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Wild World (Chapter One)

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Harry Styles Fanfic

Brooklyn placed bartender, Cora Philips, meets Harry Styles one stormy night. Both of them had no idea they would change each others lives forever.

Warnings: None, eventual smut in upcoming parts.

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Inukag Oneshot

Summary: Inuyasha and Kagome had a weekly routine. They would go somewhere good to have breakfast and spend their day on a private not-a-date. But what if one of them wanted it to be a date?

This is a gift for my precious baby Zoe @vividxdreaming a girl full of light and love.

I love you babe!!!

Also on ff.net and Ao3 if you prefer. 

Inuyasha walked through the streets on his way to Kagome’s home as he did every weekend for the last six months.

Waking up and having a real reason to get out of bed, shower and dress. Taking a shower in the morning when he normally wouldn’t  spoke volumes about how much he enjoyed spending time with his wench.

He made a face as he crossed the street. She wasn’t exactly HIS wench, Kagome was HIS friend. Maybe she was the only friend that he made plans with every week, without asking. It was the only permanent appointment he had, every Sunday early morning. Which for Kagome it meant every Sunday at noon.

The door of her apartment was in front of him, a cute lilac door, the only one that was not the custom dark brown on that floor, and he suspected, the only one of the building. He rang the bell knowing a half ready woman would open the door because it was still half hour to noon.

The door opened and soon after a petite woman poked her head out with a big smile on her face.

“You are here! Welcome to my kingdom,” she declared holding the door open for him to enter.

“Humbled to be allowed here…” he kept the joke going.

She batted her hand dismissively, “As you should be!” Her voice lost the dramatic tone before she continued. “I’m almost ready, just getting dressed and make up!”

“You don’t need make up, Kagome! We’re only going to have breakfast!” He complained but the girl was already in her way to her room.

Before entering her room she turned to him with a pouty face, “but I want to look pretty…” and she closed the door behind her without looking back.

‘For you’ remained unsaid on her part, just as his answer ‘you are always pretty’ was not brought into the conversation.

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You should do a Percy one with the “why don’t you come over here and make me” thing. You can decide the rest. I would hope it’s shmexy. Danke

A/N- As soon as I read this I was squealing (≧∇≦)I’m trying to change up my writing style and become more descriptive so let me know what you think! Chu~

Cabin Number- C/N
Mortal Parent- M/P

Pancakes are a special treat that you treasure greatly and when someone eats your pancakes things get personal, maybe too personal?

Rated F/M for Fluff&Mature Content

Waking up in your own bed was strange after you’d been sleeping on the top bunk in cabin (C/N). You can’t lie and say that it wasn’t better than lying there staring at the moonlit wooden ceiling for hours while listening to Tae- Your half-brother- hold full conversations in his sleep; His conversations were loud yet funny to listen to at times when your brain would not shut down during the late hours. Fresh air swept through the open windows, the wind picking up the scent of pine and rustling your hair against the pillow.

However this morning was something you missed very much, “Pancakes.” You mumbled as you blearily rubbed the sleep away from your eyes. You let out a sigh of contentment at the smell of your M/P’s homemade pancakes, the scent if home and security from your younger years flashing in your mind. You shifted your curled position towards the window and let a small closed lipped smile spread across your face. This is something that you treasured after every hard summer at camp, training for battle and brushing up the knowledge you had forgotten over the breaks.

The familiar sound of your M/P’s voice calling out your name through the bedroom door which was followed up by a gentle knock on the white painted wood, “Y/n! Pancakes are on the counter when you decide to grace us with your presence.”
You grinned at their usual silliness that you inherited from them, nostalgia washing over you and taking you to a complete state of nirvana solely based on happy childhood memories.

You swung your legs out of the white sheets you’d slept in and let your bare feet hit the cold, dark brown hardwood floor. You winced slightly at the harsh bite of the cold against your warm feet and stood up with a stretch of your arms. You straightened out your black spaghetti tank top and tied the strings of your grey sweats that had come undone while shuffling over to open the door and head to get breakfast. You walked down the sunlit hall to head to the kitchen that still smelled faintly of the bacon and pancakes that was cooked minutes before you’d awoken. You pushed your hair up into a messy bun with a hair bow that always stayed on your wrist and shifted your eyes between the counter with the pancakes and the table where your M/P sat eating some bacon they had snatched up from their plate and checking their emails on their phone.

“Morning, I’m here to grace you with my presence finally.” You said with a smirk and a casual walk towards your beloved pancakes to snatch two from the plate next the stove, pulling a glass plate from the cabinet. You plopped the pancakes on the plate and slid the plate over across the table to sit across from your M/P as they looked up with a grin, “It’s so good to see my little girl under this roof again. Eat up because Percy’s going to be here in a few minutes.”

You stopped pouring syrup over your Golden food and gave your M/P a confused look, “I thought it was just us today? You know, catching up and spending time together…”

“Well something came u-”

“Something always comes up when I come home! It’s like the fates want us to grow apart!”

A stern look appeared on your M/P’s face as they spoke, “Now you know that’s not true, I’m sure the-”

Knock Knock Knock

The sudden sound of a fist hitting wood echoed through the home and stopped your bickering. Your M/P stood up and straightened out their work clothes before striding over to the door to let the visitor in.

You rubbed your temples in frustration, the happiness achieved earlier had now been replaced by the sheer frustration of how cruel life is being to you; 3 months away from home without any contact, surrounded by demigods and going out to face dangerous monsters. This is how you’re rewarded.

Percy’s greeting could be heard from your seat at the table, your heart thumping and leaping at the sound of his cheery voice. Although you felt happy to have him here you just couldn’t help your bad mood.

A kiss found it’s way on your left temple, “Hello sleeping beauty~” His smooth voice seemed to lift not only your head to look at his figure, but your spirits as well. Your eyes raked over his tall stature in a observant way.

He was wearing some black sweats, a plain red t-shirt, and some black converses to match it all in some boyish way of fashion. His ebony black hair was a little more messed up than usual due to lack of combing, and his sea-green eyes held a sleepy look that screamed that he was just as tired as you and probably woke up minutes ago.

“Obviously checking out the merchandise.” He said, snapping you away from your observing, “Take a picture if I’m that hot.”

You glared at him, silently challenging him with your eyes, “Maybe I will. This probably be the last time you look good for a long time.”

Your M/P chuckled at Percy’s dropped jaw and waved their hand to gain attention,“ I’ll just grab my keys right quick and I’ll be gone. No funny business while I’m gone..”

You nodded at their words and stood up to kiss Percy, the pancakes long forgotten along with your hunger. You leaned on your tippy-ties and kissed his now pouting lips slowly. Smiling at him and tugging on his hand to follow you to the living room to sit on the couch.

You found a seat on the tan sectional couch, followed up by Percy sitting down beside you and pulling you into a cuddle. A shuffling and clicking of shoes was heard behind you while you two cuddled close,“Bye guys! I’ll be back around 6 tonight, order some Chinese if you need something to eat.” Your M/P called out from near the door,“ Love you!”

The door shut behind them, leaving you and your boyfriend in the house.


It’s not like you’d never been alone with Percy before, I mean you two go on dates and missions together all the time. It’s just that this time felt different… Maybe it’s just that it’s a house you live in and anything could happen. Percy leans forward to pick up the remote and turn on the tv in front of you both, flipping through the channels until he was satisfied with a comedy sitcom. You sighed and cuddled into him a little more than you already were, “Will you be okay while I shower right quick?”
Percy turned his attention from the Tv to you, “Yeah I’ll be okay.. But I could always join you instead” He said with a stupid smug look on his face. You rolled your eyes and pushed off the couch to stand up,“Yeah okay.” Percy’s head shot up along with his eyes widening,“R-Really?” He stuttered in shock, you’d never said that before.

“No you moron!” You yelled with a following laugh. You shook your head and walked to your room the pick out your clothes before heading to the bathroom for a shower.

Percy let out an annoyed groan and slumped back down the couch, pulling a fluffy fur cover off the back of the couch and covering himself in it. It was very nice to just relax again and not have to worry about monsters and wars for once, to at least try to feel normal was a favorite by most demigods including himself at times. Although for now he just wanted to spend time with his girlfriend, to watch movies, make memories, crack jokes, and touch you.

He’d be lying to himself if he didn’t say that he- like every guy- has urges. He mostly refrained during camp and missions, taking care of things himself like he usually does. There were times where you two were intimate, but only two or three times in with span of the two years you’d been together. Most guys wouldn’t be down for that kind of relationship with that low of a sex life, but Percy wasn’t in it just for sex, he was in it because he loved you.

You stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around your body and immediately went to brush your teeth and brush your hair. After your mouth tasted like mint instead of morning breath and your hair was brushed and pulled up in a bun once more, you decided to pull on your clothes. You decided on wearing a light blue t-shirt with black writing that said, “It is what it is” which matched well with black leggings you wore. Finally satisfied with your look of bare face and comfortable clothing, you stepped out to face your boyfriend.

