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-Drink: Hot Chocolate  ☕️

-Phone call: My dad

-Text message: My friend

-Song you listened to: First Love- Suga

-Time you cried: Two days before my birthday (september 7th) I’ll never forgive my dad for doing that to me


-Dated someone twice: Yes. Biggest mistake

-Kissed someone and regretted it: Yes *shudders*

-Been cheated on: Nope

-Lost someone special: Yes

-Been depressed: Yes

-Gotten drunk and thrown up: Yes (only happened two times though)

Three favorite colors: Blue, yellow, black


-Made new friends: Internet friends lol

-Laughed until you cried: Yes

-Found out that someone was talking about you: yes

-Met someone who changed you: no

-Found out who your friends are: Yeah, fake ass bitches

-Kissed someone on your Facebook friends list: … yeah


-Do you have a any pets?: no

-Do you want to change your name?: nope

-What did you do for your last birthday?: had a party

-What time did you wake up?: 9 am

-What what you were you doing at midnight last night?: scrolling on tumblr like always

-Name something you can’t wait for: living a stress free life

-When was the last time you saw your mom?: two seconds ago lol

-What are you listening to right now?: my hopes and dreams getting shattered 

-Have you ever talked to someone named Tom?: Nope lol

-Something that gets on your nerves?: Oh man I get irritated easily so a lot of things lol

-Most visited website: Tumblr

-Hair colour: dark brown

-Long or short hair:  long

-Do you have a crush on someone?: yes

-What do you like about yourself?: i hate myself lol

-Blood type: i…don’t knoe actually

-Nickname: steph?

-Relationship status: single af

-Zodiac: virgo

-Pronouns: She/her

-Favorite T.V shows: The walking dead, mindhunters, grey’s anatomy, game of thrones

-Tattoos: nope

-Right or left handed: right.

-Surgery: nope

-Sport: i hate sports tbh 

-Vacation: Greece, Hawaii, Florida, Croatia, Germany

-Size of shoes: 38

-Eating: nothing

-Drinking: hot chocolate lol

-I’m about to: read an au

-Waiting for?: winter break 

-Want?: dissapear 

-Get married?: someday 

-Career?: Biologist 


-Hugs or kisses?: Hugs

-Lips or eyes?: Lips

-Shorter or taller?: taller.

-Older or younger?: depends

-Nice arms or stomach?: arms

-Hook up or relationship?: relationship

-Troublemaker or hesitant?: hesitant

-Kissed a stranger?: no

-Drink hard liquor?: yea

-Lost glasses/contact lenses?: yes

-Turned someone down?: yes

-Sex on the first date?: I’m a virgin whoops

-Broken someone’s heart?: yes

-Had a broken heart?: yes a lot of times

-Been arrested?: no

-Cried when someone died?: yes.

-Fallen for a friend?: yes


-Yourself?: No

-Miracles?: no.

-Love at first sight?: attraction at first sight. Not love

-Santa Claus?: no.

-Kiss on the first date?: no

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V-DAY:  love songs / cute songs / feeling good songs

  1. Arctic Monkeys - “Baby, I’m Yours”
  2. Childish Gambino - “pink toes (feat. Jhene Aiko)”
  3. Motion City Soundtrack - “It Had to Be You”
  4. Bad Suns - “Cardiac Arrest”
  5. Beach Weather - “Goddess”
  6. The Black Keys - “The Only One”
  7. Paramore - “The Only Exception” 
  8. alt-J - “Every Other Freckle”
  9. Death Cab for Cutie - “I Will Follow You into the Dark”
  10. Saint Motel - “Cold Cold Man”
  11. Arctic Monkeys - “I Wanna Be Yours”
  12. The Wombats - “Give Me a Try”
  13. Ariana Grande - “Into You”
  14. PUBLIC - “Pretty Face”
  15. Albert Hammond Jr. - “Bright Young Thing”
  16. Alex Turner - “Piledriver Waltz”
  17. The Drums - “Kiss Me Again”
  18. New Politics - “Stuck on You”
  19. All Time Low - “Daydream Away”
  20. The Maine - “Thinking of You”
  21. Say Anything - “I Want to Know Your Plans”
  22. New Politics - “Fall Into These Arms”
  23. Fall Out Boy - “I’m Like a Lawyer With the Way I’m Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You)”

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[Part I]:  From Friends …

You’ve Got a Friend in Me - Sleeping At Last // Kids - OneRepublic // For Forever - Ben Platt // Count on Me - Bruno Mars // Everything Has Changed - Julia Sheer // Stand By Me - Florence + The Machine // Colors - OneRepublic // One - Ed Sheeran //   Hey Ya - Obadiah Parker // Lay Me Down - Sam Smith // Something I Need - OneRepublic // Umbrella -  Casey Abrams

