with his foot. “Did anyone die while I was gone?” He turns around the corner and pauses when he sees you two sitting on the carpet, you doing Val’s nails, your own already painted red, with tiny stars on them. You look up and you’re surprised to see him look so vulnerable. There are so many emotions you can’t read them all, but the ones you understand make your heart jump in your chest. You wave him over and he slowly sits down next to you. Val takes his hand and begins applying nail polish to his nails. You notice Robert wipe his face more than once, but don’t mention it.

🍸 You really should have waited for Joseph to come back home before doing this, but Christie had looked so excited about it, you couldn’t make her wait any longer. By no means are you a professional hair stylist, but you’ve given Amanda enough haircuts throughout the years to know your way around scissors. You had turned the porch into a makeshift saloon with a mirror through which Christie was watching you as you cut her hair. The father in you wonders what brought about this wish for change, but you assume she just wanted something different. Lord knew how many times Amanda has changed her appearance during her childhood. The only thing you’re truly worried about is Joseph’s reaction. You hope he won’t be upset that you’ve done this without asking him first. It’s already too late for him to do anything about it, but the last thing you want is for Joseph to be angry. Christian’s shout is the only warning you have before Joseph is already at the door, staring at the scene in front of him. He looks… shocked. You put away the scissors nervously and turn to face him. Christie notices her father a moment later and jumps on her feet, running over to him. “Daddy, look! Y/N cut my hair!” Joseph lifts her into his arms and runs his fingers through her hair, which now only reaches down to her chin. “Did you want a new haircut, sweetie? Why didn’t you ask me to make you an appointment?” Christie looks sheepish. “I thought you’d say no.” Joseph shoots you a look. You’re relieved to see he isn’t angry. “Christie, baby, I would never dictate your appearance. You can have your hair be however you like it.” Christie wraps her arms around Joseph’s neck and hugs him. He smiles at you and when he carries Christie over so you can finish, he kisses the top of your head and tells you what a good job you’d done.

☕ Carmensita lets out a yelp and instinctually pulls away, but you tighten your (gentle) grip around her waist and keep her seated in your lap. “I told you it would hurt,” you say, putting away the dread wax for a moment so you can gently rub Carmensita’s scalp. “Yeah, but I didn’t think it would hurt that much!” You make her turn around so you can look into her eyes and see whether the pain was too much for her. Her eyes are sparkling with tears, but her cheeks are dry and she is still looking excited even though you’ve been at it for two hours by now. You squeeze her shoulder in encouragement. “We’re halfway through, dear. If you want, we can stop and continue another time or day. You don’t have to do it in one sitting.” She’s determined, though, and eager to get this done, so you continue, using your comb to twist the next square section of her hair. This time she doesn’t yelp when you twist and you mumble praise, but your words are drowned out by the sound of the door opening. You look up and give Mat a smile, which he returns, albeit with a confused expression on his face. “What’s going on here?” He asks and puts down his guitar case. It’s obvious what you two are doing, but Carmensita replies anyway. “Y/N is giving me dreadlocks, like yours!” You smile indulgingly, not about to tell her it would take some time until hers would look like Mat’s. Mat looks surprised and walks over to inspect your work. Once he has assured himself you know what you are doing, he leans down to kiss Carmensita’s forehead. “You’re doing amazing, sweetheart. Why don’t I make you some hot chocolate to help against the pain?” He smiles at you. “For you too, baby.” You lean up and kiss him, then he walks off into the kitchen while you continue.

🌹 “Are you sure?” Like the other times you asked him that question, Lucien rolls his eyes and huffs out a ‘yes’, but this time, with him leaning over the bathtub and the dye in your hands, he sounds uncertain, nervous. His decision to change his hair colour was a spontaneous one and at first you hesitated and said he had to ask Damien, but somehow, he managed to convince you anyway and here you are, about to dye his hair. You have already draped a towel over his shoulders and separated his hair into little sections with hairclips, so all there was left was applying the dye. “Just do it, Y/N,” he says, after taking a deep breath. His voice is unsteady, but you can tell he is sure, he wants to do this, so you pick up the brush and get to work. You generously apply the dye, trying to avoid his skin, and set the timer. While you dispose of the gloves, he disappears in his room; he only comes out after the timer goes off again and he’s buzzing in his shoes, looking so excited you feel glad you caved in. You don’t know at what point Damien arrives, but when he finally announces his presence to you two, Lucien’s hair is already a vibrant shade of pink. Both Lucien and you look up. You open your mouth to apologise for not calling him, but he speaks before you can. “Look at you, Lucien! That colour is absolutely stunning. Do you want to take pictures in the garden? There are some roses with the exact shade as your hair.” You let out a breath of relief and get up to join them.