You stepped into the living room only to met with the sound of Who Framed Roger the Rabbit being played on TV. You furrowed your brows and stepped warily to the kitchen where he stood at the counter with a smile.

He was eating your pancakes.

“What the Hades! Percy those are mine, my M/P made them for me!” You whined like a small child who has gotten her toy taken away. Percy chuckled and raised an eyebrow at you as if to challenge you, “Who said they were for you? He/She could have made them for me and not told you.” You let out a groan of irritation and pointed your index finger at him with a fixed glare on him,“ Put. Those. Down.” He stared at you, feigning an innocent look while taking a huge chunk of the golden food and shoving it his mouth, “ Why don’t you come over here and make me?”

You marched over and grabbed the plate from his grip before angrily slamming it on the counter. Percy chuckled and fought to keep the grin from stretching across his face, you were cute when mad… But if you’re furious that’s when you’d be more scary than cute. You shoved him down to the floor and straddled him and held his wrists down above his head, “Those were my pancakes, Jackson.” You growled at him, unknowingly pushing your clothed heat against his groin. Percy let out a small moan at this pressure against him, which made you aware of your actions. With a devilish smirk you grind your hips down on his to create a friction for the both of you,“What’s wrong?” You ask when you see his eyes close in bliss, your voice sickly sweet.

To tease a little more you let go of his wrists and got off of him, deciding that if he wanted you then he’d chase after you. Percy sat up quickly and looked after your sauntering form retreating from him, “Hold on, where are you going?” He questioned while standing up, obviously turned on. You glanced at him over your shoulder and kept walking until you got to the point where he couldn’t see you anymore if you continued on,“I’m going to bed now because I want to. Is there a problem?” You smirked at him once more just to gauge his reaction. Percy shook his head and started waking towards you, “The only problem is that you’re a tease and being really mean on purpose. I want to spend time with you and that’s that.” He stopped a few feet away from you and gave you a stern look, him being turned on obvious because of his tent in his sweat pants. A mischievous glint gleamed in your e/c eyes.

“Why don’t you come over here and make me?”

That sentence was enough confirmation for him to charge towards you, you barely catching the dark lust in his eyes before you were swung over his shoulder and carried to your room. You hardly had any time to register the fact that you were about to have sex with your boyfriend for the first time since the end of last summer. You wished you two could be intimate more often, but sadly it was nearly impossible at camp and here at home. It was either parents or monsters always interrupting the mood with their presence and finally there was no one to stop either of you.

Percy laid you down on your bed and crawled on top of you, his right arm holding up his weight on the left of side you. His slowly dropped his mouth to yours and capture your lips in a gentle yet heated kiss, just enjoying the feeling of his lips against yours. With his free hand he softly traced along the inside of your thigh, slowly closing in on its true target. You felt a trickle of arousal start to pool between your thighs at his featherlight touches, trying to distract yourself from that fact by threading your fingers through his messy locks and pushing your breasts against his chest which made him growl into the kiss and slid his tongue teasingly on your bottom lip before biting it tenderly. You moaned at the teasing move and let Percy slip his tongue in your mouth and tangle with yours.

Your mind was racing with a constant monologue of, “Ohmygodsthisishappeningwhatthehadesrespondtohimyouidiot” and your heart was creating a gymnastics routine in your chest. Your need for oxygen getting close and more desperate than your need to be touched.

Percy must’ve sensed that because not even a few seconds later he pulled away from your lips and tugged your shirt over your head, throwing it over his shoulder and behind him. He brought his lips down your jaw line, your neck, your collarbone. He slowly sucked your skin, licking the bruises he knew he was leaving behind. You bit your lip in effort to suppress an airy moan, hands snaking up to rub his shoulders and neck as the muscles beneath as they tensed beneath your touch. Percy lifted his head to admire the purple forming across every place his mouth touched on your smooth skin. His usual welcoming sea green eyes now seemed like a dark hurricane boring straight into your very own e/c eyes with lust and want.

You bit the corner of your lip and let your eyes flick down to his clothed chest, tugging on the materiel and slipping your hand underneath to feel his toned chest beneath your digits. Taking the hint that you wanted his shirt gone, he threw it away to join your own somewhere, leaving him exposed to you. You stared in awe of his body before you got desperate to see it all, It had been too long since you’d seen him fully exposed. Your hands clumsily fiddled with the string tie of his sweats and pulling them down quickly to reveal his strained, grey boxers.

You eyed his erection greedily until a chuckle made your gaze snap up to Percy’s face where a smile adorned his lips before he started to hook his fingers in your black leggings and tug then down, “Now were fair and square.” He commented quietly, taking in your matching set of lacy nude and royal blue undies and taking a particular liking to the thong you sported. He carefully crawled back on top of you, making sure you weren’t being crushed by himself. Looking down at you, Percy bit his lip and smiled slightly, “You look so sexy, babe,” He dipped his head and planted a kiss on your lips, “I love you.” He reached behind you and removed your bra.
“I love yo- AHH~!” You moaned loudly as his perfect lips wrapped around your nipple and that sinfully skilled tongue flicked over it. His fingers started playing with the other one, and you moaned out his name. A shiver ran down his spine when he heard his name come out as a moan, and it made him harder.

You could feel it.

His erection pressing against your thigh and nearing your heart with every little move of his body. You needing bucked up your hips against his with a small whine leaving your lips. Percy groaned and decided to get straight to it all seeing as he wouldn’t make it for too long. He lifted his lips from your nipple and brought his lips to your mouth, his tongue meshing with yours. Once oxygen was becoming a problem, he pulled away and trailed wet, open mouthed kisses down your abdomen and down your panties. A sweet moan dripped from your lips and sounded like bells from Elysium had just rung in his ears. He kissed over your needy and clothed core before hooking his teeth around the strap line and dragging them off with his teeth. You gasped and almost screamed out when his tongue suddenly flicked over your clit. You bucked your hips unintentionally as he pushed his tongue into you. You gave up trying to suppress your moans as he rubbed his tongue all around inside you, lapping up all of your juices. He retracted his face from between your legs and returned his attention to your aching nipples. You were in sensory overload and were a complete moaning mess.
Then his finger suddenly breached your entrance.
You screamed in pleasure and bucked your hips every time he slowly thrusted in. Then he added a second finger, but moved even slower, seeing the discomfort on your face. Then, when you had adjusted, he added a third. You were quickly becoming a mess.

Percy looked up at your face to try to read your feelings, but alas your face was a mixed emotion of pleasure and discomfort. It had been sometime since you were active so he understood and continued on slowly until your voice moaning out his name was ringing throughout the room. He quickly discarded his boxers and crawled back up to be face to face with you.

His face hovered over yours for a second. “Are you ready?” You nodded quickly, and after grabbing a condom from your beside drawer and slipping it on, he positioned himself at your entrance. Then, the one thing you had been waiting for, the one thing you had been craving began to slowly push inside your body.
He moaned out, “Schist , baby. You’re so tight. You feel so good. You’re so perfect.” His words were music to your ears.
You closed your eyes in concentration and tried to adjust to the feeling of him inside of you, to be completely honest, it hurt.
Noticing your change almost immediately, Percy was quick to check on you, “Are you okay?” His voice genuinely concerned.
You nodded and murmured a quiet, “Go ahead,” to him as consent.

“Babe…____ we can stop if you want,” He caressed the side of your face, “Do you want to keep going?” You nodded sharply. He hesitated for a moment and continued slowly until he was hilt deep.
You two stayed in that position for what seemed like hours. He kissed you everywhere his mouth could reach to try to take your mind off the pain. Slowly but surely, the pain turned into a dull ache, and you said you were ready.
Percy brought his lips back to yours and you allowed his tongue to enter. Then, he slowly started moving out and back in. It took a few gentle thrusts, but eventually your pained moans turned into pleasured ones. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss as he started thrusting faster and faster. He suddenly hit one spot and you screamed out, “There! Shit right there, Percy!” You were moaning loudly and screaming out his name as he hit that spot over and over again. You clawed at his back leaving red marks, but you didn’t care. And you knew he didn’t either.
Then you hit your climax. You screamed out his name again, and he moaned yours out loudly as your walls squeezed tightly around his member, and he reached his climax and came. He continued to thrust into you as he rode out his orgasm, and then collapsed on top of you.

He rolled off the condom and disposed of it in the trash before crawling back onto the bed with you. Sweaty bodies cuddled up together and pants mixing in with the others.
Percy stroked the side if your face, sweeping back stray hairs as he did, “Are you okay? I know it’s not your first time, but you still had me worried about you…” He admitted.