[Part II]:  … To Lovers

Can’t Help Falling in Love - Haley Reinhart // Lucky - Jason Mraz // Perfect For Me - Ron Pope // The Book Of Love - Peter Gabriel //  ILYSB (Stripped) - LANY // I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie // Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye // I’m Yours - Jason Mraz // Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John // Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran // Crazy In Love - Oh Wonder // Run Away With Me - Carly Rae Jepsen

teenagemagazinephantom  asked:

The quotes that i relate to, make me feel like someone else feels this way too. Would you mind making a playlist for the lost and broken? Amazing blog xx

Okay, here you go (sorry it took so long)

Never say never//The fray
The scientist//Coldplay
Johnny boy// Twenty one pilots
Taxi cab// twenty one pilots
Before you start your day// Twenty one pilots
Truce// twenty one pilots
Mrs. Potato Head// Melanie Martinez
Behind the sea// Panic! at The Disco
Northern Downpour// Panic! at The Disco
Song for Isabelle// Pierce the veil
We are broken// Paramore
Tell me why// Three Days Grace
Hold on Till May// Pierce The Veil
I’m low on gas and you need a jacket// Pierce the veil
Bulletproof love// Pierce the veil
I will follow you into the dark// Death Cab for Cutie
Therapy//All Time Low
Drown//Bring Me The Horizon
Drowning lessons// MCR
I Don’t love you//MCR
Monster//Mumford & sons
Cold arms//Mumford & sons
Hot gates//Mumford & sons
Fallen Angel// Three Days Grace
Just one yesterday//Fall out boy
Miss Missing You// Fall Out Boy
Move along// The All-American Rejects
Stay together for the kids// Blink-182
All these things that I’ve done// The Killers
Smile like you mean it// The killers
Coming down// Five Finger Death Punch
Deathbeds//Bring Me The Horizon
Misguided Ghosts// Paramore
Fake happy// Paramore
It’s not your fault//New Found Glory
Oxygen//New Found glory
Bad at love//Halsey
Guns for hands// Twenty one pilots
Rose-Colored Boy// Paramore
Numb// Linkin Park
On top//The Killers
Sink or swim// Falling in Reverse
Pieces//Sum 41
Adam’s song// Blink-182
Alone together// Fall Out Boy
Lithium// Nirvana
All apologies// Nirvana
After Midnight//Blink-182
Car crash// Three Days Grace
Sorry// Halsey
I’ve got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth (summer song)// Fall Out Boy

