dark agnes

imagine ronan going out late at night when he can’t sleep, to get in a race or wander the barns or sit in the dark pews of st agnes, to just get up and out and away 

but he leaves chainsaw behind so that his friends don’t have to worry about him

because chainsaw is his dream thing, so as long as chainsaw is okay, everyone will know he’s okay too

so adam makes a habit of checking on chainsaw when he wakes up with an empty spot in the bed next to him, and there’s always one moment where his heart stops, the moment where it’s unclear if chainsaw is just sleeping or if she’s Asleep – the sleep of a dream thing with a dead dreamer

but then chainsaw blinks her shining black eyes open and ruffles her feathers, and adam takes a breath and returns to bed, knowing that as long as he can hear chainsaw hopping around, poking at things and getting into trouble, he can be sure ronan will be back safe in the morning.


“we’re all humans. nothing more, nothing less. it’s okay to be hurt sometimes. pain makes what we are.”

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Müzik zevkini bulmaya çalışan bir acemi için bir kaç şarkı önerir misin ?

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Not: Bu sanatçıların diğer şarkılarını da araştırırsan zaten ömrün boyunca yetecek kadar yeni müzikler keşfedebilirsin. Keyifli dinlemeler ^^