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how about the guys taking their s/o to a concert and what band would they each choose?

Edd: He isnt really picky on music taste, so he would let you pick the concert to go to. He’d mostly wanna go just to see you jam out anyways. But if he had to pick, comedy music would be his favorite. (Ex: “Weird Al” Yankovic, The Lonely Island, Ninja Sex Party)

Matt: He would take you to see one of the more popular bands/artists. He likes pop or more light hearted music. If he really likes it then he’ll get really into it and sing and dance and stuff. If not then he’d just hope you liked it. (Ex: [anyone that is most currently liked at the time])

Tom: Unless you really want to go to a different concert, he would bring you to a rock concert. Hes an edgey boi so he probably wouldnt do much except sit or stand around you. If he really enjoyed the song then maybe you could catch him singing along to it. If a mosh pit were to start, he’d want to watch it but his main concern would be making sure youre not part of it. He’s also a little into more ‘electronic’ bands and artists too. [like dubstep] (Ex: Skillet, Hollywood Undead, Three Days Grace)

Tord: He isnt big on concerts, but if any he’d choose a metal concert. He enjoys that its deafining loud. Plus, when a mosh pit starts, he loves to watch and be a part of it. He feels like a bad ass when he comes out victorious and theres bad ass music playing in the background; like a movie. He has a deep dark secret though. He wont tell anyone but on his own time he likes going to a Vocaloid concert. Hes a fucking weeb. (Ex: Metallica, Slipknot, Pantera)

-Mod Z (its about time i did something holy fuck)