🎣 Brian might have been better at many things, but there was one area of expertise he couldn’t best you in: Braiding. “Amanda’s hair was thicker and unrulier than yours,” you tell Daisy as you gently separate her hair into three strands. “I remember a lot of tears and tugging was involved.” Daisy’s hair, in comparison, is easy to handle, but hers has a whole different texture than Amanda’s and she is sitting still, something Amanda never enjoyed doing. “Can you teach me how to do it myself?” Daisy asks you, shovelling a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. You hum a yes and start braiding her hair. It is only going to be a simple French braid, but you’re already planning on giving her a spiral braid, if she likes it. You’re so engrossed in your work, you do not hear the front door open, nor Brian’s greeting as he shrugs out of his jacket and comes into the living room. 
“What are you two doing, hm?” You look up and find him leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed in front of his chest and a bright smile on his lips. “Daisy’s hair, obviously,” you reply with an exaggerated roll of your eyes. Brian laughs and walks over. He sits down on the couch next to you and throws an arm over your shoulders, then kisses your temple. “I didn’t know you could braid.” You shoot him a look and huff. “Brian, I have an adult daughter. Of course I can braid.” He kisses your cheek and noses down to your jaw. “Can I get some, too?” Turning, you look at his short hair and frown, but then a thought crosses your mind. An hour later, father and daughter sport matching braids; Daisy on her head, Brian with his beard. He proudly shows them off at work the next day.

👟 Craig’s fashion sense, you realised early on in your relationship, hasn’t improved much since college and it seems his daughters inherited it. Part of you mourns the death of Smash’s superior, but unfortunately non-dominant, fashion-savy genes, the rest jumps at the opportunity to take the girls shopping, which you did while Craig was at work. The three of you are high on sugar, soda and other unhealthy stuff you three have vowed to never, ever tell Craig about, so it is not surprising when Craig comes home, the living room is a mess of clothes that were haphazardly thrown aside and you’re doing your best Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada or Project Runway’s Tim Gunn impression, while Briar and Hazel abuse the couch as their runway. Neither of them has strayed too far from their love for blue and dark grey colour scheme, but you’re proud to see they, for once, are wearing something other than their softball uniforms. “Um,” is the first thing that Craig manages to say. “Why… what…?” You really missed the way how easy it was to render Craig speechless. You jump off the coffee table and hurry over to him in order to push him towards the changing rooms (the bathroom). “Finally! Punctuality is crucial in this business, Mister Cahn! Fetch us the faux-leather jacket from the brown paper bag, would you? Briar’s pants need something dark to go with them!” Craig stares at you as if you have lost your mind, but obliges. A moment later, he sticks his head out of the door. “Dude, how much did you buy??”

📖 The fact that Ernest had come to you and not Lucien or anyone else makes you feel more sentimental than it should. If he noticed your awestruck expression and the tears in your eyes when he asked you to do his makeup, he hadn’t let it show, and you are determined not to embarrass yourself while you’re at it. It’s obvious he’s never worn makeup before; he keeps on twitching whenever you near his eyes with the pencil, cannot keep his eyes open to save his life, and you lost count of how often you had to remove mascara stains from his cheeks. But he’s also smiling the whole time and you’re holding a civilised, personal conversation. He hasn’t cursed at you during the whole ordeal, not even once. You don’t know what he needs the makeup for, but you also do not plan on asking. If he wants you to know, he’ll tell you. Your back is turned to the bathroom door and Ernest’s eyes are closed since you are applying eye shadow, so neither of you notice Hugo standing there until you tell Ernest he can open his eyes again and he screams. Your dad reflexes make you turn around and hold the brush like it’s a knife and would actually keep attackers at bay. Hugo stares. You stare back at him. Behind you, Ernest mumbles something about needing to go, but you gently hold him back. For one, you’re not done. Secondly, you can tell he is scared of Hugo’s reaction. He needn’t have worried, as all Hugo did was smile, tell him he was looking good, and letting them know dinner is going to be ready soon. He leaves you alone and you turn back to Ernest. “Don’t you dare cry, you little brat, the makeup isn’t waterproof!”


