dark angel days

Grand Blues 952 Olivia’s Debut

[Olivia, a mysterious woman giving off the presence of a Primal Beast, comes to visit]
Dark Angel Olivia: “I have been impressed by your actions. I would love to become one of your companions.”
Vyrn: “Hehhh… so you were impressed by us, huh…”

Ol: …well, that’s a lie. I’m really here because it’s my purpose as a fallen angel to monitor these unique children of men.
Vy: “OK! But just to make sure there’s really no problems with you joining, we’re gonna have this guy check you.”
Ol: “Eh!?

Albert: “I have the ability to see through lies, you see… I apologize but I’ll have you answer a few questions.”
Ol: This is bad… at this rate, they’ll find out my true purpose…!
Ol: I’ve got to do something…!

Vy: “?”
Ol: “Followed by Dark Angel Gut Punch!!
Al: “GFFUU!?

Ol: “…and then Dark Angel Lying Puppet…!”
Ol: “…it’s okay! She’s not lying!
Vy: “Ooh! If Albert says so, it must be true!”
Vy: “Welcome aboard, Olivia!”


CELEBRATING DEAN: a weekly Dean-centric event. [please click here for more info]
               upcoming    themes

  • Nov. 6-12:  VAMPIRISM  .
    -That includes but isn’t limited to vampire!Dean, the vampire-centric episodes (a special rewatch of 1x20, 2x03, 3x07, 6x05, 8x05, 9x19, 10x08 is recommended), the ways he relates (or doesn’t relate) to vampires, the dynamics he has with characters such as Gordon, Benny, Alex and the Alpha Vampire (or even the potential of those dynamics), parallels, AUs, the less literal things vampirism stands for and what those things reveal about Dean’s issues, etc.
  • Nov. 13-19:  STANFORD ERA  .
    -Solo hunts, Dean & John, Dean & Cassie, all the people he may have met and bonded (or not bonded) with during these years, all the things he may have done (or wanted to do) since he had more time to himself, headcanons, aesthetic posts, optional but highly recommended use of scenes from Jensen’s Dark Angel days (SPN s1 screencaps can work just fine for graphics).
  • Nov. 20-26:  DIVINITY  .
    - Michael!Dean, Dean & Michael’s dynamic, vesselhood, s4/5 and Dean’s messianic arc with all of its complexities, Faith (both the episode and the concept), Dean & Amara’s bond and how he essentially carried her divinity inside him for almost 2 years, significant quotes such as being called the firewall between light and darkness, the ways his body has been linked to divine objects (such as the tablets in 8x17, 9x23), sainthood, parallels, allusions, Angel!Dean, God!Dean, AUs, the possibilities are endless.
  • Nov. 27-Dec. 03:  THE FOUR ELEMENTS  .
    -Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Exploration of the ways these elements have been featured in Dean’s arc so far. There is a lot to be said about his relationship with fire alone ever since his childhood home went up in flames, but he has been connected to the earth in some interesting ways over the seasons as well. Water & Air have also been part of some truly memorable scenes. Time to go wild with symbolism.
  • (The above are just suggestions of what’s allowed. If a prompt inspires you some other way it goes without saying that you should do it! We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. In the meantime, REBLOG AND SPREAD THE WORD💗💗.)

New Comic Book Day! My Pull List this week.

  • ‘Hellboy: Krampusnacht’ (Dark Horse Comics)
  • ‘Star Wars: Doctor Aphra’ #15 (Marvel Comics)
  • ‘Star Wars: Poe Dameron’ #22 (Marvel Comics)
  • ‘Angelic’ #4 cover (Image Comics)
  • ‘Copperhead’ #17 (Image Comics)
  • ‘The Family Trade’ #3 (Image Comics)
  • ‘Wonder Woman / Conan’ #4 (DC Comics / Dark Horse Comics)
  • ‘Jim Jenson’s The Storyteller: Fairies’ #1 (Archaia / Boom Studios)
Fuck Yeah

1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “ We both know I’m the voice inside your head.“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @lovin-ackles

“Son of a bitch!” You forgot your wallet in your car. You feel eyes on you and you look around to see everyone in the store staring at you. Great.

You feel your cheeks flush and you laugh nervously. “Forgot my wallet.” You mumble looking towards the cashier. You put your snacks back and speed walk out of the store.

Worst day ever.

You walk over to the painted red picnic table at the gas station and sit on top.

“Hi.” You hear a familiar deep voice say.

You look over and your heart nearly stops. You feel like you’re fucking hallucinating.

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New Comic Book Day! My Pull List this week.

  • ‘Angelic’ #5 (Image Comics)
  • ‘Copperhead’ #18 (Image Comics)
  • ‘The Family Trade’ #4 (Image Comics)
  • ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ #15 (Image Comics)
  • ‘Star Wars’ #42 (Marvel Comics)
  • ‘Red Sonja’ #12 (Dynamite Comics)
  • ‘Wonder Woman / Conan’ #5 (DC Comics / Dark Horse Comics)
  • ‘Jim Jenson’s The Storyteller: Fairies’ #2 (Archaia / Boom Studios)

“I’m terrible at practical jokes. I do them too well, so they’re not funny. I end up saying, ‘Oh, no, I’m joking, I’m joking.’“

listen up:

Dark angel Mark. Pitch black wings and eyes that can strike fear into your heart with one glance and enough power to destroy everything that is within a day. Dark angel Mark who’s been living for thousands of years with an ice cold heart and has probably done absolutely horrible things that would make people’s insides twist upon hearing about them. Probably lights himself on fire for fun because it’s harmless to him and occasionally someone will spot him and freak the fuck out.

Okay, got it?

Now imagine Dark angel Mark meeting human Ethan and feeling love for the first time and feeling butterflies. He has no idea what this fuzzy feeling is but he hates it and why is he flustered? Dark angels don’t get flustered. He also thinks Ethan is incredibly naive and he just wants to protect him to every extent. And through his conflicted, confusing feelings he stutters out something that Ethan interprets as being asked out on a date?

So they end up dating and Mark is just being so utterly happy inside for the first time so he drops everything and like? Devotes himself entirely to the relationship and keeps trying to impress Eth even though they’re already boyfriends. His methods probably aren’t the best though.

Like they’re cuddling and Mark will seductively be like “I want to do something romantic for you”

Ethan will reply “Like?”

And then Mark says “Like, sacrifice 13 virgins on an altar or burn a cathedral or something. Wait-no-that’s cliché, how do you feel about satanic rituals where—”


“Sorry. Dinner and a movie then?” Dark angel blushes and smiles in embarrassment.

“Yes. Disney movies. You could use it”

• Basically my point:

Dark angel! Mark wrapping around sleeping Eth and covering him with his black wings and hissing at anyone on the team who gets too close