The Gang As Girls (Headcanons)
  • Ponyboy:
  • -she’s so adorable omg
  • -has freckles
  • -her hair goes to the level of her shoulders
  • -Soda always makes the most adorable braids of her hair
  • -likes to craft all sort of stuff
  • -has flowercrowns she made herself
  • -she just loves adding stuff to anything
  • -got plain jeans? give it to her and she’ll make a miracle out of it!
  • -doesn’t like to show off
  • -wants to grow longer hair like her sister’s
  • -small bit jealous of Soda’s hair
  • -pretty tall for her age
  • -doesn’t like loud music
  • -kinda insecure about her freckles
  • -but everyone loves them and finds them so ultra super couper extra cute
  • -gets nervous while talking about her crushes
  • -johnny’s bff
  • -just the cutest girl you’ll ever meet
  • -won’t admit but loves The Beatles
  • -would marry all 4 of them
  • -no question
  • -they’re the reason she has bangs
  • -Two-Bit has all their albums and she’s so jealous
  • -she has a diary
  • -her favourite actor is Marlon Brando
  • -favourite actress is Audrey Hemburn
  • -there isn’t a movie on this planet that moves her world as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  • Sodapop:
  • -has long soft & shiny hair
  • -big baby eyes
  • -how does she do it???
  • -wears a lot of different hair clips
  • -uses hair spray
  • -takes good care of her nails
  • -everyone just loves her
  • -has a very weird fashion sense
  • -she can go from pink girly dress to guerrilla pants, denim jackets and big boots
  • -has a tini tiny crush on Steve
  • -no one knows it
  • -besides Ponyboy
  • -and he’s teasing her about it when they’re alone
  • -likes taking ponyboy’s stuff
  • -she still didn’t return that flowercrown she took last month
  • -Pony’s reminding her 24/7 that she has to give it back
  • -she acts like she’s keep forgetting to give it back
  • -she actually gave it to Steve
  • -so, Pony better say goodbye to your beloved flowercrown
  • -tried cooking
  • -failed
  • -Darry’s been on edge of nerves to learn her to cook
  • -nope
  • -still failure
  • -has a huge poster of Elvis in her room
  • -would sell her soul for it
  • -acts like she can wear heels
  • -no she cannot
  • Darrel:
  • -100% wonderwoman.
  • -she has hair which goes to the middle of her back but most of the time she keeps it in a tall ponytail
  • -usually wears baggy jeans and wide shirts
  • -COOKING LEVEL OVER 99999999
  • -makes the bEST brownies in whole Tulsa
  • -it’s like a social gathering whenever she makes brownies
  • -very protective of her sisters
  • -secretely knows about Pony’s “beatlemania” but won’t tell
  • -always there to save her sisters from any kind of trouble
  • -wishes they could do more stuff on their own
  • -cracks puns on a good day
  • -cracks pans against somebody’s head on a bad day (jk jk jk 😂)
  • -loves to get dressed real nice when going somewhere important
  • -her mother left her pearls and she wears them only on special occasions
  • -loves wearing bracelets
  • -for her last birthday Soda & Pony bought her a small box full of different bracelets
  • -each one for each day
  • -she was extremely happy with the present
  • -she wears them everyday, making sure they know how happy they made her with it
  • -Two-Bit is her bestie
  • -they didn’t hang out that much in since Darry started working
  • -she misses those days
  • -but they still get to hang out sometimes
  • -also listen to records
  • -she loves listening to The Who
  • -has 2 albums under her bed
  • -would wear bell bottoms 24/7
  • -makes her legs look longer
  • -plus comfortable & fashionable
  • Dallas:
  • -has boy-short hair
  • -has a blade in her backpocket
  • -cheekbones as high as her ego
  • -porcelain pretty clean face
  • -if you don’t count few bruises from last week’s fight
  • -not into girly style of dressing
  • -rocks leather jacket
  • -owns a collection of chokers
  • -has wild hair
  • -Johnny tried putting hair clips to make it look decent
  • -nope
  • -the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
  • -sometimes she goes out in a skirt
  • -rarely but it happens
  • -the girl got all the whisles
  • -and she punched every guy who even dared to say something about her look
  • -her favourite actor is James Dean
  • -she rewatched “Rebel Without A Cause” too many times
  • -feels kinda insecure about her teeth
  • -she tried not to smile too often
  • -Johnny noticed this and told her she has the prettiest & brightest teeth she ever saw
  • -since then Dally’s been laughing like crazy
  • -a huge fan of The Doors
  • -would kill if it meant she can go to one of their concerts
  • -has posters of Jim Morrison in her room
  • -and if you look a bit closer you can also see a few photos of Marilyn Monroe
  • -she absolutely adores her
  • -she and Johnny sometimes recreate scenes from “Some Like it Hot”
  • -of course, Dallas is going as Marilyn Monroe
  • - “I swear to god, if you tell anyone what we just did, not only I will beat you up, I’ll beat you up for good!”
  • - “You’ve got my word!“
  • -professional at doing makeup
  • -not many people know this since she only wears makeup during night’s out
  • -Soda is jealous of her skills
  • -has a small plant which is placed on her room’s window
  • -loves the plant
  • -she even caught herself singing to the plant so it’ll grow faster
  • Steve:
  • -a bit shorter than Soda
  • -has curly hair that goes a little above her shoulders
  • -loVES sweets
  • -specially anything with chocolate
  • -she looks tough & masculine
  • -but still adorable and effortless
  • -when she was younger she didn’t like her nose
  • -no one would even think about it but she she stood in front of a mirror, stared at her face and cried
  • -one time Soda came in and saw her crying in front of a mirror
  • -Soda walked closer to her and pulled her into a hug
  • -they sat in Steve’s room for few hours
  • -Soda didn’t wish to leave until Steve was completely satisfied with her look
  • -“Why would you even think your nose is ugly? It’s beautiful the way it is, just look at it! Look how beautiful is your whole pretty face!”
  • -since then, Steve hasn’t let even a tear
  • -her favourite movie is “Gilda”
  • -she’s a pro at fixing cars
  • -and she looks super cute in her working suit
  • -specially when she wraps a ribbon around her hair
  • -you wouldn’t even believe what kind of beauties work at DX
  • -there are times she walks out in a dress
  • -her favourite dress is dark blue with white dots all over it
  • -her favourite thing to wear on her head beside her ribbon is a flowercrown soda gave her a month ago
  • -simply loves wearing everything
  • -from all makeup, she only uses lipstick
  • -her car is the coolest car in whole Tulsa
  • -has her name written on back of it
  • -she dreams about being Rita Hayworth
  • Two-Bit:
  • -goofiest of all the gang
  • -has straight hair which comes to level of her shoulders
  • -her hair is most of the time tied in piggytails
  • -her dream is to go to Disneyland
  • -she’d take all her friends with her
  • -has a big jewerlly box she made herself
  • -she filled it with all kinds of badges
  • -she has her own collection of badges
  • -gang only knows about it
  • -she has all albums by The Beatles
  • -has no idea Pony is head over heels crazy about them
  • -she likes to wear denim jackets
  • -some of them has a mickey mouse drawn on them
  • -she likes to draw
  • -she made her own little comic series just like mickey mouse
  • -she called the comic: “Two & The Bit”
  • -she had nothing else on her mind so it was more than okay
  • -used to be very close with Darry
  • -hopes those days will be back again
  • -a big fan of color blue
  • -Paul McCartney is her idol
  • -John Lennon is her saviour
  • -the movie she enjoys watching is “Sabrina” with Audrey Hemburn
  • -she and Pony watched it together
  • -both fell in love with it
  • -Steve gave her a lolipop with Mickey Mouse’s face on it
  • -she stared at it so long
  • -she didn’t want to eat such a masterpiece
  • -but still ate it since Dally said he’ll eat it if she won’t
  • Johnny:
  • -her hair is little longer than Dally’s
  • -she has beautiful dark skin
  • -such a cutie beautie
  • -big dark eyes
  • -small nose with few smaller moles on her face
  • -she wears whatever she finds in her closet
  • -she and Pony are like the cutest duo in history
  • -she reads a lot
  • -her favourite book is “Sherlock Holmes”
  • -she watched every movie based on the book
  • -Pony lets her take some of her jewelly
  • -and Johnny lets Pony some of hers
  • -she’s amazed by Pony’s designs, like the flowercrows she made
  • -Johnny even tried writing poetry
  • -she really likes Jimi Hendrix
  • -she knows the lyrics to all his songs
  • -she even got Dallas to listen to them with her
  • -she really admires Dally
  • -but thinks she should try to not get in so much trouble
  • -really quiet
  • -doesn’t like attention
  • -wishes she could get to go to London
  • -she loves doing impressions of Sherlock Holmes