Your eyes sleepily opened to meet his in what felt like a daze, “
It’s been a while since I’ve been touched so of course it’s gonna hurt similar to the first time.” Percy nodded understandingly, yet his face still held worry. Typical Perseus Jackson.
You lightly pinched his arm, making him yelp and glare at you, “Why’d you do that?” He whined.
You grinned at his cuteness and closed your eyes, drifting off as you answered,

“Because you’re a moron who cares too much.”

“Love you too.”

sidray21  asked:

Hi(: I was wondering if you could help me out. My room is a dark grey with dark brown hardwood floors and white furniture/bedding. What colors do you think I should look into for accents?

Hi! Have a look at the pictures below for some inspiration. I’d say try some gold accents, and add some pop of colour using yellows, greens, and patterns using these colours or black and white. Also add some plants, fake or real :)

Hope that helped! xo

Shadow: Part 8

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Natasha and Bucky rescue someone from their past. Being hunted down, they bring you to the Avengers. Will it be enough to keep you safe?

Warnings: swear words

A/N: I thought you guys needed a break from the angst. There’s still a little but mostly fluff. Thank you so much for reading! ~J

Masterlist  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

“No, he didnt!”

“I swear Y/N he totally got beat up by that cat! Pretty sure he’s still afraid of grey ones” Steve chuckled and you broke out in a fit of laughter.

“What’s so funny кукла?” Bucky asks as Steve and you enter into the kitchen, both sweaty after your run.

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Derek Hale Story (9)

Dinner with Derek:

Originally posted by semejohn

Today is the day Derek and You chose to go on your second date. Derek asked you earlier this week to accompany him to dinner. Derek had texted you saying he will be picking you up at 6:30pm and to wear something nice.

 You texted back “don’t I always look nice?? O.o LOL” shortly after you received a response saying “ Of course you do, but look extra nice babe.” You do as told. you love any chance to look your best.

 you rummage through your closet where you hang most of your sexy  and nice clothes. you chose a nice not over the top dress. you bent down search through all your shoes. finding a perfect pair of strappy shoes for your dress. you placed your outfit on your bed and went into your washroom stripping off the clothes on your body, running the shower water to the perfect temperature and stepping into the shower.

 one of the best things you love about showering is your shower radio. you turn it on and theres no need to find a station as it is already on your favorite you start singing along to the song playing. “we never learn, we’ve been here before, why are we always stuck and running from the bullet, the bullets” your put some shampoo in the palm of your hands and wash your hair awhile still singing “ just stop your crying its the sign of the times, we gotta get away from here” you condition your hair and rinse. you start washing your body and shaving.

Another good song comes on before you know it your dancing and singing it to. “ jump in the Cadillac girl lets put some miles on it, anything you want just put a smile on it” you finish your shower stepping out onto the shower mat. you dry off your hair and body you go to your sink and brush your teeth and hair before leaving the bathroom and entering your room.

 you get dressed in your nice dress and start doing your makeup. you finish getting ready and its almost time to go. you put on your heels and grab your clutch purse to go with your dress. .

 you go downstairs and sit on your couch. playing on your phone till Derek gets there. only a few minutes later theres a knock on your door, and assuming its Derek because well who else would it be. you smile excited to see derek and open the door to see..

Stiles. what the f you think and look behind him, back and fourth as if Derek would come up to your house any moment.

“ugh you just gonna stand there looking around or let me in” stiles asked.

you step aside letting the boy in.  “ can I help you” you ask kind of annoyed and confused why stiles just  showed up at your door.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

 stiles says. 

you gave him the biggest confused look ever. “what are you talking about” you ask still very much confused. stiles sighed.

“you know are connection for many things, like movies, as one example, there is a star wars marathon and dad wont let me watch it right now. it annoys him” stiles says ending with air quotations.

you burst out laughing. “ oh so you thought you could come to my house and watch it on my tv” you state

“no Y/N I just came here to tell you my favorite movie series is on tv and my dad is being an ass.” stiles says clearly full of sarcasm.

“oh well in that case thanks for letting me know bye” you sarcastically say back

Stiles has an offended look on his face while holding his hands to his heart.

“ouch, you don’t want to spend time with your best friend” stiles asks in a fake hurt tone.

You chuckle at him. “stiles I love hanging out with you but I have plans already if you didn’t notice the dress and heels I am wearing” you say.

Stiles looks you up and down and says “oh”

“yeah sorry Stiles Derek will be here any time now, I actually thought it was him knocking at the door”  you say politely.

“that’s fine, you have fun with sour wolf, ill just watch the movies alone” stiles says walking into your living room and grabbing the remote to your tv. You follow him in the living room in a hurry

 " wait what, I never said “you started to say but were cut off from a knock on the door. You give stiles an obvious glare and went to answer the door. 

"Hey hun” you greeted the sexy Derek Hale

“Hey babe, you look beautiful” Derek smiles and you can feel his amazing eyes travelling your figure in the white dress you wore.

“Aw thank you, you look beautiful too” you chuckle

“Where’s your snacks” you hear from inside your house.

“I am guessing stiles is here, I saw what sure looked to be his crap jeep parked and his scent” Derek says

“yeah he dropped by” you speak walking into  your home with Derek behind you most certainly enjoying his view.

Stiles comes form your kitchen with a mouth full of cheezies, while the bag of cheezies are in one hand and a can of soda in the other.

“Hey” Stiles spoke with bits of cheezie coming out of his mouth.

Derek looked at Stiles annoyed as ever.

Originally posted by stilinskihalefamily-archive

“why is he here” Derek turned his face to you asking

Stiles out on his offended face once again this evening from Dereks question. you sigh and answer “he is just here to watch some movies as the sheriff is busy at home not wanting noise”

“I wouldn’t want stiles around either” Derek smiled

“Don’t be such a sour wolf” stiles says to Derek

Derek and stiles are glaring at each other. I guess that’s our que to leave you thought.

“okay lets get going, and stiles if you make a mess im kicking your ass, then your sore ass is going to be cleaning the mess” you warn stiles

Stiles rolls his eyes walking into your living room. You and Derek head out the front door and into his car.

The drive was nice with small talk.

“I swear Stiles better behave at my house" you laugh

"if not, ill trip his throat out with my teeth” Derek tired saying in a serious tone but he soon smiled after saying that.

“thanks your the beats, gotta love a man that will kill your best friend for you” you laugh

“I would do anything for you” Derek says this time being one hundred percent serious

you give Derek a sweet smile and look out your window watching threes, houses, and stores passing by.

You guys arrive at the restaurant and Derek parks the car. He gets out of his car going to the passenger side to open the car door for you.

“Thank you” you say to Derek for being ever so kind.

You both walk hand in hand to a big dark brown builing that’s in front of you. The building has huge tinted windows in the front of it. The door man held the front door for you and Derek. You both walked in the restaurant.

 The place has light wood floors, dark brown tables, and cream color chairs. The walls are dark brown as well and the ceiling is cream color with flowers all over the ceiling and shinning little lights sparkling all around.

“How can I help you” A older looking man asked.

“A table for two” Derek answered

“right this way” the man lead us to a table by one of the big walls of the building. Derek pulled your chair out for you to  take a seat. and you thank him. He smiles and sits down.

“A waiter will be right with you” the old man says leaving you two alone.

“This place is nice” you smile looking around. “Thank you for this date” you say turning to look back at Derek.

“Already thanking me and the date just started, I must be good” Derek laughs and you roll your eyes.

“yes your so great” you say sarcastically even though it is true he really is great heck more than great.

A waiter who looks in his early twenties came to your table handing you and Derek menus.

  "Is there anything I can get you two to drink" The waiter asked.

“I will have water” Derek responds

“And what can I get you beautiful” The waiter asks you and Derek tenses up a bit with a not so happy look on his face from this boy calling you beautiful.

Who does he think he is calling you that. He should not be able to talk to customers like that. How unprofessional. He cant just call you that in front of him, your his girlfriend, Wait, no your not, not yet anyways.. Derek’s mind went a little wild at the waiters comment. And now he feels like an  idiot though you and the waiter have no insight in his head. He felt awkward and stupid for calling you his girlfriend even just in his head. He was so in thought he didn’t even notice you answered the waiter and he had left to get both your drinks.  

“So what are you thinking of eating” You ask Derek while looking over your own menu

Derek takes a quick look at his menu “Steak probably” He answers

“that sounds good” You give a small smile. You both look at the menus for another minute. The waiter comes back with your drinks setting them down.

“so what can I get you both to eat” the waiter asks

“I will have the steak well done with side Caesar salad” Derek replies to the water and both the boys turn their heads to you awaiting your answer.

“And for you hun” the waiter asks

Derek clears his throat a little to make his presence known and takes a sip of his water. You  glance at Derek and than look back to the waiter and reply “i’ll have the same, steak well done with Caesar salad”  

The waiter writes it down and takes your and Derek’s menus and giving you a little smile. Derek gives the waiter boy a glare wile glancing at him as the waiter walks away. You gave Derek a questionable look seeing he glared at the waiter. Derek gives you a tiny smile like nothing happened and nothing is bothering him.

