dark angel season 2


Jensen’s best line: “OW MY BUM!!!” :D :D :D 

*has an unhealthy obsession with Matthew Daddario and everything Malec*

Happy Birthday to the man who plays my favorite character so perfectly and brings me so much joy ❤️➰❤️

On Alec playing the piano in The Berrisford Agenda:

JT: Jensen played all this stuff. They taught him. What’s amazing is they cast a hand double - a piano player who could play - and ultimately we never used any of that footage because the stuff Jensen did on the piano was… better!

MKD: He does a great job here.


JT: He played this stuff and you know what was really interesting is we got all the way down the line and our composer couldn’t believe how well Jensen did. I mean it was really remarkable, we didn’t use any of the double’s stuff and we didn’t replace any of it either.


Moira Kirland Dekker (writer/co-producer, Dark Angel) & Janace Tashjian (producer, Dark Angel)

Source: Dark Angel: Season 2 commentary, “The Berrisford Agenda”