Girly Pretty Boy

An Eddie x Richie Playlist 

Bad Liar // Selena GomezStuck on the Puzzle // Alex Turner

Cannibal Queen // Miniature TigersLowlife // That Poppy

Cigarette Day Dream // Cage The ElephantCompass // Zella Day

The Louvre // LordeBite // Troye SivanSmile // Mikky Ekko

I Will Follow You Into The Dark // Death Cab For Cutie

train boy

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

author: simonewrites

characters: peter parker, reader

relationships: peter parker/reader

warnings: fluff, soulmark trope, pizza, mild cursing

word count: 1k approximately

summary: it’s your first day of school in new york, and while you’re on the train, you lock eyes with the cutest boy you’ve ever seen, who, excitingly, goes to your school. you’ve prayed that he’s your soulmate, but you don’t know and you’re too afraid to find out, so he makes the first move. 

notes: i’m starting a soulmate drabble series! send requests either there or to my inbox here if you’re feeling it. you can also find the work on ao3! hope y’all enjoy <3

New York is the biggest city in the United States, and it’s a far cry from your hometown. You want to hate it here, want to dislike the culture and the hustle and bustle and change of scenery, but you can’t. Everything is bright and new and fresh-feeling, including the heaviness of the humidity that hangs in the air.

So your first thought when you see this boy on the subway, with the brownest brown eyes you’ve ever seen and tousled, wavy brown hair and a shy smile, is They don’t make them like that back home. Then you register his hoodie, printed with the seal of your new high school, Midtown, and your heart sings. He has his headphones in, though, and that’s a universal sign for “Don’t talk to me,” so you just slip your own headphones into your ears and pray to God that you see him around.