“Your weird” you say to Derek and chuckle

Derek raises his eyebrows at you “ have you met yourself” he asks laughing. You furrow your eyebrows “Uh yeah I have and I think im pretty awesome” you smile.

“I am not disagreeing with that” he says and Derek takes a a hold of your hand smiling at you.

“so far are you liking it here” Derek asks you

“No. so far I am loving it here and being with you” you say being all cheesy

“good, if you didn’t like it here we could of took off somewhere else” Derek says

“no no this is great babe” you smile big 

“How was your day, anything exciting happen” you asks Derek

“I worked out most of the time, and got my self ready for this date. the only exciting thing would be right now this date spending time with you” he replies

“well arnt you just a smooth talker” you laugh

“I guess, I make the truth sound smooth” he laughs.

The waiter bring the steak and salad you both ordered. The boy didn’t acknowledge Derek but looked at you and said “enjoy your meal” with a smile and walked away.

You turn to Derek. “Is it me or was he to friendly to me and not very nice to you” you ask and laugh a little. Derek’s face looked surprised you mentioned it. “oh you noticed” he says.

“yeah I did and it was awkward” you reply

“just a little” he laughs

You both start eating your food. After a couple minutes of eating you had to declare your love. For this food of course.

“Gotta love steak, I might have to marry the chief” you chuckle

Derek faked being hurt. “ for your information I am a great cook, so you dint have to leave me for some chief” he says trying to be serious.

“Macaroni and cheese doesn’t count” you pointed out

Derek put on  joking angry face. “I am going to cook you dinner” he says dead serious

“we are already eating dinner” you say playing dumb

“Another time smart ass” Derek laughs

You and Derek take more bites of your meals. “so what do you plan on cooking for me” you ask after swallowing some steak

“It will be a surprise, don’t worry you will like it” Derek replies

“I don’t like mac and cheese that much” you joke

Derek sighs jokingly “Im not making damn macaroni and cheese” he chuckled

“Well with all honesty, I cant wait to have whatever you make me for dinner” you smile

Derek smiled. You and Derek enjoy eating more of your food. You guys finish up your food and the waiter came to ask how the bill is being paid and if everything is together. Derek said yes its together and paid with cash.

“Have a goodnight beautiful” The waiter said to you walking away

“He is one lucky boy” Derek says taking your hand walking to his car

“whys that” you asked confused

because I didn’t rip his throat out with my teeth" Derek says partly joking but very annoyed how that idiot boy talked and flirted with you. You laugh

“Are you jealous” you asks

Derek chuckles “No but I do wish that boy had more respect for you and me your date” He says. You nod as your in dereks car driving back to your home.

The ride is peaceful and quite. just you and Derek with smiles on your faces. You watch the scenery passing by through the car window. You get home and Derek turns off his car but stays inside it.

“I would walk you to the door but I don’t want stiles spying on us” Derek chuckles

“I agree” you smile at him 

You move in to kiss him and he meets you almost half way your lips smash together. its a tingly amazing feeling all over your body, on your lips,face,neck,chest and down your arms.

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 "Sleep well babe" Derek says as you both are pulling away.

“You too hun” You smile and get out of the car and walking to your front door going inside.

 You walk to your living room hearing the tv. Damn stiles and his movies you think to your self. You see stiles passed out on your couch cuddling a bag of cheezie. His mouth is open and light  snores are coming from it. You Smile at your dorky best friend and take the cheezies bag away covering him with a blanket folded up on the back of the couch. You turn off the tv and head up stairs to your room.

 You remove your heels and dress and change into a tank top and shorts to sleep in. You go into your bathroom to wash off your makeup and brush your teeth. You jump in bed and your whole date flashes through your mind, you smile at the recent events that have happened tonight and drift off to sleep.


(gifs not mine) The is part 9 to the Derek Hale Story. Read other parts if you have not. Sorry it was very late had a lot going on with moving and my daughter. hope you all understand and enjoy this part.


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Liberator // Sam

Summary: You have a history of hallucinations that keep you secretive and a mystery. When Dean convinces you to break the routine keeping the hallucinations away they come back with the stress. What happens when one happens before you even leave the bunker?

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean Winchester

Words: 949

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or the characters. I also know little about hallucination and tried my best.

Warnings: Swearing, vivid description of blood, hallucinations, angst, and mention of death

Author: Caitsy

Requested: Yes, anon.

Tagging: At the bottom

A/N: This is from a while back that I struggled to research. I know it’s not dead on but I’m proud of how it went even if it’s not what it truly is to someone.

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There was something different about you that made you feel like an outsider and that was your hallucinations. You hadn’t had one in years if you were being honest with your self, well years is an exaggeration. You hadn’t had one in the past year because you had started yoga to calm yourself and getting the required sleep.

It always made you feel like an outcast growing up in both society and your family. When you made changes in your life everything got better. You felt like you fit in for the first time in your life. That’s why nobody knew about it. The things is the routine you had developed was now making the Winchesters suspicious of you.

“Come on, one day without yoga.” Dean said pouting.

“You know I don’t do hunts where it takes a full drive to get there.” You said wiping the counter down. Dean had made burgers for supper and was taking a break by making fries.


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Imagine: Heir

Anonymous said:Hi, can you do a jokerxreader story where the joker wants a heir to his throne so he kidnaps the reader and says she will give birth to his son whether she likes it or not, and the she has a girl so he wants to try again, I hope I’m making sense please and thank you ❤️❤️

Me: You totally make sense hon. Thanks for requesting.  ❤️ Sorry tho it probably sucks because I have such a bad hangover-ish feeling haha also it’s father’s day tomorrow and I had to get up every 5 minutes to run to the kitchen to make a cake and come back so it’s a little messy. I tried! Might re-write if I end up hating this

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Originally posted by thatfunnyweirdindiechick

Joker was known for his mastermind crimes and cruel kills, but little did people know he was rich as hell. Of course it would make sense for robbing people and banks, but usually people focused on the fact of what he had done, not what he had done it for.

He was in his office, wondering who the heck should inherit all of the money and expensive items he had. If he would die on mission, there was no one to take that. Oh and he didn’t want the government to own it either, after so much hard word. Someone had to be his heir.

After thinking about it in the back of his mind for weeks, he finally got to the point of process. He had been talking to you for a few days after seeing you in his club. At first you had been very nervous around him and really scared ,but for some reason you didn’t understand Joker was nice to you.

Until one night that he and his henchmen kidnapped you.

A few days had passed and you had been locked up in a bedroom that was full of things for girls. ‘’Hello?’’ You yelled from behind the door and hit it a few times. Everything was hopeless. Your boss would fire your sorry ass for not showing up or even telling anyone where you were. You couldn’t either. Joker had kidnapped you! First it scared you so much you had cried for hours nonstop, but no one had done anything to you so far so you were mostly pissed. But on the inside you were scared to see Joker.

The one people you had seen were henchmen who gave you food. The room wasn’t bad. It had a big bed, a warm dark brown floor, a bulletproof window that showed the beautiful Gotham city view and a bathroom with a big bathtub. Of course it would be nice to know what the fuck was going on, but that would push your luck.

After four days of being locked up in the fancy room, you were forced to face Joker. He walked into the room and saw you lying in bed with a book. As soon as you saw him, the book fell onto the floor and your heart jumped to your throat. Fear kicked in and reminded you of the real situation going on. You weren’t a guest, he fucking kidnapped you by drugging you with a cloth and allowed his men to take you away from your freedom.

‘’Oh you’re being silly darling. We’re friends, right?’’ He smiled and joined you in the big bed. The second he sat on the bed, you stood up. ‘’Friends don’t kidnap each other’’ You let him know through your fear.Joker was bored alone so he crawled out of bed and walked closer to you. As he took one step closer, you took one step back until you were against the purple wall.’’Well that’s an exception doll’’ He whispered and stopped until he was right in front of you.How body was blocking you from escaping, but then again the door was locked so it would be useless.

‘’I know how you’re looking at me Y/N’’ He purred once again and put his hands beside you and leaned closer so your noses nearly brushed. Yes you had to admit to  yourself that he was hot and very thrilling to hang around with, but never ever would you admit it to him. ‘’You’re not even that scared. I know you’re just trying to act though because I took you here’’ He giggled and found this funny.


You rolled your eyes, but soon he grabbed your jaw and forced you to look at him again. ‘’Admit it sweet cheeks’’ he nearly growled and made your heart skip a beat because he startled you. ‘’Never’’You just whispered and knew it made him angry. But little did he know this position and all got you a little horny whether you liked it or not. Joker was hot. But you were angry at him.

