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“Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished.”
   ―   Michael Strassfeld

Things that are totally doomed

1) Sci fi shows on Fox

2) Sympathetic Game of Thrones character

3) Red shirts on Star Trek

4) The guy in the horror movie who goes outside to check the weird noise.

5) Any character Sean Bean plays

6) Anyone who wants to be the Doctor’s assistant when he already has an assistant

7) Characters in the first five minutes of Supernatural

anonymous asked:

Do you think Padmé ever did go to Naboo to set up a nursery at the Lake House? And if so, how would Luke feel if he ever saw it ?

I don’t think she had time to, honestly. I almost wish she had, because can you imagine Vader going there periodically when the Emperor drags him back to Naboo and just beating himself up over how he killed the child who would have grown up there? (I agree with the headcanon that Vader somehow acquired Varykino after Padmé’s death, or at least had some access to it.)

It would probably be bittersweet for Luke to see it, because it would be a picture of the childhood he almost had.

Anakin tells Padmé that love won’t save her.
What does Luke do? Save his father with his love.
I’m sorry if y'all had already realized this, but it just hit me and I had to freak out about it.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever think about how much Anakin/Vader would have loved being a dad to little Luke? Like, obviously he'd always like being his dad but like . . . He would have loved being a dad to toddler Luke and Luke would have so many questions about everything and Anakin would be so happy to answer them all. ugh it would be so nice

ALL THE TIME, ANON! Anakin was born to be a dad, and he was so excited (and nervous, of course) when Padmé told him she was pregnant.

I think he dreamed and day dreamed a lot about his child during his years as Vader, especially the early years. Thinking about how old they would be, what life could have been like, all the things he could do and help them with. Teaching them to touch the Force, hold a lightsaber, cook (because I will die defending my headcanon that Anakin was an amazing cook), “helping” Padmé with her hair. And things like holding their hands as they take their first step, gloating to Padmé that their first word was some variant of “father” instead of “mother” (or pretending to be upset that it was the opposite, but really he’s just too proud of his child to care, and he also thinks they made a good choice because Padmé is wonderful, and he would have said her name first too).

He’s upset that he missed holding baby Luke, and cuddling with toddler Luke, and carrying child-who-is-probably-too-big-to-carry-but-Vader-doesn’t-care Luke, and hugging teenage-who-pretends-to-be-embarrassed-but-really-loves-it Luke. Adult Luke is always down for physical contact, and that mollifies Vader a little, and any time there’s an excuse, touch-starved Vader is fixing Luke’s hair or clothes, grabbing his arm, touching his face, standing a little bit closer than is socially normal so that they bump into each other, and if Luke is even slightly injured, Vader insists on carrying Luke. Luke protests that a scratch on his arm doesn’t necessitate being carried, but he doesn’t really mind that much, as long as it’s not in front of cameras or around the Rogues or Han, because they will tease him, and he doesn’t want the space paparazzi getting their hands on holos of Vader carrying him. Luke makes sure to give his father lots of hugs, because he knows Vader is touch-starved, and Luke thrives on physical displays of affection.

Luke is so curious and full of wonder at the Galaxy, even when he’s older, and I’m sure Vader could see how many questions Luke would have had as a child, and he is definitely sad he missed it. He blames himself for that, in a lot of ways, knowing that it was his fault and if he hadn’t Fallen, hadn’t choked Padmé, etc, he and Padmé could have raised Luke together. But he also blames Obi-Wan and Palpatine, and if he thinks about this part of it too much, he falls into a spiral of anger and self-hatred, and Luke has to pull him out of it. :( But Luke is good at pulling him out of it, distracting him, reassuring him that he’s here now and he’s not leaving (I suppose, depending on the AU we’re going with here).

And when Luke brings home a lot of strays that he practically adopts (nods to @radioactivepeasant), Vader basically has grandkids that he gets to experience some of the missed childhood things with. And Luke convinces Leia and Han to let Vader have (supervised, Leia insists) access to their child(ren), so he gets to hold SKYWALKER BABIES, and it’s the most amazing thing, even if it’s bittersweet because he still wishes he could have seen Luke (and Leia) grow up.