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i’m crazy about you // an eclectic mixture of songs with super sweet lyrics about love

Crazy About You Artist Vs Poet / Don’t You Darren Criss / You and I Ingrid Michaelson / Bad The Cab / Kiss Me Ed Sheeran / Rhythm of Love Plain White T’s / I Will Follow You Into the Dark Death Cab for Cutie / Wonderwall Oasis / Heels Over Head Boys Like Girls / A Thousand Years Christina Perri / The Only Exception Paramore / Must Have Done Something Right Relient K / 6 Months Hey Monday / Intoxicated The Cab / First Day of My Life Bright Eyes / Stay Artist Vs Poet / Wake Me Up Ed Sheeran


「 東京喰種 」
❞ Touka Kirishima ❞

Phew… ten images in a row, I have never did this before. It was quite stressful, but now when I see them all together it makes me quite happy. This project is dedicated to my winged beauty, Touka Kirishima. I actually wanted to add some text phrases, but I decided against ist. It’s better this way; I leave it up to your imagination. Maybe I’m gonna edit a Kaneki edition someday.

Here are some thoughts I had while editing:
━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━

Like a bird. I simply love her winged Kagune. It’s more a symbolism. “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.”

Grief & Loss. Quite important.

Little Brother. Suffering/Pleasure contrast. Ayato’s smirk… boy, you need the 103 bones treatment.

Yoriko. I love Yoriko-chan! And she is so important to Touka-chan. They share a cute and unique friendship.

First Love. Because it’s true. Look at these cuties! ♥

Family. I actually cried while editing. Ishida-sensei, please bring them all together again!

Darkness Eyes. More hunter themed, I guess. But she would be a breathtaking midnight beauty as well.

Broken Strings. “There are days every now and again I pretend I’m OK, but that’s not what gets me.” The shipper feels, though.

Rabbit. Pretty self explanatory, I guess.

Self-doubt. “How can something like this be beautiful?”

Cocoa and Draco

If u can could u please write one with Draco where u are having a boy talk with the girls and then the girls mention Draco as you two are dating n you say something and Draco overhears it and get very mad at you. Fluff. Thankyou

Draco Malfoy x reader (any house) imagine

Word Count: 1189

Warnings: none

You warmed yourself up by the fire after a chilly walk outside. You rubbed your hands together trying to get warm, but questioning if this method actually worked? You and Draco had just took a walk together around the outside grounds. His warm hands kept your tiny, cold ones toasty. You pictured his black trapper hat covering his white hair. His pale cheeks had turned pink and his breath was visible as he talked. Little snowflakes were twinkling down from the sky and falling into your hair. You secretly loved the way it made your hair look. He kissed you on that walk. It made your face warm up and you smiled to yourself just thinking about it. He made you promise not to tell anyone that he was falling for you.

The fire crackled bringing you back to reality. You pulled your cozy blanket around you.

“I’ve just gotten us some hot chocolate from the kitchen!” Emilia slowly walked in carrying four mugs, two in each hand.

Emilia was one of your best friends and roommates. She had a bob cut and brown hair that was perfectly straightened every time you saw her. Her hazel eyes fit perfectly with her pale skin.

You jumped up to help her and took two out of her hands.

“Where are the others?” She asked.

You shrugged your shoulders not sure of their whereabouts because you had not seen them since you returned from your stroll.

“Library. Heard them giggling about love potions. Said they were trying to find a book about them.” Tommy said looking up from his book.

Tommy pushed back his black hair and smiled. His teeth were so white and straight. He pushed up his sleeves revealing more of his tan skin.

“Thanks, Tommy.” Emilia batted her eyes smiling greatly.

You stifled your giggle and said, “Let’s try and find them?”

Emilia nodded and followed you out of the common room, through the corridors, and into the library. You sipped your hot chocolate as you two searched for your two other best friends and roommates. Other students were still in the library either to chat or search for books to finish up last minute homework. You heard familiar giggles around the corner.

You turned to see Evelyn and Millie whispering as they stared at the book Mille was holding. Millie’s long, curly red hair was falling down her shoulders into the book.

“Why don’t you just put it back?” Evelyn giggled pushing her hair to the side.

Evelyn had her dark hair pulled back into a braid.

“Guys!” Emilia jumped towards them.

She handed them their hot chocolate, forcing Millie to put the book down onto the table next to her.

“What are you doing?” You asked taking another sip of cocoa.

“Just looking up love potions. How did you find us?” Millie said brushing her hair out of her face.

“Tommy told us.” Emilia smiled.

“Bet you’d like to slip him a love potion…” Evelyn snorted making the rest of you laugh.

“Oh shut it! There’s people around.” Emilia turned red reminding you of your walk with Draco.

He was so captivating. You were thinking of how kind he was to you and how he cared for you so much. He talked about wanting to take you on a real date someday.

“Alright, pick one person you’d like to like to give a love potion to.” Emilia dared.

“Ollie Days!” Millie practically yelled.