Before you realized what the fuck was going on, Joker pressed his lips on your neck and started kissing your skin warmly. You gasped at the sudden touch, but when he started sucking on your sweetspot, you gave into temptation and moaned out quietly. He was so dangerous that it turned me on.’’Do you like that?’’ He asked you with a raspy voice, but you bit your bottom lip so he wouldn’t be pleased.

‘’Oh I’ll make you speak’’ he warned you deeply and then gave you a wild look. First you thought he’d hit you, but his hand touched your abdomen and then slid into your pants and straight to your heat.His fingers pressed against your clit and it made your legs go weak. ‘’All wet for me?’’ He seemed surprised and made you blush, yet you didn’t say anything. ‘’You’re just asking for it’’ He chuckled darkly and so that led you two to have sex. Little did you remember protection..

Three weeks passed and Joker really seemed to be sweet towards you. Why? You had no idea, but you didn’t mind. But the truth behind it all was evil. He managed to make you fall for him without even trying too hard. Talk about stockholm syndrome. Now you stayed at his penthouse willingly and he was happy to have you around. Your old life was far behind.

But before you could completely believe that he had taken you here only because he cared, the truth came out -kinda.

You woke up one morning because you felt sick. It was early in the morning and you ran into the bathroom, kneeling in front of the toilet and then last night’s food came out of your mouth. It burnt your throat to throw up and it caused your eyes to sting. After emptying your stomach to the toilet and coughing, you wiped your mouth and flushed the toilet. Of course you were too tired to think through it so you brushed your teeth and headed back to bed where Joker was sleeping. He had stayed in your room for a few days now.

His eyes were open as you got back in bed. ‘’Where were you?’’ He asked you quietly and put his hand on your waist. This man really made your inner insanity come through and you wouldn’t be surprised if he managed to make you as sick as himself. ‘’I feel sick’’ You murmured tiredly and put young hand on your stomach. Instead of seeing worry on his face, he smiled. ‘’What’s so funny?’’ You groaned and tried to keep your eyes open.

‘’Nothing..did you throw up?’’ He asked you and sounded a little more worried. You nodded and then shut your eyes. Silence fell into the room. ‘’What if you’re pregnant?’’ He whispered, causing your eyes to open again. Was he fucking serious? ‘’Doubt it..’’ You sighed and pulled the blanket over you. Joker touched your cheek gently and looked into your eyes. ‘’Y/N I’m serious..we didn’t use protection three weeks ago’’ Joker whispered and sounded dead serious.

Your heart started to hammer in your chest. He was right. But could you be pregnant to a criminal mastermind? Suddenly you grew scared. ‘’I c-can’t..I don’t..know how to t-take care of a kid..’’ You stuttered and even worried about him. Just as you started to feel okay here, this happened. What if Joker would hate having a child? What the fuck would he do to you if he found out your pregnant? Shoot you?

‘’Shh..take it easy doll. How about you go back to sleep and we’ll wait a few days, hm?’’

Little did you know he was planning this all along..

*9 months later because I’m lazy lol*

Your head was a mess as you laid on the damn bed and tried to push out a living human being out of you. Dr. Quinzel came as soon as Joker said that your water broke and it was happening. You were giving birth to Joker’s and your child. Just less than a year ago that would have seemed impossible.

‘’Fuck!’’ You yelled out in pain and tried to breathe. Joker was next to you and he let you squeeze the living out of his hand. First it seemed like he didn’t care about you, but during your pregnancy, you grew very close. It’s like he fed you some kind of a mad love. He even got you to commit some crimes, but then when he saw that a bump was showing, he got you guards so you would always be safe until the surprise he had for you after giving birth. You had no idea what it would be.

A couple painful minutes later you heard a baby crying. Everything around you froze and you held your breath in shock. Dr. Quinzel was washing your baby and preparing her or him for you to hold for the first time. Tears stung your eyes and it felt like a dream

You had your own kid!

‘’Congratulations! You have a beautiful daughter’’ Quinzel chirped happily and held her so you two could see her. ‘’Oh my god’’You breathed out. Joker was quiet, but you were a little drugged by the laughing gas and epidural so you didn’t notice. He stood up and grabbed some scissors. You watched as he cut the umbilical cord like a father was supposed to do. Then finally you were allowed to hold your daughter.Your hair was messy and glued to your sweaty face, but it didn’t matter at all.

She cried loudly ,but when you started to talk to her, she calmed down. ‘’J we have a-’’ You started, but soon realized that he had walked out of the room. Quinzel gave you a sorry look for some reason. ‘’What’s going on?’’ you asked her confusedly, being way too tired to deal with his temper right now.’’He must be overwhelmed..’’ She muttered a little nervously and then sat on the chair where Joker had been on a moment earlier. You felt a little sad because you wanted him here, but on the other hand things like these were really special and rare for him. He was usually taking lives away, not bringing someone to life.

‘’Don’t worry princess, daddy loves you’’ You whispered softly to the girl that held onto your boob. She sure was hungry. ‘’Do you want me to talk to him?’’ Quinzel asked you after a while. ‘’That would be nice thank you’’ You mumbled and then yawned. She nodded and then walked out in a hurry. Well that’s a very special birth, everyone just leaves.

Not too long after your newborn little blue-eyed angel fell asleep. You forced yourself to stay awake because you were afraid to drop her. Weren’t you supposed to get rid of your placenta as well? Before you could try to get the doctor back, you heard Joker yelling which really took you off guard.

‘’Well we both know that it was supposed to be a boy!’’ You heard him yelling angrily. Your eyes widened and your heart started to beat faster in your chest. You could hear Quinzel trying to calm him down. ‘’..Try again?’’ She suggested and that’s when you felt betrayed.

Had he used you to get a baby?!

You literally had to hold your breath so you wouldn’t start breathing hastily and start crying. Also your pretty daughter was asleep on you so you didn’t want to get a damn panic attack. The door opened and Dr.Quinzel walked back with reddened cheeks, probably from frustration. ‘’Let’s put her to bed and get that placenta out. You deserve some sleep as well’’ She sighed and put on gloves. You let her take your daughter away and onto a small newborn baby bed. That’s when Quinzel walked back to you and tried to make up re-position so she could press your stomach.

‘’So this was all planned, huh?’’ You whispered and saw how her face turned a little paler from surprise. ‘’Y/N it’s not what it seems like’’ She tried to tell you, but your hormones were still freaking mad so you didn’t just lie in bed and be a good little girl for doctor and mr. clown prince of crime. ‘’I’m leaving’’ You growled angrily. ‘’As soon as I get that piece of shit out of my stomach I’m gone’’ You continued angrily. ‘’You should sleep on it Y/N’’ Harleen tried to talk you through this, but you refused to listen. You just crossed your arms and she was forced to help you to end the pregnancy.

(the placenta is an organ that works as a tube that feeds the baby that comes out after giving birth. Google it if you want to)

A couple hours later Dr.Quinzel left and you were with Joker and your daughter. You had slept a little, but you were stressing. Didn’t he care about you after all? All those thoughts ran around your head and made you want to cry out from pure frustration. He hadn’t even come to see you or his daughter and it really pissed you off. So what she wasn’t a boy? Maybe in the future, but she was born a girl and for some reason Joker was unpleased.

The door opened and you saw him walking in. ‘’Well look at you, the biggest dickhead ever’’ You spat angrily at him, not giving a fuck about the fact it was Joker. Fear seemed like an unknown feeling for you in the middle of your anger. ‘’Watch your mouth doll’’ he sighed and then walked further in. Your baby was sleeping again. ‘’I know you don’t like her so stop pretending’’ You whispered and then watched as he gave you an angry glare.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ He groaned and then waited for you to answer. The room was dim but you could see his face perfectly. ‘’What’s wrong? I heard you yelling earlier’’ You admitted and then sat on the bed. Your stomach hurt, but you forced yourself to sit. Joker took a deep breath and then looked at his daughter. You could almost see a glimpse of happiness in his eyes, but you were too angry to care.

Suddenly the baby made a squeal and let you know she hadn’t slept after all. Joker smiled and picked her up, first trying to find out how, but he got the hang of it. He held her in his arms and it really melted your heart, but you tried to keep a straight face. ‘’Hi princess’’ Joker cooed softly and took a seat next to you. She didn’t cry or anything. Instead she looked at her father wide eyed and seemed to smile. Your daughter had pale skin and very blonde hair. Probably from Joker’s unnatural features that apparently were genetic.

‘’It’s  daddy’’ Joker told her and suddenly you calmed down. Even tho he was a psychopath, a homicidal criminal, he seemed so down to earth when he saw her like this. It was touching to be honest. ‘’How could I not love her?’’ Joker suddenly looked at you. What a bastard he was making you love him so much. ‘’I don’t know..’’ You mumbled a little tiredly. ‘’Y/N darling it’s a long story.I’ll explain it later, but now we can be happy that we have our own child in this world’’ He tried to make you calm down. He had calmed down himself very well.

