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The Bortle Scale and Light Pollution

The Bortle Scale is used by astronomers to rate the darkness of our skies. It ranges from 1 (darkest) to 9 (brightest). For most of us, our daily lives are spent beneath a radiance level of between 5 and 8 and rarely venture into areas ranked 3 or darker- and what a shame that is.

Light pollution, while a testament to our technological advances, has blanketed our view of the universe and decoupled our relationship with the cosmos. For the millions of people living in areas where less than 20 stars can be seen in the night sky, it is practically impossible to imagine a natural sky blanketed with upwards of 2,500 stars backed by great ribbons of billions of stars which can be found in our Galaxy: The Milky Way.

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Back to Black

It’s widely believed that the color “black” is associated with a negative connotation. Black is darkness. Darkness is bad. Darkness is evil. Black is an omen of malady or death. Black is a sign of sadness.

White is commonly seen as holy or innocent, a symbol of the good. 

Black, in regards to light, absorbs everything in the spectrum. It is the complete absence of color, as the absence of reflective wavelengths makes color void. So, wouldn’t the color that is truly the brightest, the most pure, be that which takes in every ounce of light?

Black, in actual terms of color, is a perfect blend of pigment. So, if we’re associating happiness with yellow, anger or lust with red, peace with green, blue with sadness, etc etc, all of those together create that which combines everything else…black.

Juxtaposition to that, white is a combination of all (or nearly all) light spectrums being reflected. White essentially deflects your emotions, if we’re going with metaphorical color association, of course). 

Just rambling. Some of this science is probs wrong, so feel free to discuss. 

The Magic of Crows and Ravens

  •      In Native American mythology these birds are greatly respected. Some southwestern tribes believed the raven was a bringer of light that escaped from the darkness. They associated the raven with creation because it brought light where there was none. In other tribes the raven and crow were thought to be tricksters and the guardians of sacred and secret mysteries.                                                                                     
  •      Ravens are associated with psychic powers and their feathers can be used to aid the clairvoyance.    
  •      In Celtic mythology the Goddess Morrigahn often appears in the shape of a raven or crow or is accompanied by a group of them. If they are seen in a group of three it means that Morrigahn is watching or preparing to pay someone a visit. Because the Raven is Morrigahns bird some believed that the bird has special visionary powers.
  •      Western cultures believe that the raven or crow bring bad luck and death.    
  •      In Greek mythology Athena and Apollo kept ravens but turned them black when they couldn’t keep their secrets. Originally they had white feathers. The raven was said to be a method of divination. The aguars in ancient Greek used the colors of the ravens and and the direction of flight to interpret messages. 
  •      According to Welsh mythology the ravens were the hare bringers of death. They believed that witches and sorcerers would turn into ravens to avoid capture.    
  •      In Norse mythology Odin was represented with two ravens.      
  •      In parts of the Appalachian mountains, a low-flying group of crows means that illness is coming, but if a crow flies over a house and calls three times, that means an impending death in the family. If the crows call in the morning before the other birds get a chance to sing, it’s going to rain. Despite their role as messengers of doom and gloom, it’s bad luck to kill a crow. If you accidentally do so, you’re supposed to bury it but be sure to wear black when you do.
  •      The raven is also frequently linked with prophecy, further enhancing its status as a bird of the occult. Not only was it a messenger of the gods, both as an informant and as a guide, but it also was thought to be the most prophetic of all birds.                                                                                                                                                                             References: hubpages.com and paganwiccan.about.com.                       ==Moonlight Academy==  

This idea has been haunting me for gods know how long i’m glad i finally got it out.

Solaire’s Sunlight covenant has found some real dedicated members

Bonus Comic: Sun bro finds a fellow sun gazer


Videographer Sean Parker shows off some of the timelapse sky shots produced during his video and photography course in Arizona and Utah last year - and promises a similar course upcoming this year for anyone interested.


Marvel Word Association with Tom Hiddleston.

This is how you take a simple game of word association to a whole different level! An oldie, a classic, one of the reasons why I adore this man and his many talents!


Hey everyone. First - I’m not dead. I’ve just been living for this project and I apologize for neglecting this blog. I will still continue posting space age stuff, but producing this animation besides working a full time job just needed all my time and attention. I hope you’re still there? ( :

Anyway, here’s the link to the film I made: https://vimeo.com/194509929

It’s about saving our night sky. I made it for the International Dark Sky Association to help fight light pollution. Hope you enjoy.

