dark ages key


Pictish, Celtic and Norse Influenced prehistoric artefacts from the Scottish Isles, The National Museum of Scotland, 24.2.17.



Crescent Moon Charm: The Crescent Moon gives your wish a boost of much needed energy. It also helps the wearer with courage to work through negative things.

Picasso Jasper : This stone is great for creativity and motivation. It helps create healthy relationships while helping the wearer let go of toxic ones. It promotes the idea of a child like freedom. It is a reminder to enjoy life and to stay positive.

This is a wish bracelet… so make a wish and put it on then let the moon, the stones, and fate help you out.


Viking Hoard of over 8 kilos of silver, the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, 24.2.17. This was found in a shallow lidded pot and is thought to belong to a single person.


Viking artefacts, ‘Vikings Revealed’ Exhibition at The Tullie House Museum and Gallery, Carlisle, 25.2.17.


Viking sword hilt, pins, necklace and decorated jewellery, National Museum of Scotland, 24.2.17.

‘Firedog’ Poetry Pamphlet, July 2017

Copies are available at the ‘Global Earthworks’ Showcase at Manchester People’s History Museum in Mancheter City Centre on Sunday 2nd of July from 12 noon until 3pm.


A beautiful shape

Five shadows creeping in the malformed box

Ugly feelings that can never be stifled are that of a beast’s form

Transient dreams

A providence born of devouring one another

When you hide your real nature, you become the lie

Warmth fades away with a silent rain

Death and rebirth bloom on a calm hill

Memories disappear into a sea of loss

Distracting ideas have sprung from wings sticking inside my skull
The path from the cradle until now, it knows no love
If the white I grasp when I abandon my essence is the proper thing, then I’ll go on to the deepest black
Below a square sky, flowers grow on soil where dead bodies rest
The beautiful deformity proceeds into a dazzling darkness
The end and the beginning

A Haunted Playlist 🎃

In the spirit of Halloween, here’s a list of dark, ominous, eerie songs to get you into that sinister mood:

  • Blue Jay Way // The Beatles
  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled // Queens of the Stone Age
  • Slow // Depeche Mode
  • Shotgun // Valerie June
  • Hudson // Vampire Weekend
  • Night Terror // Laura Marling
  • U.R.A. Fever // The Kills
  • Overgrown // James Blake
  • Psychotic Girl // The Black Keys
  • Elimination Blues // Primal Scream
  • All Time Low // Nine Inch Nails
  • Black Flies// Ben Howard
  • Broken Boy Soldier // The Raconteurs
  • The Violet Hour // The Civil Wars
  • So Far From Your Weapon // The Dead Weather
  • I’m Only Joking // Kongos
  • The Gospel of John Hurt // Alt-J
  • Water’s Edge // Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • To Be Alone // Hozier
  • You’ve Got A Killer Scene There, Man // Queens of the Stone Age
  • Where Did You Sleep Last Night // Nirvana

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