dark alicorn


Today’s scheduled post is a reminiscence of my first ever blog on tumblr, @askstarshot about my first childhood MLP OC Star Shot the Space Unicorn.

This was originally planned as an April Fool’s joke for that blog ages ago, but I never did get around to do it. And now the blog has officially ended due to lost interest and motivation.

Still, been wanting to make this behind-the-scenes joke since forever, so here it is. Without Star Shot to start me off on tumblr, I would never have moved on to start Butters’ blog.

Enjoy! And happy April 1rst.

Guest starring:
@redvelvetrunaway/ @redvelvetrecalls



@awakenedprince and @grimahearted

I’ve been playing a app game called mandrake boys so…heres a mandrake Chrom and a mandrake Robin! and a less than exited farmer/gardner chrom

You asked for a Grel uprise kiss so HERES GANGREL KISS TECHNIQUE NO 47 THE SPIDERMAN!!!

It started as a a cute sexy drawing of Aversa that ended up as she being half dark alicorn…Still cute tho


Tyranthiam is quiet, he looks at the ground, a feeling of guilt gripping at his heart.

The Queen steps down off of the platform and walks up to him, she raises his face up with a hoof.

????: “I know it hurts. It will always hurt. But so long as you understand that what you have done is wrong, and you are willing to atone, I will be completely willing to pardon your actions.”

Tyranthiam: “I… I… I am willing…”