‘’Fine’’ You gave in and smiled. ‘’That’s my girl..I have two girls now to keep an eye on’’ He chuckled and then looked back at the newborn in his arms. ‘’Daddy won’t let anyone hurt you’’


The night was a miracle! Your baby Lana hadn’t cried and you got a full 8 hours of sleep for the first time in months. Joker had taken you to the acid bath a couple days ago and you felt like a new fresh person. He said it was very important for you to go through that and you got the clue why.

Just as you thought things were okay, he made you just as furious as the night you gave birth to Lana. He started talking about having more kids. ‘’J my vagina literally stretched to pop out one, do you think I want to do it again?’’ You groaned and looked into his eyes. He seemed a little sad and it was bad for you because you were a sucker for that guy. ‘’But think about our future. Siblings would be nice for Lana’’ He explained and walked up to you. Your arms were crossed and you felt too tired to think about this.

‘’Aw trust me darling, we can go through it again. It’s fun to see your mood swings’’ He teased you a little just to be a douche on purpose. ‘’Oh J I’m thinking more about you. You’ll run away with your tail between your legs when you see me getting angry’’ You joked and cracked a smile. ‘’That’s my girl’’ He cheered and put his hands on your shoulders. Your eyes met and you gave into him, leaning against his chest so you could hug. Damn.You would have never ever in a million years believed that Joker would be a dad and such a softie towards you.

To break the perfect moment, a loud cry interrupted you. ‘’I’ll take her’’ He promised and pressed a kiss on your head before hurrying to get your crying daughter. You watched as Joker walked into the bedroom and it made you happy. This was unbelievably amazing. Maybe siblings for Lana wasn’t a bad idea after all? Better like it since Joker already made up his mind, whether I was up for it or not.

Good for him that I was..


Effortlessly - BUGHEAD fanfic - Chapter One


There are three things you should know about Betty Cooper. One, she always puts the needs of others above her own. Two, she has been in love with her best friend since she could remember. Three, she has a hard time letting people in.

And when you combine those three things, you get Betty Cooper sharing an apartment with her one true love’s girlfriend across the hall from the man himself and his friend who uses sarcasm whenever he gets the chance but somehow manages to sneak his way into her world with his sweet, knowing smiles and clever insights.

And while Jughead Jones came into her life, slowly, gradually, he burst into her heart unexpectedly and suddenly.

A/N: Hello! Welcome to my first Bughead fanfic! Just a few things I’d like to say before we start.

1st: English is my 2nd language and I don’t have a beta so if you find any mistakes please alert me so that I can fix that! Criticism is how we learn. Also if you find that I’ve written you’re instead of your or than instead of then please, please let me know because that is one thing that I cringe at!
2nd as I’ve said this is my 1st bughead fanfic. I have only seen season 1 once so the characters might be a bit OOC, please point those instances to me so I can develop their characterization better in the future.
3d Feedback is what gets me going so please, do communicate with me so that I don’t get lazy. :)
4th Also posted on AO3.
5th I hope you enjoy!

                                                   The beginning 

One of the downsides of always putting other people’s needs above your own is getting the short end of the stick most of the time. Betty had been put in situations where she put someone else’s wants, needs and desires above her own more times than she can remember. Whether it be something small, like agreeing to go out for hamburgers instead of pizza just because it was that time of the month and her friend was craving it. Or something bigger, like spending her one free afternoon watching after her nephew and niece just so her sister could for a little while take a break from being an adult. Betty Cooper has put the needs and wants of others above her own more times than she can remember, but never did she do someone a favor that was this big or that would cause her this much pain. And standing in front of her new apartment, ready to knock and wait for the next four years of her life to open, she started to comprehend the enormity of the decision she has made. She almost banged her head on the wall and asked herself why she had agreed to move in across the hall from the love of her life with his girlfriend. But before she could do that Veronica Lodge opened the door, squealed and pulled her into their new home.

“You’re finally here!” Veronica exclaimed and clapped her hands together.

“As promised.” Betty mustered up a smile, one that was most definitely not natural but was over the years perfected as though it was.

“Wow, Spain really agrees with you! I may or may not be a little jealous.”

“Nothing to be jealous of really. Just beaches and pretty boys.” She winked, letting her smile widen a little. Veronica laughed and pulled her into a tight hug.

“Oh, I’ve missed you, Betty Cooper.”

“I’ve only been gone for two months, V.”

Veronica smiled smugly “My point exactly.”  

Betty let her friend pull her to the couch. And Veronica was her friend. She truly was. And she could talk to her about everything, everything but that one small thing. That one small thing that in fact wasn’t that small, but huge, enormous, sometimes almost bigger than any other part of her life. Archie Andrews and her feelings for him were hers and only hers. Not one person knew that Betty Cooper, his best friend and a girl next door, was deeply and devastatingly in love with him. No one but Betty Cooper herself.

She has seen girls come into his life and then leave, sometimes even faster than they came. And when Veronica came on that faithful night into Pop’s and asked if the onion rings were any good, she wasn’t really worried. But then, then she saw it. The twinkle in Archie’s eyes, the twinkle that she hasn’t seen before. Veronica Lodge came into Pop’s that night, all pearls, charms and smiles and settled into their lives permanently.

At first she didn’t care. She told herself that the black haired girl would be just like all the others. But days passed and then weeks passed and then months passed and suddenly everyone knew that Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews were, well, Veronica and Archie. And Betty was, still, just Betty.

The worst thing about it all was that no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t resent Veronica because as abruptly as she came into Archie’s life, she came into Betty’s too. Slowly but surely she gained a new friend, a good friend and she was mad with herself when those little, sneaky thoughts of jealousy filled her mind when she saw her friend hold the hand of a boy who was supposed to be the love of her life. Her boyfriend. Her partner in crime. Her endgame.

The worst thing about all of it was that no matter how much it hurt her to see them together, the thought of him being unhappy pained her even more. So she kept smiling, while her heart cried. She kept laughing while her heart ached. And when Archie came, all bright eyes and excited smile into her room and told her that he had found two apartments, across from each other all she could do really, was smile herself. And when he told her that she and Veronica could share the apartment across from his and his friend’s all she could do was smile even wider because that is who Betty Cooper is.

She is that one in a thousand people who is willing to put other people’s feelings before her own. Because above everything, Betty Cooper is caring and nice and good.

And that is how she ended up, once again in a place where she didn’t want to be and in a situation that she couldn’t get out of without hurting the ones closest to her. And once again she smiled the smile that no one could tell was fake and danced as other people played.

“So, how many guys did you meet?” Veronica asked, a wicked smile on her lips and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“Just one.”

“Oooh, is he a Danny to your Sandy?”

“Something like that.” He was more like a Joey to her Phoebe.

“Tell me—”

And before Veronica could finish the sentence, the door of the apartment opened and Betty turned to see a redhead that made her heart hiccup.

And this time, the smile on her lips was real and for a moment, one moment she forgot that all that could come out of this living arrangement was, in fact, heartbreak.

“Betty! You’re home!” Archie exclaimed and before she grasped what was happening he was pulling her off of the couch and crushing her in a hug.

But she didn’t mind. Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer and she breathed in and with a smell of him came a sense of home. Because everywhere Archie was, for her was home. And then he was letting go of her.

“Man, I have a feeling I haven’t seen you in years.”

“Yeah, same here, Arch.” She smiled widely before sitting back down, her heart racing.

“Hey, babe.” he turned his attention to Veronica, placing a chaste kiss on her lips before sitting down in a recliner across from them. “So, how are you? How was Spain?”

“I’m… good. I’ve missed being home as fun as it was across the pond.”

“She was just about to tell me about all the guys she’s met before you burst in here so rudely!” Veronica said, throwing a, how fitting, a throw pillow at her boyfriend. Archie caught it and laughed.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m not here to bother you. I just wanted to see if you needed anything cos’ I’m going to the store, but since I’m not wanted here I’ll be on my way.” He got up, still smiling before walking to the door. “I’m so glad you’re back, Betty. We’ll catch up tonight at dinner.”

“We need some milk!” Veronica yelled at the door as he closed it.

“Should’ve taught of that before you were rude to your boyfriend!” and with that he was gone, leaving Betty with an even bigger feeling of longing in her heart.

“So, dinner?” she snapped out of her taught, turning back to her friend. “We’re having dinner?”

“Yes.” Veronica perched up on her seat, smug smile spreading on her lips. “Archie decided he wanted to cook you a welcome-back-meal.”

“Oh, man.”


And they laughed, ease finally washing over her.



Betty stood in front of what would be her room with only her purse in one hand and a duffel bag in the other. She opened the wooden door and was met with green walls and dark brown floors. There were two windows, one on each of the outer walls. Sunshine was lighting up the dust that danced around the air. There was a work desk under one window and a bed under the other. The only other thing inside was a huge white closet, spreading over the smaller wall.

