dark amy rose


drew some sanics

each done using only 5 colors

credit to these amazing people for the color palettes:




i probably spent too much time on this

Pre-Release Sonic Forces Things
  • “Classic Sonic is back what the heck”
  • The debate over whether or not it’s Sonic Generations 2
  • No one knowing the title yet and having to refer to it as Project Sonic 2017
  • “It’s gotta be good guys, the trailer mentioned Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations and those were great”
  • “It’s gotta be good or else Sonic will die”
  • The Wild Mass Guessing about who the new character will be
  • The never ending jokes about the new character being Bubsy
  • The theory about the Cutsom Character and the absolute hype when it was confirmed
  • People trying to figure out what happened to Sonic while Eggman took over the world
  • The “Sonic Forces you to __” meme
  • Absolutely no one caring about Zavok
  • Infinite showing up for 2 seconds and everyone screaming for the next five months
  • Theories about Infinite being Tails
  • Theories about Infinite being the Custom Character
  • Theories about Infinite being Sonic in some way, shape or form
  • Just, endless theories about Infinite
  • The wave of Infinite fanart that dominated the internet
  • Shipping Infinite with the Cutsom Character (and also everyone else)
  • The sudden wave of people’s Sonic OCs
  • “What if the Cutsom Character used to be friends with Infinite”
  • The theories about why Shadow is working with Infinite
  • Theories about how Infinite’s power works, including but not limited to:
    • It’s a reality-bending power
    • It’s a reality-bending power, but it breaks the fourth wall
    • It induces hallucinations
    • The cubes being alternate dimensions that Infinite just throws around like a boss
  • Theories about Sonic Mania being a prequel to Sonic Forces and the screaming it induced when it was confirmed
  • “Classic Sonic has no reason to be in this game” and the various opinions stemming from it
  • The truly endless videos on YouTube complaining about the game before a demo even came out
  • “I’m worried about Sonic Forces”
    • “Can you maybe chill”
  • Classic Sonic being referred to as a “third wheel”
    • “Yes but have you considered that Amy would be a much more logical choice”
  • Distant cries of “SILVER, MY BOI”
  • The absolute joy and hype over Shadow’s DLC
  • Fanfics based on every single theory and then some
  • Complaints about the demo’s one minute timer
  • People abandoning their computers just to not get spoiled
  • People spoiling themselves on purpose because they are full of hype and impatience
  • And last but not least, the “Sonic Forces vs Sonic Mania vs Mario Odyssey” tournament that never really got resolved

Merry Christmas!!

i know its still pretty early.. but anyway.. :D Christmas its my favourite holiday! and i already know what i want to draw for this year! ^3^ yay! i just hope to have enough time to do it soon XD

here i leave my Xmas pic from last year ;)

hope u like it!

Sonic Forces’ release gets closer every day, so I thought it’d be fun to make a bingo for it while we wait! Fill it with theories to your heart’s content, be they serious or silly - and please tag me if you post it, i wanna see what you guys come up with!

Here’s mine as an example:

Sonic The Hedgehog asks!

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Sonic - Favourite game?

Shadow - Favourite Character?

Amy - Favourite Ship?

Tails - Favourite continuity? (Games, Comics or one of the Cartoons etc.)

Knuckles - Favourite level/location?

Silver - What was your first Sonic game?

Eggman - Favourite badnik or henchmen?

Mephiles - Favourite Villain?

Cream - Any Headcanons?

Gadget - Any ocs?

Infinite - A character you think needs more love?

Amy: We have everything in the resistance room. Chairs, a table, and even this new computer!

Vector[genuinely shocked]: I’m sorry, I’m rather high up here. Mind repeating that?

Amy: We have a computer?

Vector[creepy whispering]: ..Never in my life have I needed something oh so very much to the point of insanity, and never known until I received it.

I had to draw the known characters with official Halloween costumes eue (and yes, that Pumpkin is Omega in his Sonic Runners Halloween costume XD)

-I feel so proud about Sonic and Silver ouo and well guys HAPPY HALLOWEEN! more stuff coming soon!

Ok but consider the following: Friendship/mutual solidarity between Team Rose and Team Dark
  • Remember the Treasure Team Tango arc from SU? This is basically it but with less fighting between them (probably). Big is also there
  • Cream hears that Rouge loves gemstones so she gets one of those fantasy gems kit and makes all sorts of pretty necklaces and bracelets for her
  • Amy and Cream are the Flower Experts™ so when they find out about Shadow’s flower arrangement hobby they help him with flower meanings and what flowers go best together FOR THE ULTIMATE ARRANGEMENT
  • Shadow and Rouge keep their flower bracelets under their gloves. Omega doesn’t have gloves or pockets so he keeps losing his during battle, but Cream doesn’t mind maing him new ones every time
  • Shadow and Rouge being big bro + sis figures to Amy and especially Cream (at first it’s obviously awkward bc how??? do i deal with kids??? but it get easier once they grow closer)
  • Big goes fishing one day and he asks Shadow if he wants to tag along with him and Froggy. Shadow doesn’t really get it and he doesn’t do any actual fishing but watching the fish swim by is really calming and therapeutic for him. Froggy spends most of the day sitting on his head
  • For all of her love for Sonic, Amy still gets frustrated with him and can’t keep herself from rambling. Shadow and Rouge do nothing but enable her
  • “it’s just that he drives me up the wall sometimes-” “dump him” “WE’RE NOT EVEN DATING”
  • Shadow + Omega + Amy (and occasionally Big?) = THE WRECKING CREW
  • Everyone dotes over Cream aND GOD HELP YOU IF YOU TRY TO DO ANYTHING TO HER
  • Everyone is also part of the Shadow Support Squad™
  • Amy going up to Rouge like “you will NOT believe what happened today” and Rouge is like “tell me. give me the drama” (the reverse is also true)