dark charmeleon

Having a teammate that sleeps 18 hours a day may seem like a drawback, until you find out she can hypnotise herself to act while asleep. Just… don’t expect a conversationalist I guess??

Dark Charmeleon

Obtained From: We Are Team Rocket
Used By: IchikawaYūkiHiderō, Kanzaki
+ Colorless attack
+ Potential for huge damage
- Chance to do nothing
- 2 Retreat
- Water weakness
Combos With:
Moltres lv. 37
Dodrio lv. 28
• Double Colorless Energy
Other Notes:
• Tail Slap is okay, and Fireball is risky but can be worth it. Sorry about the, y’know, HP.
Overall Rating: 2.5/5 (Limited Uses/Average)