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Things that are totally doomed

1) Sci fi shows on Fox

2) Sympathetic Game of Thrones character

3) Red shirts on Star Trek

4) The guy in the horror movie who goes outside to check the weird noise.

5) Any character Sean Bean plays

6) Anyone who wants to be the Doctor’s assistant when he already has an assistant

7) Characters in the first five minutes of Supernatural

Anakin tells Padmé that love won’t save her.
What does Luke do? Save his father with his love.
I’m sorry if y'all had already realized this, but it just hit me and I had to freak out about it.

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I think that, with time, Vader forgets Padme's flaws. Especially the little ones. So let's say that he sees Luke... I don't know, maybe sassing someone too much, he remembers. Like, "Ah, she used to do that"

This is incredibly cute and sweet, but also heartbreaking.

And also probably very accurate. We do tend to forget the bad things about exs or people we’ve lost, or remember only the good things about past relationships until they become something perfect, a form of personal utopia and we just want it back. It’s very reasonable to assume the same thing would have happened to Vader.

Luke does share a lot of mannerisms with Padmé. Vader has to see her in him quite a bit.

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Try to imagine the equivalent of a star wars thanksgiving post rotj where Vader lives.. That would be awkward. ( I tend to imagine that Han would meditate on his plate)

Oh boy! Awkward family dinners for the holidays! It’s especially awkward if they haven’t managed to get Vader far enough off life support so he can eat by himself. He’s just sitting there without a plate in front of him. Poor man.

Han and Leia are remembering the awkward dinner on Cloud City. Luke keeps trying to coax his father into a conversation about the latest speeder model, but Vader is thinking about eating dinner with Padmé and her family on Naboo that time while he was guarding her, and perhaps also remembering him and his mother trying to save small bits of food rations for a few weeks beforehand to have a slightly bigger dinner on holidays, if they could.

It’s kind of a mess.

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I'm out of songs to listen to, and I am probably bothering you, but also requesting a list of your fave Starset songs, and what they remind you of. (I want a lot of SW feels-y songs please!!) Thanks :)

A list of my favorite Starset songs? How about the full tracklisting of both their albums? :D

More seriously (in tracklist order, because I couldn’t rank them…), Down With The Fallen, Telescope, Dark On Me, The Future Is Now, Point Of No Return, Satellite, Frequency, Die For You, Ricochet, Starlight, Unbecoming, Monster, and Telepathic. Still a very long list, but at least it’s not just “all of them!”

For a more specific breakdown of why:

  • Down With The Fallen - it starts with respirator and heart monitor sounds. Hmm… *cough*Vader*cough* The lyrics are very Vader as well. “Turn away from all that I know, burning this bridge behind me.” Plus, all the talk of being fallen. And “Light the way and I’ll follow where you go,” is him talking to Luke.
  • Telescope - This one is less specifically for a character, but I can see the first verse as Luke on Tatooine pre-ANH, looking up at the stars and longing for his father. The second verse is after they’ve met and both know the truth. “I find you in the night” is when Luke goes to him on Endor. But the chorus is more Anakin and Padmé. My tag for them is from there: “in the light of all the stars aligned.”
  • Dark On Me - This one is obviously Luke and Vader. My tag for them is from this one. It’s hard to tell which one would be singing. It would kind of trade off line by line.
  • The Future Is Now - Very Vader, longing to have Padmé back, but also calling to Luke. “With the full force of a dying star, I will find you, if you’re near or far, wherever you are.” The line “I have half a life to rewrite” I see very much as Vader deciding to save Luke in the end of ROTJ.
  • Point Of No Return - This is pretty much Vader’s theme song. “There’s a memory of how we used to be, that I can see through the flames.” “But I can’t go back.” “The ashes call my name.” “Embracing the fear, chasing the fight,” “the bridges are burning, the heat’s on my face, making the past an unreachable place.” “I know, this is the point of no return.” It’s basically the end of ROTS, and not just Mustafar, but from the moment he cut off Mace’s hand, that was the first bridge he burned, and it all went up in flames (terrible pun intended) from there.
  • Satellite - Vader and Luke. “My satellite, I am here tonight. Shine your light and set me free, take the darkness out of me, shine on me.” It took Luke and his Light and love to free Vader from the darkness. “Far across the emptiness I walk the night, and search the silence in the dark you left behind. I seek the stars above the worlds to be the guide, they are pale against the light in your eyes.” This could be Vader talking about Padmé or Luke after he jumped at Bespin.
  • Frequency - Vader and Luke, again. Is anyone surprised? After Bespin, when he’s trying to contact Luke and find him, and Luke’s having none of this. “And now the silence screams that you are gone, you’ve tuned me out, I’ve lost your frequency.” He messed up, he lost his chance to have his son at his side (or so he thinks). There’s also memories of Padmé: “Left inside a half life, irradiated memories, these memories, they never leave.” And of course, the consequences of him turning to the Dark Side to try to save her: “I’m in the shallows, stuck in the gallows, I tried to save you now I’m swallowed.”
  • Die For You - I’ll give you one guess for this one! This one mostly goes both ways. The first bit, “I will run alone tonight, without you by my side,” is very Vader to Luke. “I know inside, the walls you hide behind, and I saw the truth inside the real you,” is Luke to Vader. The pre-chorus is Luke to Vader: “Because I know you’re lost when you run away, into the same black holes and black mistakes … when are you coming home?” Luke just wants his father to break free and come with him. The chorus itself goes both ways. “Even if the sky does fall, even if they take it all, there’s no pain that I won’t go through, even if I have to die for you.” Luke was willing to risk death to try to save his father, then willing to die when he refused to kill Vader. Then of course, Vader returns this and actually does die for Luke.
  • Ricochet - Both Padmé and Luke to Vader. “But when I send my heart your way, it bounces off the walls you made, ricochet.” And of course when Vader asks to see Luke with his own eyes, just one time: “But I’ve been dying just to see your face, and all I wanted was to say goodbye.”
  • Starlight - Rogue One! For something different. :) For one thing, the first word is “Stardust.” Then the ending: “Farewell, the void is calling. Don’t fear for futures and dreams. They’re fleeting, retreating. It’s okay, I promise.” They all die, but they don’t have to worry, because they accomplished their mission. “I’ll turn, I won’t look away, I’ll stay here,” is very Jyn and Cassian at the end.
  • Unbecoming - Also Vader’s theme song. “I lost myself inside the night, and flew higher than I ever had … I clipped my wings and fell from flight to open water and floated farther away from myself.” He turned to achieve a goal, but his fall destroyed any chance he had of saving Padmé and instead was the catalyst for her death and the destruction of who he had been. “There’s no dreams in the waves, only monsters, and the monsters are my only friends.” He didn’t get what he wanted by turning, and now all he’s left with is Palpatine, his new slave master, and painful, haunting memories. “Cauterized and atrophied, this is my unbecoming.” Again, the destruction of who he had been. And then of course, Palpatine rubs it in: “And you laugh as I search for a harbor, as you point where your halo had been … there’s no angel in you in the end.” Palpatine betrayed him, pretending to be a mentor and a friend, someone who could help, but destroyed him in the end.
  • Monster - This song is fittingly right after Unbecoming on the album. If the last song was about how Anakin unbecame himself, then this is about what he became as Vader, thanks to Palpatine. His reconstruction after Mustafar: “Under the knife I surrender, the innocence yours to consume, you cut it away and you fill me up with hate. Into the silence you sent me, into the fire consumed.” Palpatine and the Empire is all he has left: “You’re the pulse in my veins, you’re the war that I wage … will you cage me?” “Can you change me from the monster you made me?” Palpatine built the Empire by manipulating and using Anakin/Vader: “This is the world you’ve created, the product of what I’ve become. My soul and my youth, seems it’s all for you to use.” Vader regrets ever letting himself be fooled and manipulated into losing everything, but he can’t free himself of Palpatine or the darkness: “If I could take back the moment I let you get under my skin, relent or resist? Seems the monster always wins.” He’s lost everything. “My heart’s an artifice, a decoy soul. Who knew the emptiness could be so cold? I’ve lost the parts of me that make me whole. I am the darkness, I’m a monster.”
  • Telepathic - Back to Vader and Luke. “And if I had my way, I would run to the rescue.” This is both Vader, wanting to keep Luke from the Emperor, and Luke, wanting to rescue his father from the Emperor and the Dark Side. Vader wants Luke to join him, “You can run, you can run away, but I will wait in the dark for you. Should’ve never felt this way, cuz you’re the sun and I’m just a moon.” Luke is so full of Light, and Vader is just a reflection of who he used to be, a reflection of the person he can see in Luke. “I’m in the dark ‘til you light the way, cuz I’m see through. You can read my mind.” He can’t break free until Luke shows up and guides him back. Even though he tries to say it’s too late for him, Luke can see that for the lie it is and see to who he really is.

So this got longer than I was expecting it to. But there’s some Starset/Star Wars feels for you!

“Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished.”
   ―   Michael Strassfeld