Ollie Days was a tall, lanky boy with the whitest hair but the darkest eyes. Millie had always fancied him and they could always be found talking about really anything.

You all laughed at her eagerness to answer.

“That was a bit fast.” Evelyn laughed. “I’d have to say Jamie Krow. Real cutie, that one.”

Jamie Krow was a tiny girl in your year whom was incredibly smart. She had thick, straight dark brown hair that was just the perfect length. She always wore boxy glasses that slowly slid down her nose.

“What about you?” Emilia asked you.

“Oh, um.” You stuttered.

Your immediate thought was Draco, of course, but you couldn’t say anything about him to anyone.

“I saw you with Draco Malfoy earlier, what about him?” Millie smiled.

Your face went red, “No! Shush!”

“Draco Malfoy? Are you two?” Evelyn almost spit out her cocoa.

“I bet they are. Saw them holding hands.” Millie grinned.

You sighed, there was no point in lying considering that Millie had seen you together.

“You cannot tell anyone! You have to promise!” You tried to quiet them down.

“How long?” Emilia tried to whisper.

“About four months. No one is supposed to know! You can’t tell anyone! Ever.” You said.

“Oh my gosh. I can’t believe it.” Evelyn giggled.

“I don’t think she has to worry about slipping him a love potion though, the way he looks at her.” Millie said.

Your cheeks turned red again. He really did look at you lovingly, didn’t he?

“What’s he like?” Emilia asked.

“He’s lovely, so handsome. He’s so sweet to me. He said he’s falling far me. But you can’t tell anyone! Draco doesn’t want anyone to know.” You said.

“What do I not want anyone to know?” You heard his familiar voice ask.

You turned to see him standing behind you looking agitated.

“Draco, they saw us. I can’t lie to my best friends.” You tried to not upset him anymore.

“Can I talk to you, just us.” It was more of demand rather than a question.

You set your mug on a bookshelf and followed Draco a few rows down before going into one. He ran his hands through his hair as he turned to face you at end of the bookshelves. He looked up at you and shrugged his shoulders.

“How did this even come up?” He asked.

“They were talking about who they’d like to slip a love potion to and then they asked me but I said I didn’t know. Millie said she saw us holding hands earlier during our walk. There’s no way I could have denied that, no lie would cover that up.” You said walking towards him.

He sighed.

“They can’t know, no one can.” He said.

“Draco, I understand that but they saw us. We can’t change that. No one is going to care that we’re together.” You replied.

“I don’t want anyone using this as leverage to hate you. Who knows what they all think of me. I don’t need you going through that.” He said getting a little angrier.

“Draco, I don’t care what happens. I like you a lot and I want to be with you no matter who knows or whatever anyone thinks.” You said.

He didn’t say anything back. You could tell he was thinking about what to do.

“Thick and thin, I’ll stand by you.” You reassured him.

He looked at you, unsure of what to say.

“Oh come on, you know I’m crazy about you.” You giggled.

He smiled and kissed your forehead. It felt so comforting.

“Alright, alright.” He pulled you in to hug you. “I guess I can live with a few people knowing.”


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HellTober: UnderHell daily drawing challenge.

Rules: Have fun and Be yourself, you don’t have to participate, but you can if you want to. You may do it digitally or whatever other style you like to do it in. you are not limited to days, so if you wish you can skip a day.

1: UnderHell Sans (lets get started)

2: Doing what he loves most sleeping

5: The Color Purple ( draw him wearing purple or his gaster eye showing)

6: Au day care ( Everyone loves kids. why not make him a kid too.)

7: Half of Hp (Bring him down to his weakest)

8: Betrayed

9:  Home alone

10: Best Friends (Draw his best peps, Soma!Sans and Lucida)

11: Broken

12: Dress (Lets put this cutie in something even more cute ^v^)

13: Dark days (time to get serious)

14: its ok to cry

15: hugs are nice (have your favorite Au give this sad skele a hug)

16: looking modern (this boi needs some swag)

17: Looking Fresh (draw UnderHell with his fav Au UnderFresh)

18: Looking scary (if you can draw UnderHell sans wearing a jack the skeleton costume)

19: next in line to rule ( without asgore someone needs to take the throne)

20: Joining the Team of evil

21: Being with the skeleton he loves (EpicHell =  UnderHell x EpicTale XD)

22: Ready for a Helluva Time

23: Swap and Hell

24: BuringDust = Hell x Dust (they may hate each other, but doest mean they can’t get along)

25: Death

26: Dark Angel

27: alone on a island ( try to draw what Hell’s island would look like.)