And so she dropped her one bag on the bed and moved to look out of the window. It was a good view. She could see people walking down the street, everyone engrossed in their own lives. Across from their building was a small coffee shop. It looked nice and cozy, perfect for writing from what she could see. She would definitely go there when she settles in.

“Do you like it?” Veronica asked behind her, anticipation present in her voice.

“Yeah,” Betty replied, smiling over her shoulder “I like it.”

“It’s just like in the ad. If you don’t like it we can switch rooms.”

“V, calm down.” She chuckled, looking back down on the street. “I like it. It could become home.”


“Yes.” She turned back to her friend, rolling her eyes at her worrying and drawing out the ‘e’ in yes. “ Stop worrying. I’m not gonna turn on my heel and walk out.”

“I just want you to love it here.” Veronica replied sheepishly, spreading her arms out for her friend to take them in hers.

“It’s going to be great. I promise.”

“Good. Now, I’m going to leave you to start unpacking, or well, unpack that one bag…” Veronica stopped talking as if she’d just realized something. “Where are your things? Why do you have only one bag which is not even a suitcase and why am I only noticing this now?”

“My dad is driving up here tomorrow.” Betty chuckled shaking her head.

“With your mum?” Veronica asked warily, her eyes widening a little and lips morphing into a grimace.

“Yeah right. That would be a special kind of disaster.”

“Things are still bad?”

“A bit better, but, yeah, bad.” Betty sighed and sat down on her bed. “I’m so glad I went to Spain. I’m happy that I moved from all the chaos.”

“I’m sorry, B.”

“It’s fine. I’m used to it.” She shook her head, before smiling a again. “Now, leave, I have some unpacking to do. If I don’t start now I might not finish until tomorrow.”

“Uh, so glad you’ve still got your humor.”


She ran her fingers through her hair, tightening her ponytail before walking out of the bathroom.

“Ready, V?” she looked at Veronica who was rummaging through their fridge and laughed “What are you doing?”

“I” Veronica replied, her speech slurred because of something she was chewing “am just making sure I don’t starve to death tonight if this turns out like that dinner we had after graduation.”

“That is not a bad idea. Give me some of that.” Betty took the cherry pastry her friend offered her and went to look at her phone.

5 missed calls.

7 messages.

Her mother was on a roll.

“Let’s go.” Veronica said, opening the apartment door and walking out in the hallway, knocking on the door across from theirs. She turned to look at Betty with a wide smile on her red-rimmed lips. “I can’t believe all three of us are living in the same building. This is going to be awesome!”

Just as the word awesome was leaving her lips the door was swung open revealing a grinning Archie.

“Hey, baby.” He bowed down, kissing his girlfriend softly and Betty looked away, trying to ignore the painful pang settling in her chest.

“Yeah, this is going to be awesome.” And all of a sudden she could imagine the next couple of years. Archie and Veronica kissing. Archie and Veronica holding hands. Archie and Veronica whispering to each other. Archie and Veronica having sleepovers.

And Betty.

Betty, making up excuses not to go to movies together because all she’ll be able to think about are Archie’s arms around Veronica.

Betty, crying herself to sleep, like she did that night when she saw them kiss for the first time.

Betty, spending her college experience pining over her best friend her who looked at her even closely to the way he is looking at the girl in front of him

And then, after the pain in her chest there is anger.

She is angry with herself. She is angry with herself because she is letting this ruin her college experience. She is angry with herself because she is in love with this boy who never looked at her that way, but still she somehow finds reasons to hope.

Sometimes she wonders if maybe, just maybe there was a time when he liked her, loved her the way she loves him. Because there was a couple of times when he would look at her and his eyes would turn soft. There were times when she’d look at him and he was already looking at her. And she can’t help but wonder if maybe, just maybe there was a time when Archie Andrews loved Betty Cooper the way she loves him.

Sometimes the not knowing is her biggest regret.

Archie moved out of the doorway, holding the door wide open and she walked in, curiously looking around the apartment.

It was a bit smaller than theirs, but it had more windows. Sun was still streaming in through the pale blue curtains and she wondered if it was this bright inside even at night when the only source of light are street lamps.

She could smell the food and her stomach growled a little making Archie and Veronica look at her with raised eyebrows before laughing.

“What? I haven’t eaten all day.” She mumbled, smiling despite the rosiness coloring her cheeks.

“You’ve come to the right place then. You should see what I have in store for you.” Archie smiled widely and waved his hand, showing them to sit.

They walked towards the small, plastic dining table. Both girls exchanged glances, their eyebrows raised.

“That’s Chinese food.”




“Let me get this straight. I have been gone for two month and I come here and am promised a home cooked meal and I get take out?” Betty asked, trying to contain her laughter.

“Well, if you like burnt chicken you can help yourself. There’s still some left in the trash.” Archie mumbled, sheepishly looking at her and scratching the back of his head.

“Well, Archiekins, you really outdid yourself this time.” Veronica laughed alongside Betty, shaking her head.

“Yeah, yeah. I’d like to see you make something Ronni.”

“Oh, don’t be mad at me! I still think it’s adorable how you keep trying.”

Archie only smiled before calling out: “Jughead, dinner!”

Two minutes later the door behind their backs opened, then closed and Betty turned, her gaze meeting with that of a boy who she didn’t know would eventually make her heartbreak less painful.

Chapter 2

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Rich Games pt. 16 (Suho Scenario)

Summary: Everything is just fun and games for the rich boy, Suho.
Members: Suho x Reader (Appearances by EXO and BTS Members)
Type: Student! AU/ Drama/ Angst/ little Fluff
Length: 3,127 Words

 Get ready for all the angst to start. I really hope you all like it! <3

-Admin Kat

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You stared as Yoongi leaned in towards you. You were frozen in your spot. Should I pull away? Yes, I need to pull away. You thought to yourself as he leaned in close. He was only a few inches away from you before he leaned up a bit so his lips were at your ear. “Close your eyes and just listen to the music. You need to stop thinking so much. Stop worrying.” His deep voice entered your mind, and for a moment, it was the only thing you could hear. You did as he said. You let your eyes close once again and leaned back onto the floor. The song restarted and you let your mind wander. For the first time in who knows how long, your mind was finally silent.

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Scrappy-Doo Can Teleport, Apparently

Seriously, these two instances happen maybe 60 seconds apart! They’re not even trying to hide his superpower.

Wide shot. Scrappy stands on dark, brown floor, right against cobweb-encrusted bench. Cut to tight shot?

BAM, he’s on a well-lit blue floor, and the bench is nowhere in sight. How does he do that?

It happens again here, but even worse. Wide shot, everyone’s in position. Zoom in on Scrappy?

BAM. Suddenly, 

1. He’s right against the wall

2. The candelabra shadow’s gone

3. The wall’s massively changed

4. Scooby has completely disappeared

Lost and Found (Bias x Reader) Pt.8

As he sat in his car, B/N began searching his mind for anything relating to Y/N. The date of the wedding was three weeks before his accident, did that mean that they didn’t get married yet? Was that the reason why she knew so much about him? Why she looked at him the way she did? 

Suddenly he did remember something. The hospital where he first woke up. 

She had walked in then, clothes covered in what he guessed was his blood. He doesn’t remember much of the conversation, but one line stood out, “Babe, please. You can’t be mad at me for this…” 

“Babe?” he says aloud. Mad at you for what?

He picks up his phone, ready to call her for an explanation when Jayce’s name pops up instead. He answers it.

“Jayce, just the man I wanted to talk to,” Perhaps he would give him some information on this situation.

“I could say the same thing, where are you? You were supposed to be at the first venue fifteen minutes ago,” 

“Oh damn,” He completely forgot about that, “I’m on my way,” 

He arrives at the venue and finds that it looks like the dining hall of a grand palace. Dark, glossy brown marble floors with long velvet purple curtains covering large windows. All of this to simply have dinner? 

He spots his mother and Daina examining every detail with the director beside them. Jayce is waiting for him at the door. 

“Overslept?” he asks. 

“Something like that,” B/N says, “Can we talk outside for a bit?” They walk down the stone imbedded walkway, “How do you know Y/N?” 

Jayce gives a short laugh, “Why are you bringing her up?” 

B/N looks at him, “How do you know who I was referring to?”  

“She’s the girl from the flower shop, right?” 

“So you do know her,” 

Jayce shrugs, “Okay, so I know her. What’s the big deal?” 

“Who was she to me?” 

Jayce stops walking and faces him, hands in his pockets, “An old friend,” 

B/N contemplates pulling out the invitation to show him but decides against it, “Were we more than friends?” 

Instead of answering his question, Jayce combats him with another, “Did you meet with her?” 

