#tbt: Dark Blue by Jack’s Mannequin

Oh yeah, we’re going there. We’re throwing back to 2005 when Jack’s Mannequin serenaded us with this lovely single. It captures the sounds of the alternative rock canon of the early 2000s, while still managing to stand out — as we found ourselves leaving it on repeat all night long.

Having recently gone gold (as of 2013), “Dark Blue” still carries the momentum it did when it first came out, perhaps due to its iconic lyrics (e.g. “have you ever been alone in a crowded room”) that resonate and continue to do so with us listeners. Or perhaps it’s because it exquisitely captures the feelings of isolation and pain that so many of us seem to struggle with: it’s worth noting that the song developed from everything Andrew McMahon felt during his time separated from his then-girlfriend-now-fiancée.