28: Drowing in darkness

29:Just a Dream

30: saying goodbye to October.

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Moment-to-Moment Music

For a soft-song-but-not-love-song-soft sort of mood—

  • The Careful Ones, “Paper Knees”
  • Local Natives, “Who Knows, Who Cares”
  • Bahamas, “Lost In the Light”
  • Walk Off the Earth, “Little Boxes”
  • Karl Culley, “Silver Set of Bones”
  • Iron and Wine, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”
  • Fleet Foxes, “Mykonos”
  • Bon Iver, “Holocene”

For when you’re probably definitely in love—

  • Leagues, “Pass My Way”
  • Landon Pigg, “Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop”
  • Ben Howard, “Only Love”
  • Twenty One Pilots, “Oh, Ms Believer”
  • Christina Perri, “Penguin”
  • Laurena Segura, “À Un Autre Comme Moi”
  • Death Cab for Cutie, “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”
  • Get Well Soon, “Not Enough”
  • Passenger, “Patient Love”
  • We the Kings, “Say You Like Me”
  • The Nieghbourhood, “Sweater Weather”

To accompany that happy, upbeat mood—

  • The Cinema, “Picasso”
  • Echosmith, “Let’s Love”
  • Modest Mouse, “Float On”
  • Passion Pit, “Take a Walk”
  • Aaradhna, “Wake Up”
  • American Authors, “Best Day Of My Life”
  • American Authors, “Believer”
  • Truslow, “Vacation”
  • Walk the Moon, “Quesadilla”
  • Half Moon Run, “Call Me In the Afternoon”
  • VV Brown, “Shark In the Water”
  • Vampire Weekend, “A-Punk”
  • The Vamp, “Wild Heart”

For when you’re sad—

  • Bon Iver, “Michicant”
  • Twenty One Pilots, “Truce”
  • Twenty One Pilots, “Before You Start Your Day”
  • Skylar Grey, “Invisible”
  • Regina Spektor, “Eet”
  • Passenger, “Let Her Go”
  • Ben Howard, “Black Flies”
  • Gotye, “Hearts a Mess”

For when you’re angry (but not screamy angry)—

  • The Neighbourhood, “How”
  • AWOLNATION, “Not Your Fault”
  • Capital Cities, “Kangaroo Court”
  • [I don’t listen to a lot of angry music actually, so anyone who has suggestions, please don’t refrain from adding some tunes]

Specific Situation Songs—

Feeling Neglected- Skylar Grey, “Invisible”

Long Distance Love Loneliness- Nolita Knights, “Distance Kills”

Feeling Worthless- Warron Zevon, “My Shit’s Fucked Up”

Feeling Against the SYSTEM, MAN- Thievery Corporation, “Culture of Fear”

Feeling Like a Badass Mother Fucker- La Roux, “In for the Kill”

Also Feeling Totally Hardcore- Michael Bublè, “Feeling Good”

For those who aren’t watching The Almighty Johnsons you better move yo ass to the tv and turn on syfy at Fridays 11/10c. This is no spam or whatever, i just love that show.. Here’s why:


look at these dorks

They are sassy norse gods that fuck shit up and usually solve their problems by getting drunk/high

Just look at this man, he’s 94 years old BAM! Betcha can’t dance like that even now. That’s Balder btw, he gets reborn every day so he’s what you can  say.. forever 21 *winkwink*

This little cutie cuddle bear is Ty. He is Hodr, god of everything dark and cold. His life sucks

This little shit is Anders, everybody hates him. He’s Bragi, god of poetry. He can talk any lady into bed. He ruins lifes

This is the boy it’s all about, Axl aka Odin. God of everything, he’s an immature 21 year old boy that - on his birthday - finds out that he is in fact a god and has to find Frigg so they can get back to Asgard.

And this is Mike, after their dad Njord left them to sail of into the sea he took the role as a parent and have been the most mature one since, allthough he could be a dick sometimes… Everybody can be a dick sometimes. Mike is the god Ullr, god of the hunt.

