dark and shadow

oops, my hand slipped ;)) @franfan321 might have requested Kieran and I might have been unable to resist drawing this pretty fae,, and he was so fun to draw????

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I NEED HELP. ASAP. (spoiler alert)

Livia Blackthorn just died in her big brother’s arms and her twin simply collapsed, overwhelmed

Someone help me. Just talk to me. Hear me rant. PLEASE.

kieran, julian and death. Lord of Shadows spoilers ahead.

There’s major Lord of Shadows spoilers here, read with caution.

So, apparently there’s some people (mostly Kieran haters) who believe that Julian will kill Kieran in Queen of Air and Darkness, and about that I can only say “haha”. Seriously, don’t you guys know Julian at all?

Mark has said in all the words that he loves Kieran. He and Cristina were making plans to keep Kieran save. Mark is Julian’s brother.

Now, do you honestly think that Julian, Julian Blackthorn, who does literally a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g for his family, whose worse nightmare is seeing his family be hurted, would he, himself, emotionally hurt his brother like this?! Because if you think that Mark’s response for Julian telling him he just killed Kieran would be “oh, ok, cool!” you are seriously blinded by your hate. And of course Julian could simply not tell him, but anyway Mark would suffer for Kieran’s death, and Julian would know it was his fault that his brother was like this. And you really think Julian would simple let that happen?!

Honestly, is much more believable that if someone was going to kill Kieran, Julian would save him if he could. Not because Julian himself cares about Kieran (obviously he doesn’t) but because Mark, his brother, cares. And Julian would never let his brother suffer from loosing someone he loves (specially after they all just loosed Lívia) If he could have a say about it. And that’s the real tea. 🤷

Knowing Julian, he will much more probably protect Kieran (because of Mark) than injury him in any way, so, you can have it as a headcanon all you want, but let’s be real here, we all know probably won’t be really happening. :)