So I’m thinking here for a while that Lily knew Remus was a werewolf… It sounds almost like from the Prince’s Tale that her thoughts were “don’t ask, don’t tell?” I mean, I don’t think she would have embarrassed Remus by asking him after Snape presented his theory, but let us look at the evidence here:

Snape: They sneak out at night.  There’s something weird about that Lupin. Where does he keep going? 

Lily: He’s ill. They say he’s ill.

Snape: Every month at the full moon?

Lily: I know your theory,” she sounded cold, “Why are you so obsessed with them anyway? Why do you care what they’re doing at night?

Now, ever since I was a kid, I have always been interested in Lily’s character, and we’re told sooooooo little about her. This passage has interested me for a while. Just from the way JKR says Lily “sounded cold” when Snape brings up Lupin being a werewolf suggests that she does believe Lupin is a werewolf,  is angry that Snape is bringing it up, but isn’t going to risking out him by agreeing with Snape because she likes Remus as a person. In her last bit of dialogue to Snape her attitude is basically “what does is matter if they’re sneaking out?” If Lily were the stick-in-the-mud!Lily here that a lot of fanon loves to make her out to be, why not help Snape? The boys are sneaking out after all. But instead she’s just like “Does it matter if they’re sneaking out?” 

My theory here is that Lily is pretty sure the boys are sneaking out, but guesses they are somehow helping Remus, and therefore decides the best thing she can do in this situation is act like she doesn’t know/care about the situation, especially given Snape’s obsession with the boys. 

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Headcanons for Mettaton and Papyrus with a blue soul/integrity s/o please?

Dark Blue SOUL - Integrity (Associated Items: Ballet Shoes & Old Tutu)


- You’re so dear to him. Things can be tough for a star, especially in terms of morals. For Mettaton, he relies on you for that calm he needs when the storm starts. You always focus on what’s right, & for someone who lives in such a “focus on the wrong” world, it provides a great sense of comfort.

- Not to say that he isn’t a bit of a gossip. He likes to think of everyone as a strong, positive person, but there are times when he finds himself getting weak for a good juicy bit of intel on them. He knows you’re not really a fan of that sort of thing, though, so he tends to Talk Sauce only when you’re not around.

- He loves to show you off, as if to say, “Yes, this wonderful person is indeed my s/o!” You’re wonderful, you’re strong-willed, you know what’s right & you’re not afraid to fight for it. You’re worth being shown off.


- You’re a great match for him. You both strive to do what’s right, no matter what, & it’s that sense of teamwork that keeps your relationship so tightly-knit. He adores that you have such a strong sense of conviction for what’s right, though when you have to use it on him is when he ends up pretty humbled.

- But there are times when you know when morals need to be bent, & sometimes it can get a bit difficult to explain to Papyrus why exactly this needs to be done in place of that. Though it does disappoint him that not everything can be solved with “just focusing on the good” he’ll trust you & what you have to do.

- He jokes sometimes that you’re like a pair of superheroes (or a superhero & his trusty sidekick, really). You might want to make sure that he does just keep those at “joke” levels though, or you might find yourself suddenly getting a lot of superhero costume-themed “gifts.”

there is a shadowy aspect about cancer, as the moon hides away apart of their own vanishes. the cancer constellation was associated with darkness due to its lack of stars. enveloped in darkness in the sky, the cancer also becomes empty inside. here everything that burns about the world can enter. in anguish, the watery tides inside can erupt into storms. to endure a cancerian rage can be quite confronting. the particular psychic receptivity that opens the gateway for empathy also directs them straight to your weak spots, they know where to sting you. and water can be domineering in this way. they are not always overtly violent types. but they can passively bide their time, and inject you with a toxin they know will poison you right into the soul. the aspect of the dark mother can be present in cancer. this is known as ama (ah-mah) athe she can be paranoid, suspicious, overbearing, and possessive, expressing one of the three doorways of the great mother


If you want to build a better home, first you must demolish the old one.


Once upon a time the pure crossed path with the wicked, tangled dark hair, faint smile and a crooked halo. The pure struck by the wicked’s silent suffering, entranced by his charm and curious of his past, reached forth a pale pure hand. The wicked intrigued by the glimmering smile and eyes filled with compassion. In that one ephemeral moment in space and time they both saw themselves in each other’s eyes. The wicked was the pure’s dark fairy tale, the pure was the wicked’s twisted delusion.
No hope without despair and no suffering without prospect, together the will bring forth alteration, together they created magic.