 And let’s not forget the badass goddesses because they ain’t taking shit from nobody

Uh oh, she’s not a god. But she slapped one so that counts

And they’ve got scenes like this

Attending christian churches for shits and giggles

This…. is The Almighty Johnsons 

Sorry for the long post, here! have a cookie. I just wanted to show you guys my favorite show of all time

(none of these gifs are mine, all credit to the creators)

I'm not sure If anyone writes you poems but you deserve one

I can still taste
you with my finger
tips when I put my
after sitting on one
hand so it feels like
I’m touching someone

how we met the semester
before we fell in love
seeing something in the other
but too afraid of each other
to let those initial feelings
rise above

I remember the art building
3AM, caramel macchiato
my triple shot americano
unventilated room
and permanent marker
highs tracing on the light table
we giggled about our head
aches and that mistake
we made

antique tea sets
trees and especially

tree houses
with rope swings

that princess cut diamond
ring you wanted
but never got

every vanilla coke
every figure drawing
every bottle of Jack Daniels
following you in the dark
Death Cab for Cutie

anytime I see an old beautiful
house that should be a landmark

like that house we drove by
you want to buy
you showed me those
places that made you
who you were

cigarettes on second story stairs
that night we fell on the kitchen
floor after dancing, how we just
laid there, how we fell into love

that night in February when
we went to your cousin’s
we watched the puppet
funny man and then
we went back and we
discovered how much
in love we were

you stayed
in your room
three days after
I waited in your
dorm courtyard
like a star crossed lover
underneath an empty

I remember a rooftop we snuck
up one night so we could drink
and see Abilene like we never did

we peed in the corner together
because of the beer
we had no fear or disgust
for each other

we laid on a blanket after drinking
and watched the stars fade away
doing other things

we learned all the Beatles songs
driving around the loop
we bought a dog named
Jude who stayed
with you

we slept in cars in parks
we showed up together
closed down bars
opened uncountable bottles
whataburger, red lobster

your nerdy short outburts
of laughter and my nerdy
neverending jokes no one
laughed at

taco bell drive throughs
and all those other places
we went to

the night I broke the key
to your heart when I ripped
it from my key ring and threw
it past you into the bathroom

cops, apologies, live shows
and our anthologies I wrote
you illustrated pictures on my
heart no one has matched since

that time on my birthday the cops
the year before when I was alone
and wrinked leopard print left
on the floor

the night I showed up
drunk to get the rest of my stuff
you tried to protect me
demanded I stayed with you
we took each other
to the ground and wrestled for glasses
and keys, never knowing the whole
time that you still loved me

I did too that’s why I was drinking

I went home that night and lined
up on the side of highway I-20
and felt the eighteen wheeler wind
blow by me as I debated being
an Olympic gold medalist about
to lose a race

the look on your face in my bedroom
that summer afternoon when I tried
to kill us and you tried

how quickly regret can turn hearts
from Juliet and Romeo
to Joker and Harley Quinn

how we sped down that alleyway
slamming gears and watched the
wall approach with no fear

I was with you and I was fine
with whatever

all these billion pieces
of evaportaing molecules
that build homes in my heart
and commute to my brain
on a soul highway

how they show themselves
with simple phrases we trade
and our somewhat awkward hands

as we reach out with text messages
touching fingertips.


sketchy-scribs-n-doods  asked:

REVERSE I MAYBE SCREAMED AT THE GREEN LIGHT JFC I'M A HUGE LIT. AND SYMBOLISM NERD I'M GONNA!! Idk if anyone has commented on it bc I just scrolled straight back up to your ask box, but it's from the Great Gatsby, and omfg it's about hope and dreams, but like, specifically the unattainable dreams of the past. I remember that it also could be connected to Gatsby trying to get Daisy being his dream, but in the end he's just trying to recreate his past with her?? And I'm just!!!! (1 of ?)

(2 of 2) IT FITS DARK AND PEEVILS SO WELL UM?? It’s been awhile since I read the book, so please correct me if I’m wrong but, the green light symbolized his desire for Daisy, yea? And in turn that desire was also a desire for his past with her? There was also a bunch of stuff about social power & wealth and how that fit in and stuff but aH DUDE I LOVE YOUR WRITING AND REFERENCES OMFG IT’S ALL SO GOOD HNNNN- My apologies if I got anything wrong, it’s been awhile since English in grade 9 ehe ^^“ ♡             

Your enthusiasm is absolutely adorable, and you’ve made my day, cutie pie! Yes! This is exactly what I was going for when I made that reference, as you said “the unattainable dreams of the past.” Specifically in this instance, the dreams of being with someone he’s lost due to his weaknesses before.

For Gatsby, it was his low social class and poverty. For Dark, it was the fact that he wasn’t powerful enough to save her.

Gatsby sold his soul to get wealth. Dark sold his soul to get power. Both want to get back what they lost, but is it even possible?

*takes a bow* And that, cutie pies, is how you get Reverse ranting about books and symbolism for three hours nonstop. I won’t bore you with all my ramblings, but I do LOVE symbolism. And I’m really glad you got what I was trying to say here!! XD