dark chocolate gelato

Cafe Publico

I’ve never really heard of Cafe Publico (or maybe I have, but didn’t think much about it) until my sister suggested that we have dessert there today. The place was a quirky, cozy nook near the cinemas and served both savory and sweet treats. You could also play board games or read newspapers and magazines! We each had a cup of gelato - I had El Pili Ube Rismo, my sister had Peanut Butter Pretzel, my brother had Oreos n’ Cream, my mom had Cafe Crunch, and G had Speculoos. G also ordered a Cappuccino (which you mix yourself!), and we all shared Churros Jenga with Dark Belgian Chocolate gelato.

Cafe Publico’s gelato is not as creamy as other gelato places I’ve tried. The texture is still smooth and the flavors are still spot on, though. I enjoyed my El Pili Ube Rismo (a play of words on the well-known Filipino novel, “El Filibusterismo”, but with the Pili Nut and Ube or purple yam flavors mixed in) which had the mild sweetness of purple yam and a bit of crunch from the pili nuts. The Churros Jenga was a stack of snack size, deep fried, crisp churros topped with gelato and whipped cream. The Dark Belgian Chocolate gelato was the perfect flavor for these churros as it had a deep bittersweet flavor…soooo good!