“I always meet with people who knew me, you know that,” 

But Jayce is shaking his head, “I should’ve told you sooner. Not her man,” 

“Why? What’s wrong with her?” 

He sighs, “She’s an old ex of yours. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to remember a painful past like that. She did you wrong. You were lucky enough to forget her, don’t dig up what’s been buried,” 

“But what did she do?” 

Jayce hangs his head, “She was using you. She’s a big journalist here and she used you to gain popularity. To make it worse she cheated on you. You were devastated. You got into the accident and forgot her. Luck was on your side,”

Is that why she said for me not to be mad at her? Everything was so fuzzy and made little sense to him.

“Look, just stay away from her. With the wedding plans and all, you don’t need this kind of distraction. There’s no need to worry Daina,”

B/N nods his head and Jayce pats his shoulder before returning inside. Once he leaves he pulls out his phone, hands brushing the invitation still in his pocket. Why didn’t Jayce bring up the fact that he was almost married?

“Hello?” Y/N says on the other line, sounding mildly surprised. 

“Hey, are you free tonight? I have another quiz for you,” 

“Ma’am,” Jayce says to B/N’s mother. She and Daina were looking at the food menu.

“Daina sweetheart, give me a moment,” she says warmly. She smiles and steps away towards B/N. 

“What is it?” she asks once her future daughter-in-law leaves. Her tone has switched and her smile is gone.

“It’s B/N,” 

“What? Is he starting to remember?” 

Jayce looks down, “She’s back. And he saw her again,”  

She turns to him sharply, not needing to ask who he spoke of, “What?” 

“He began asking questions. Who she was to him and such,” 

“What did you say?” 

“What you told me to say. I made stuff up.” 

“Does he believe you?” 

“I’m not sure,” he glances back at his friend. He walked hand-in-hand with Daina as they continued to look at the venue. He watched Daina smile up at him but B/N seemed slightly out of focus.

“I think he might have met with her already. He mentioned meeting someone that used to know him,” she says and finds that Jayce is still looking at B/N and Daina. She slaps his arm and he looks at her quickly, “Stay focused. You must keep him away from her at all costs, do you understand? There is no way I will let her ruin all that I’ve built.” 

She steps towards her son and his future wife, Jayce behind her, “We might be faced with a tiny situation,” she says sheepishly to them. 

“What mother?” Daina asked, her Estonian accent still fresh in her Korean words.

“This venue has been booked. We only have the next three months free. We might have to push the wedding forward,” Both B/N and Jayce stare at her, but Daina looks pleasantly surprised. 

“We can always pick another place,” B/N stammers.

His mother laughs, “What’s the difference? You’ll be married either way,” 

Daina holds onto B/N’s arm, smiling wide, “I don’t have a problem with it. The faster the better, right?” 

B/N forces a smile that is obvious to Jayce, “You’re right,” 

Jayce forces down his own emotions. Truth is, it became harder and harder to face B/N on a daily basis with Daina on his arm. Those blue eyes were supposed to smile up at him.

But as he looked at his friend that he’s known for years, he tried to push aside his conflicting emotions in regards to Y/N. 

His mother discussed to him early on as B/N recovered that he was not to bring her up under any circumstances. She never approved of her and found that his accident proved the perfect opportunity to eliminate her altogether. Jayce couldn’t believe what she was requesting at first, but with a fulfilling number in his bank account he knew that she was serious. 

But he didn’t expect to face her after all these years. 

He couldn’t forget the look in her eyes when she saw him and when he said that Jayce was getting married. He clenches his eyes shut, trying to erase the image, but remorse clawed at him. 

How he wishes he was graced with the misfortune of forgetting.

Caught in the Act

Request: Can you do something like the reader is a student or something and she’s like doing something normal (idk) and she walks in on gabriel and the boys killing demons and then afterwards gabriel convinces the guys to take her to bunker to explain (bc he thinks she is cute) and then she & gabriel hit it off? I love this blog btw, it’s my favorite!!!

Author: Ashley

Warnings: Some swearing and fluff towards the end. Oneshot.

Author’s note: I apologize ahead of time for not answering the ask first before writing this, so to whoever requested this I am deeply sorry about that. Also sorry for the really weird spacing, tumblr is weird about when I transfer things from google docs to here.

Word Count: 1,805

School was a giant pain in the ass. You’d thought that all through high school and even in college it still rings true. All the lectures, the cold walks to the dorms at night, the shitty dorm food, and lets not forget all the papers you had to write to equal a great big mess of stress. So what if you skipped one class? It really wouldn’t matter, the professor probably wouldn’t even notice anyway.


You had decided to walk leisurely around campus that Friday evening, the sun setting and the trees swaying gently with the wind as you went. Being a first year student meant that there were some parts of the campus you had yet been to, especially the buildings meant for graduate students. They were a lot smaller and bit older from the look of them. Around this time of day, no one was really in them either, save some professors and maybe a janitor.


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A Relaxing Cruise ~ Hoseok


(Sinful Hoseok alert)

 To rest and relax, that’s why you decided to go on a cruise ship. The thing was that, you were terrified of ships and boats and anything that included rocking. The cruise was going to last for a few days, in those days you would be staying with your family on a rocking boat in the middle of the ocean and to be honest you were more nervous than excited.

 The suitcase you were carrying didn’t look heavy but it truly was, it felt like it was packed with nothing but bricks. You paused before boarding the large cruise ship in front of you and your shoulder ached from the carrying. You watched as happy and not nervous people boarded, you looked around nervously and you felt a bit nauseous. One of your family members dragged your arm, “Let’s go or it’s gonna leave without us y/n!” The person whined. “Fine,fine I’m coming” you said involuntary walking forward and up the ramp, it felt unstable as you carefully took step by step up the ramp.

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——Just a lil sum sum…I wrote this in the car like five minutes ago…sorry if it sucks but I thought it was kinda funny 😅——

“Hey baby.”

I spoke quietly to Justin as I approached him in the kitchen. He stood, leaning over the counter while scrolling through Twitter on his phone.

Dressed simply in a dark blue t-shirt and black skinny jeans, I took it that he’d just gotten back from the recording studio. My heels clicked against the dark brown hardwood floors as I neared him and I brushed my fingertips over his elbow before leaning up to press a chaste peck on his lips.

Just as I was turning away to get a banana from the rack near the cupboard, Justin grabbed hold of me by my waist and pulled me into his chest. Smiling down at me, he slipped his hand down to cup my ass. “You look hot, baby.” He complimented, chewing on his lip as his creamy chocolate eyes raked me up and down. I’d just gotten back from a lunch date with Kendall, Ariana, and GiGi and I didn’t have time to change yet, so I was still sporting my semi-formal attire.

“Thanks,” I cheesed, hoisting myself up on my tiptoes to give him another kiss.
Instead of allowing me the leeway to leave this time, he pulled me in front of him, squeezing my curves between his heated chest and the kitchen counter. I didn’t have time to protest, for he’d pulled out his phone, sucking in his lip between his teeth and grabbed a harsh handful of my left breast, snapping a picture, and posting it to Snapchat.

“Justin!” I squealed, forcibly removing myself from his grip. He laughed, rolling his eyes and annoyed, I hit him softly in the back, “Why would you do that?” Without a doubt, I knew that the fandom would go crazy and that picture would make the headlines for the next few days.

“Just showing off what’s mine.” He trailed pressing a wet kiss to my lips. I sighed and started towards the bedroom, jumping as I felt a stinging smack to my backside. “Run a bath,” he called.

“Go to hell.”

a/n: a lil suburban boyfriend!luke au i guess (or me just projecting my wants and needs into a blurb goodbye) based off this cute lil thing :-)

The quaint neighborhood street was dark and undisturbed as you drove through. You went slow, weaving through moms’ minivans and two door dad cars parked on the street. The houses loomed against the white washed light of the moon, only a few having dim, yellow light spilling from the curtain shaded windows. From the corner of your eye, a cat dashes across someones lawn, but other than that, the night was completely still. 

That was reasonable, with it being almost two in the morning, and you hoped no parent was still awake inside that could hear your creeping, quiet engine as you maneuvered down the street. You slowed to a stop once you spotted the two story, giant red brick house, complete with a clean white trim and large oak trees in the front yard. It seemed like the dream home of anyone who wanted to settle down to have kids that would play in the street and do chalk on the sidewalk. It made sense, because the house raised perfect children. Specifically, one perfect boy, to you that is. 

You shut off your engine as soon as you stopped in front of the home. Movement from the upper story window alerted you that Luke was already waiting, and you watched anxiously as his long, nimble limbs slid through the open window and onto the slanting roof. A gasp slipped through your lips into the muted car when his foot snagged on the window sill and almost sent him toppling over and down the slant of the roof and to his death, but he quickly recovered his balance and lowered the glass of the window until a sliver of it remained open for him to sneak back into. 

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