- Viola CN


October 18, 2016

Ask yourself this most important question!

Why were GMOs very quietly but deliberately unleashed onto America’s grocery shelves in the mid 1990’s without OUR knowledge and consent?

I have yet to find a legitimate answer to this question, no matter how much I get trolled by Monsanto’s minions on social media.

It is no coincidence that big biotech, major food corporations, and government agencies like the FDA, USDA and EPA are no longer trusted by a majority of Americans. Would you rely on people that have intentionally poisoned you for decades? Why would anyone blindly put their trust in corporations and governments who have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they are paid liars like the media that sells those lies to you every second of every day?

Where are the most basic questions about GMO health and environmental safety that any rational individual can ask? I can tell you that the answers are NOT found in any 90 day, short-term rat health study that big biotech like Monsanto passes off to the FDA for rubberstamp approval! Why were these GMOs so quickly approved by a government agency that is supposed to protect us?

What about our Congress? The DARK Act was passed by both the senate and house. Then, the backstabbing of consumers (that’s all of us) was given a final jab at the hearts of all Americans when our Traitor-in-Chief signed the DARK Act that our elected leaders passed, despite the fact that about 90% of Americans wanted and still want transparent GMO labeling. You will hear the same old, tired excuses from food companies that it costs too much to change a label, but they do it whenever they ship their GMO, poison-laden food products overseas. They have to; otherwise, their GMO junk will never make it further than a Boston tea party.

Why don’t the corporations that ship food and beverages to foreign countries every day at least label these genetically modified products that are made in the U.S.A.? Doesn’t it seem a bit suspicious to you that these same major corporations, like Coca Cola and Kraft, funneled millions of dollars to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, or GMA, to defeat GMO labeling laws in Colorado, Washington State, Oregon and California (twice)? In the meantime, biotech brat Monsanto stole Vermont’s GMO labeling law, and turned it into a weak federal labeling law (the DARK Act) that has the same eight, glaring loopholes in it that Vermont’s state GMO labeling bill had before our elected leaders and president deserted us, again, by signing this sinister act of American betrayal.

I am sure you are wondering at this point how much of what I stated is true. Where are the facts? They have been in front of you the entire time. I repeatedly point them out in my articles and social media posts. Other basic human rights activists have been doing the same for years. For big biotech, big Ag and big food, this is all just a money game. The losers in the end are the confused consumers who willingly keep shoving “glyphotoxic” (glyphosate and genotoxic) crap down their throats and also into the mouths of their children and grandchildren.

So, ask yourself all of the questions that I asked again, starting with the first one. Can you come up with any simple answers?

Or, maybe you already have that bitter taste of betrayal that consumes America’s barely beating heart.

John Loeffler
-Calling Out Corruption

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Have you ever noticed how similar Rey and Kylo Ren's masks are? Do you think there could be any symbolism behind this?

yeah i do, i feel like their entire costumes are mirroring of each others and carry a lot of symbolism in general, like sometimes i get slightly stunned when i see the two of them in full get up next to each-other cus of the similarities. But back to their masks, i feel like the notion of wearing a mask is something associated with darkness/hiding/negative emotions,like i dont think ive heard or seen a happy character in sw wearing a mask as part of their identity before, also the three mains (finn,rey,kylo) who wears a mask in TFA is not wearing them cus of good circumstances  but rather the opposite. So my take is mask = bad/ tragic ( and i dont mean bad as in “bad person” but more like bad situation) whats your take on it anon? 

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riverdale jughead jones is 1000% slytherin, do not fight me on this:

  • dark, gloomy aesthetic. 
  • associated with snakes (albeit unwillingly)
  • detached, aloof, cynical.
  • poor background does not stop him from thinking he’s Above It All.
  • ambitious! writing his way to Greatness (or at least a ticket out of town)
  • cunning. not above blackmail or intimidation.
  • nosy little fucker in everybody’s business
  • always watching from the shadows.  🔍 👀
  • judging you even as we speak.

he probably wouldn’t want to be in slytherin because of the association with his dad. so he’d go up there thinking “not slytherin, not slytherin” but the hat would sit on his head for like 0.5 seconds before it was like “know thyself, kiddo” and plopped him in the house of snakes anyways. which it knew good and damn well would just stoke his contrarian fires and make him even more determined to rise above them all.

(comics jughead would probably just be a ravenclaw weirdo ala luna, but riverdale jugs is a little too… driven to fit in that mold.)