dark and deep movie

I’m now watching the one movie that has a scene that always makes me teary in it, help me

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so for anyone who doesn’t recognize this man, his name is peter scully. he ran a website on the hidden web (also known as the deep/dark web) a website which featured movies scully filmed himself. the movies/pictures showed graphic scenes of torture, rape and even decapitation. most of his victims were under the age of two and killed live online, where people could pay up to 10,000 dollars to watch their demise. scully would force them to dig their own graves before he brutally murdered them. and the scariest part? it wasn’t him alone. supposedly, he had two female counterparts who lured, kidnapped, and brought the young children back to scully to be killed and tortured for money online. he was on the run for 4 years, hiding away in the philippines until he was finally captured in march of 2015

Book Fandoms on Instagram Status as of 2017:
  • Harry Potter: Hella awesome edits and Facts! posts but for some reason mainly black and white... where's the saturation gone. Also still with mixed on the Cursed Child.
  • Percy Jackson: A crap ton of edits and fan art because we still don't have any movies. #nope #none Also FREAK OUT! At the new official art by Viria.
  • Hunger Games: Gone. Poof(just like Prim). Cause: It's been a year since the end.
  • Maze Runner: Dead(Just like Newt). Cause of death: Crappy second movie. Also: Too much postponing for third movie.
  • Divergent: Edits in the deep dark corners of Instagram.
  • The Lunar Chronicles: Starting to get some attention. Cause: Awesome fan art and incredible books.
  • Magnus Chase: SO MANY TEXT-POSTS!Everyone loves this series. Cause: Alex Fierro.
  • ACOTAR/ACOMAF: Explosion! Cause: ACOWAR Cover reveal.