Ta-da! My BnHA OC

Name: Hiyo Mitsuki

Hero Name: Night Owl

Quirk: Owlsense - Passive. Sight and hearing of an owl. Works best at night. Sudden lights & sounds don’t mix well with her quirk.


  • Large owl-like eyes
  • Round face & head
  • Hairstyle & hairline imitates shape of a barn owl face
  • 5′6″


  • Very dark colour scheme highlights face (aesthetic)
  • Translucent visor suggests owl beak (aesthetic)
  • Hooded for stealth and highlighting face (aesthetic)
  • Cloak functions like Batman’s cape, can glide for short distances
  • Talons help with grip and leg-heavy combat


  • Heavily Nocturnal. Works best at night. 
  • Day classes/missions are her personal hell.
  • You won’t see her without coffee while it’s light out.
  • Is that kid that mixes Monster with coffee and says “I’m going to die.”
  • Owns heavy-duty sunglasses. She’s not hungover, she promises.
  • She and Aizawa would be napping caterpillar buddies.

Fulfilling a request for @glimmeringdragon because they had a cool idea, and I’ve just been busy with other things/playing other games. Revisiting the umbrellas, but this time with a dark colour scheme.

bedrooms of the signs
  • aries: light colours, whites and magnolias, very ironic but imagine sheep's wool (it basically has the aura of being like that), picture of them with friends hung up inframes, most likely a small wardrobe or set of drawers, a standing up mirror, if they have a desk it's clattered.
  • taurus: stuffed toys everywhere, they love their old things so much they didn't wanna throw stuff out. usually reasonably neat, until they need to find something, either a huge wardrobe or a tiny one. they would have a mirror built into the wardrobe, the walls are likely to have bolder colours.
  • gemini: either neat af or a pigsty, chargers everywhere, probably have a tv in their room, several lamps, a desk with a shit ton of unfinished writings on it, big closet, they'd probably be smart and have lighter colours to make the room look bigger.
  • cancer: probably a very dark colour scheme (if not it'll be bold colours anyway), an average sized closet, some piece of art hanging up somewhere, their bed will most likely be single (unless they're old and sleep with their partner), probably has plain block colour curtains.
  • leo: a literal huuuuge ass closet, a picture with meaning hanging on the wall, messy (surprise!!) with clothes everywhere, probably has a few toys somewhere in the room, magnolia walls, a rug, a tv with a huge (like 257) dvds in a rack, a double bed.
  • virgo: white walls with a single wall having patterned wall paper, a single bed with fairy lights, a ceiling fan, clean room (though when it's messy you can't even see the floor), bedding that matches their colour scheme, an average sized wardrobe.
  • libra: they have it all. the tv, the huge wardrobe, the double bed with fairy lights, a huge amount of shit on the floor, a rug. but they don't have any pictures (they're all on their phone).
  • scorpio: not dark or black colour scheme (surprise hoe!!) probably beauty care product all over the room, a larger bed, an average sized wardrobe, a collage wall with funny doodle from friends and old pictures, most likely to have a stereo.
  • sagittarius: they might be one of those hipsters who have a map (studded with places they've been) in their room, darkish walls, a single bed, small closet, definitely will be personal pictures somewhere, probably a pretty normal room.
  • capricorn: a normal sized closet, a little armchair that can be transformed into another bed, a bed that's against the wall, has picture they and their friends drew stuck to the wall, tons of books on a shelf, a clattered desk with more books, a beside table with more books and a lamp.
  • aquarius: most likely has a theme (like space, or nature, etc), unpredictable wall colours, a larger bed with a thick duvet no matter what the weather is, chargers everywhere, a tv with tons of dvds, too many notebooks lying around.
  • pisces: likes their room to be clean, doesn't have a theme but most of the stuff matches, a double bed with fairy lights, a mirror fixed into their wardrobe door, tons of pillows on their bed, also a weird tendencies to have a very symmetrical room.