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Julian Blackthorn
  • <p> <b>What others see:</b> Ruthless, awefull, terrible, liar, manipulative, crazy and so on.<p/><b>What I see:</b> a cinnamon roll, makes pancakes, hates to see his kitchen dirty, cries in Titanic, when bitten yells in class saying "I was very excited to study".<p/></p>
What TMI and TDA characters are famous for and how they got into the history of the Shadowhunters
  • Jace: *amazing fighting skills*, *fought in two wars and won*, *stunningly attractive*, *sassy*, *angel boy*, *chaotic/rebel good*, *A HERONDALE*
  • Clary: *Valentine's daughter*, *not a little girl*, *short, red hair, bad temper*, *fought in two wars and won*, *killed the bad guys aka papa and bro*, *CREATES RUNES OUT OF NOTHING*, *UNITED DOWNWORLDERS AND SHADOWHUNTERS*, *good at holding speeches*, *rebel/chaotic moral*
  • Julian: *ruthless*, *will let the world burn down if it means his family is save and happy*, *so smart and dark he scares his parabatai, *strategist*, *ALWAYS HAS A PLAN*, *might as well be evil*, *knows better than the Clave*
  • Emma: *KILLS FAEIRES FOR BREAKFAST*, *has Cortana*, *BREAKS THE MORTAL SWORD*, *fights everybody who is a threat for her family and friends*, *BREAKS LAW EVERY TIME SHE GETS A CHANCE*, *doesn't listen to anybody*
  • well no wonder the series is called THE DARK ARTIFICES ... they are all on the path to become the antihero
Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

I can’t even.
What just happened.
My heart poor heart.
Cassie has done it again. Without fail she delivers a book that is filled with action and incredible character growth that always feels perfect. Exploring the Faerie culture so much more is a definite highlight of this book and of course the complicated relationships between all the characters is like the selling point. But the plot itself was woven so well I can’t help but wonder where it will go next.
I think the Blackthorn’s are honestly why the series works so well. Their unit is so compelling and the people that exist around it just draw it all in. I feel overwhelmed with how much I love Julian, Ty, Livvy, Dru, Mark and Tavvy. I just want to protect all of them. And well the end happened and I don’t think I’ll recover.
I think something this series is also really drawing well on is racism. Which sounds awful but the situation that is being paralleled is sad because it still happens in real life. The Cohort extremism literally risks all the downworlders because they are different. Lead by the Dearborn’s, hated Zara just an fyi, they pose a real risk to the Accords. I’m very interested to see how this plays out in the final book.
Annabel Blackthorn, I can’t go through this and not talk about her because she is becoming the villain. That is very clear. But she seemed so nice. She’s lost it, but she wasn’t doing too badly. She was bonding with Julian and then it all goes tits up and the end happens and I’m broken. Poor Livvy. She deserved so much more. I honestly thought it was going to be Dru. But it makes way more sense for it to be Livvy. Because it creates a huge potential story arc for Ty. Who is my fave so that’s good for me. But she is an example of a tragic villain I find, she has become a horrible person because she had horrible things happen to her. Of course the Unseelie King is more of a threat, loved the Faerie adventure must say, but she is a more direct weapon against the Blackthorn’s. She’s already cut them deep and she can easily do it again because she still has the Black Volume.

Kieran and Mark and Cristina are posing an interesting storyline. Mostly because I’m confused this is gonna end in polyamory. They seem so interlinked with each other I don’t know how it’s gonna go. I love them all individually and Kieran’s memory loss was horrid because he had to remember eventually and it destroyed him.
Emma and Julian of course provide angst as they are so meant to be together. And they have an option now, two options. But I think the exile one isn’t gonna work because now Livvy. They won’t be able to separate. Which is gonna be killer for them. Julian may I just say is literally everything I hope to be in a father. he’s great.
Ty and Kit. My little dynamic duo. Formerly trio. Well this is gonna be a wild last book isn’t it. I think Ty is the cleverest character I’ve ever read about, he is so logical. I adore him and all his little things that make him him. And Kit even addressed his autism with Julian even for a moment, and I think that is soooo needed. Fantasy books can have representation too. He worked out the bust thing and the raven thing and got Annabel there. Which technically means he is roundabout responsible for Livvy… Oh shit.
The Riders of Mannan were fascinating because they could pose a real threat going forward. I hope they do because there is so much more that could be done there. They were menacing in all the right ways. Whilst on fae the Unseelie King is gonna be a problem. His blight thing is genuinely worrying and so unlike the other threats from TID and TMI. This is a magic. Dangerous and demonic. And I can’t wait to see how it goes.
Passing thoughts, Magnus is ill. I do not like this.
Diana is trans, I approve this. Heavily approve.
Ty and Kit are destined. I am confident.
I need more books now please.

My version of the cover for “Lord of the Shadows’’ by @cassandraclare 

The official cover has been recently published and I wanted to create my version ever since I saw it. I tried to capture the style of the original cover and mix it with Lady Midnight :) 

Photo credits for the model go to Brett Stanley, an insanely talented photographer. I found the name of the photographer when it was too late, I hope he won’t mind me using his photo for this fan-art :)

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Kit: What can I say, I haven’t been a Shadowhunter for long… I may miss a lot again…

  • <p> <b>Ty:</b> I like your shirt kit.<p/><b>Kit:</b> thanks<p/><b>Ty:</b> I bet it will look even better...<p/><b>Kit:</b> on your bedroom floor? *wink* *wink*<p/><b>Ty:</b> ......in green<p/></p>

Hey, you all

Someone here suggested Kit to have freckles. AGREED. He would look adorable and CONSIDER THIS:

Imagine Ty liked to count and memorize ever single one of his marks. *dies*


Ty: Eight.

Kit: Eight what?

Ty: You have eight freckles on you left cheek.

*Kit realizes Ty has been staring at him and blushes*

Kit: Oh…

Ty: I like counting them. It makes me less anxious. You have a lot of them on your back.


So, everytime Ty is close to a break down, Kit would bring Ty’s hands to his own face and start counting his freckles with him.


We should get going though. Morning is probably in just a few hours. And if we don’t have Energy runes, we’ll have to get our energy the old-fashioned way.“ 
Mark looked puzzled. ’‘Drugs?”
“Chocolate,” Emma said. “I brought chocolate. Mark, where do you even come up with these things?”
Mark smiled crookedly, shrugging one shoulder. “Fearie humor?
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows