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Alec McDowell & Dean Winchester, Parallel Appreciation Post.

I’ve always liked the young guys who get to play young Dean, they’ve done an amazing work in my opinion. But I reeeaaally love the fact that Jensen played the character of Alec in Dark Angel when he was younger because Alec and Dean have very similar personalities and that gives us a nice more “vivid” expectation on how would younger Dean really look like.


‘and then what? build what?’ 

‘the republic of heaven.’

the disquiet and destruction at the end of the war - the bewilderment and hurt and stab of loss, and the uncertainty of what to do next

angels cast out of their homes, the clouded mountain destroyed in the war, and an entire, lifeless world filled with beings composed of dust and light. the promise of a republic - a new home, something they fought for, spilled blood for, killed for - hovers on the horizon, shimmering like beams of light off water, but it’s just out of reach. how long will it take to establish? where will ‘home’ be for the time being? where is heaven now? 

happy (late!!) birthday, @alekzandermorozova! <3 

“Take my hands. And take my strength too. Whatever of it you can use to— to keep yourself going.”