dark ales

Talia: Oliver was an exceptional student and an exceptional lover as well.

Nyssa: Husband please tell me she’s joking about that last part.

Malcolm: You really do have a thing for sisters don’t you?

Oliver: Not the time Malcolm.

Malcolm: We’re all stuck on this boat. It’s a long ride home. I’m just looking for some entertainment.

Rene: So you hooked up with Laurel and cheated on her with sister Sara, and William’s mom and you slept with Talia and Blondie?

Felicity: Don’t forget Isabel.

Thea: And that dragon lady Susan.

Slade: And Shado.

Oliver: I wish Adrian had killed me. I really wish he had.

  • *Bruce laying awake at night in bed thinking to himself*
  • Bruce: I am a dark knight who must crusade on a journey of darkness. The night swallows the light and I am the only one in this city who can defend those in need, taking out those who oppose justice. And I must walk this journey alone.
  • Dick: *sits up in bed next to him* are you okay??
  • Jason: *comes out of bathroom* Hey you ran out of toilet paper.
  • Tim: *runs in half-awake with bags under his eyes* I GOT THE CASE SOLVED
  • Damian: ...Father, shut them up.
  • Clark: hi :)